Wednesday, December 28, 2011

week dos!

Hola Familia!
Okee, I have about 16 minutes to write, so we will see how much I can get on this here e-mail.
I am in the process of developing some pictures.. I can't send pictures via e-mail unless I had a usb cord, which I do not. And the picture developer was broken for like a week... but just so you all know. SOME ARE COMING! :)
Okay so that is way great that you found a T.A. check! Hallelujah! (speaking of which, I got to hear the MOTAB sing that song on Christmas. It was a Christmas Miracle!)
I haven't even thought about my car! Yikes. Thank you Dad for turning it on every few days! Very kind of you.
Christmas evening we had another fireside and then watched Mr. Krugers Christmas. Oh, Mr. Kruger... and the little girl Clarissa... AWEEEeeeee. If you haven't seen it, watch it. Stat. Before December runs out!
So Brother Stephen Allen came and spoke to us Christmas evening. He told us a pretty funny story of a time that he was at a drinking fountain in a church and this young boy came up to the smaller drinking fountain. Just as he came to take a drink, Brother Allen let his fountain stop, which made the water pressure of the little boys more powerful therefore squirting him in the face. (We've all done it. jajaja). Then he was like.. don't worry this story has a moral! The moral was that he was pushing this young boys buttons. And that we can not let Satan push our buttons. It was an interesting fireside. Very relaxed. He had someone stand up and start reading Alma 26. I think if verse 27 it says: and when their hearts were depressed and they were about to turn back, they were then comforted. He talked about how we all get discouraged, and all feel like turning back at times, but as we press forward and lean on the Lord, that we will be comforted. He was like.. I need a volunteer. Right as he said that I looked up, and he was like: YOU! Sister, that just looked up. Come here! I was like... oh my gosh. He wants me to get up and talk to 2,100 missionaries.. *heart pounding out of chest* yikes. Then he was like.. you in the green sweater. Sigh of releif! I was wearing a read sweater! haha... but he had her row get up and share something that they have given up. One kid was like: my bed. pfffff. And was completely serious about it. Then the other lame one: I gave up my job at Chic Fillet. Serious?? jaja. That was funny.
Then at the end he talked about how he served his mission in Guatemala and how he would always watch the international flights leave, and him and his companion would put their hands over their hearts when they saw the american flags on the plane's wings. And how his companion would snicker at him and say, "Elder, when you are on your way home, we probably won't even use plane's any more." Anyways. After two years had gone by, and as he was in the plane he says he remembers looking down on the valley that he remembered looking up at the plane, and offered a prayer to Heavenly Father. He asked if his mission was acceptable to him. When he closed the prayer a very comforting feeling came to him and the thought -- You've served me well, Elder.
Then I thought of the song, "I wonder when He comes agian". The primary song. One of my favorites. The very last line in that song says, You've served me well my little child, come into my arms to stay.
A mission is a lot like our time here on earth. We leave our home, our parents, we go and teach, and learn, and grow, and my time is up..................................... boo.
Okay, Love you family!!!!!!!!!!
Te Amo, Hermana Anna

Christmas in the MTC part II

Silly Elders...haha
okay SO Elder Bednar. OOOooooh, it was a great talk.
He based his talk around Mosiah 3:19
about putting off the natural man.
When the natural man turns in, and thinks about only himself, then that is when Christ turns out.
He talked about how our testimonies are not enough, but that we need to be converted unto the Lord. To be converted unto him means to be consistant in doing of what I know to be right.
I wish I could type more on his talk. Every five seconds the computer is freezing, so I'll have to write out in more detail and then put a STAMP on it, and SNAIL mail it to you.
I love you all so much! Hop you had a very Merry Christmas!!!
Love, Hermana Anna

Christmas in the MTC part I

Querido Familia!!!
You are all AMAZING!!! I have been a very spoiled missionary, that is for sure. So, it is Christmas here at the MTC, and they told us to come e-mail family. So lucky you, you get to have 2 E-MAILS this week!!! YAYAYAY!
So last night was Christmas Eve. We went about our normal day until the evening. We had a Christmas Fireside and had a live nativity while reading Luke 2. That was awesome. It included lovely musical numbers, and then one of the MTC presidents grand daughters played Silent Night on her violin. It was beautiful. I could have listened to her all night long. **side note** hna. Agua's and I rented out a violin yesterday after eating a quick lunch. It was SO fun! Too bad the MTC only has 1 violin, otherwise we would probably come up with some sort of duet to do... but oh well :) Still fun to get out the violin.
Afer the Fireside we got a special treat and got to watch The Christmas Carol (not the Muppetts, but almost just as good!) Haha we were sitting around a few asian sisters, and then also some new Elders from Mexico. When Jacob Marley appered on the screen, all of the Asian Sisters were getting pretty scared and covering up their faces! Then the Elders from Mexico were taunting it on by getting close to their ears and saying.. OOOOooooOOOoooooo! hahahahahaha, Hna Aguas and I laughed pretty hard over that.
Another funny story:
So we are all pretty new with the whole espanol thing. But one elder in my district seems to struggle with it more. Anywyas, he was giving a closing prayer yesterday and this is how it went:
Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for this.
Thank you for that.
Feliz Navidad
Bless his good Christian soul. I think he meant to say bless us to have a good Christmas, but instead just wished God a Merry Christmas. Which I guess He deserves to have a Merry Christmas too. :) hahahah, that was awesome.
This morning we woke up, I waited in line for a shower.. Then we came in our room and Hna. Baker sang us a Christmas song that her family sings every Christmas. Pretty funny song. Then we all opened up PRESENTS!! Oh, it was a fun morning.
Then we went to our Chritmas Sacrament Devotional. Guess who spoke?!?! I totally called it.
Oh man, it was AMAZING! I was surprised as how funny he was. In the middle of his talk he quoted cookie monster - complete with the impersonation of him.....
shoot. looks like i'm getting kicked off for a minute. I'll send more of what he spoke about soon............

week 1!


You all are so wonderful! I have gotten a TON of letters and packages. The Birthday packages ROCKED! Erin, thank you for the "style guide". It will come in handy. I LOVED the foto album, and the earings!! Ooooooh, you guys know me well. vaNIElla squared cupcakes? I could not of asked for a better birthday! Also: I taught the Hermana's in my room the -- "Why were you born so beautiful, why were you born at all?" song. (they sang to me this morn :D)

So the first week at the MTC has been amazing! Remember how nervous I was to find out who my companion was? Well, after I went through the little line where they take your picture, and give you your name tags and such, I looked down at who my companion was, and seriously started flipping out! KAITLYN WATERS!!!! So awesome. I went to high school with her, and we both played the violin together in orchestra. We have so much fun together. We laugh a lot... probably too much :) My favorite was the other night when Hermana Baker (our coordinating sister) recieved a package from her family. It just had a list of things she can be thankful for and I was like.. "You know what I'm thankful for?? I'm thankful that I even have knees, so I can get on them to pray...... Some people don't have knees and have to get down on their nubbs to pray." Hahahaha, oh man. I think we are going to make a quote wall for our room.

There are 4 sisters in our Branch. Hermana Baker y Hermana Butt... yes, Butt. Then Me and Hermana Waters AKA Hermana Aguas. Hna. Baker y Butt are going to Chile and then Hermana Waters is going to Arizona. There is one Elder in our District also going to Dallas. Elder Henze. He is pretty hilarious. Our District Leader likes to be in charge..... We call him Zacharias. :) Then All of the other Elders in the District are very fun. All of the companionships work extremely well together. They all have strengths and weaknesses that help eachother out in different areas. My teacher went to Argentina on his mission, so insead of saying "Como se llama", he says "Como se SHama" which can get a little confusing at times, but He is awesome too. Hermano Parke is his nombre.

The YW in our ward sent me this cute paper tree and ornaments with little messages on all of them. It was fun to hang on the wall and decorate. And then Hermana Baker had some Christmas lights so we strung them on our little paper tree. So cute! Oh, and I cut out a few snowflakes to add to our decor as well.

So the food is very good. The wraps I probably eat every day. Key ingredients include (but are not limited to):


-cinamon almonds

-y sprouts

If you are really wondering about how it is, then you can read Jeramiah 4:19

Espanol is pretty neat. I am surprised of how much I already know. I know how to meet someone, how to pray, how to testify, and that is about it. I memorized "Our Purpose" en espanol, and the baptism prayer (habiciendo sido commicionado de Jesucristo....(having been commisioned of Jesus Christ)) Still have a LONG way to go though. Hermana Waters and I have an investigator named Fernando. He speaks ONLY espanol. It is interesting to see how teaching him works. I think I will be teaching more people of who I am, rather than what I know. I don't speak spanish, but He does.

Sunday's we have temple walks! It is the BEST! We would normally go to the temple for a session on P-day's, but the temple is closed for a couple of weeks for cleaning/christmas. Kind of bummed about that, but that is fine. This way I can just take a nap--because naps make the world go round. Love.

I am very excited for Christmas. I hear that the MOTAB choir is coming to sing to us a few times. That should be sweet. There is also rumor going around that on New Years Day the First Presidency is coming to celebrate the 50th birthday of the MTC. How flipping SWEEEET will that be?!?! I wil definitely let you know!

Okay, I am out of time. I love you all sOOoooooOOOOoooOOooo much!!! Hope you all have an amazing Christmas.

I am very grateful that I get to spend Christmas in the MTC and that all of my focus will be on what Christmas is truly about.

I was thinking about how I would feel if I was Mary, and if I was to hold the Savior in my arms. How I would feel. So don't forget to think about Him on Christmas. I love you all again. MUCHOS GRACIAS!!

Hermana Anna

Monday, December 12, 2011



<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< right over therr

my MTC address, and my Mission Home address (as opposed to appants (erin)).

Love y'all SOOooo much!

and thank you to all that came to the farewell yesterday.

I have amazing support from friends, and family!


the future hermana :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Believe It or Not

love it.


things i won't miss while i am away:
-cleaning up after my family
-watching poopy movies
-crazy sleep patterns
-worrying about what to wear

things i am going to miss while on my mission:
-watching awesome movies (the hunger games)
-awesome friends
-coming home lazily
-reading all of your lovely thoughts
-going on hawt dates
-reading whatever i want
-listening to all of my music
-wearing upsexy clothing!!

things i will still be able to do on my mission:
-swoOOOOoon over beautiful men. my heart will just be locked is all.
-be my most spastic self
-to hum whitney houston/reo speedwagon/hall n oats/etc.
-get giddy
-tell awesomely stupid jokes
-be creative

things that i wish will go away, but will not:
-plucking my eye brows
-shaving my legs
-ugly days
-mean people

things that will NEVER leave me:
-The Gospel of Jesus Christ
-agency. my power to choose.
-the knowledge that i have

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

mishun foto

She always does such a fantastic job!

Seriously, if you need pictures done... go to her!!!

p.s. I leave in 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Santa,

I just really wanted to thank you for making an exception to come early to my house this year!
I think you know how much I love the Christmas Season --  and I feel like it is getting surpassed with all of this missionary preparation stuff. It's kind of crazy at my house, so sorry if we aren't more on top of things with leaving out milk and cookies and such, but I sure will try!
Things that I might a appreciate (are not limited to, but include):

- cute hair accessories (I probably won't want to mess with my hair in Texas)
- maybe some tights (I'll be in the mtc during the freezing winter months)
- I could always use another skirt!

There. Now you have some ideas, Santa! LOVE YOU!

p.s. Yes, I did notice that my song didn't upload. poopy.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Love One Another

check out my new favorite song:

and after I bought it...

found out that part of it is in SPANISH!

love it!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Yesterday was my last day at the office.

I was fine all day.

until Dr. C gave me a card.

it read:

Thanks for being such a wonderful employee and a better person.
Please keep working hard for the BEST employer, with the BEST job description.

and then I lost it.

the whole way home,
i sobbed.

You grow to love the people you work with.
They become your second family.
And I LOVE my second family. I sure will miss them.

I report to the mtc in exactly 11 days.
so crazy to me.

Its a strange feeling. a nervous/excited/anxious feeling.
but I can't wait!

My good friend, kara, just wrote me a letter. She makes me laugh. She said to think of being in the mtc as being at Hogwarts. She knows me well... comparing things pertaining to church to HP! Love her (she is on her mission in Houston... poor soul.(; )

Dallas is better

Sunday, November 20, 2011

mishun farewell

mark yer calendar's y'all!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

my last day

today is my last day at the infamous

Taco Amigo.

i have worked there for 5.5 years..

as much as i hate being there, as much as i hate dealing with angry customers, and as much as i hate being patient with new employees...

i love it.

i never thought i would say this, but
i think i'm going to miss working there.

things i have learned while working at taco amigo:
- i've learned to laugh (instead of cry) when things get crazy and almost impossible to overcome
- when you keep a smile on your face, your day goes tremendously better
- kill with kindness
- don't make a big deal of small matters
- be nice to everyone; even when you're in a terrible mood
- if you judge people, then you have no time to love them

I'm going to miss my weekend bishops interview's with Bishop Greg. love him.
I'm going to miss Marge making herself root beer floats and slurping them while helping customers (that's not against health code.....)
I'm going to miss cleaning the ice cream machine and blasting my doris day music
I'm going to miss Gary adding things to my check lists
I'm going to miss all of the t.a. inside jokes
I'm going to miss Kylie and her boy stories - "my boyfriend shows affection to me by vandalizing my house."
I'm going to miss my weekly chats with the Meat Man (I'm trying to convert him)
I'm going to miss all of my taco amigo's. I love them all.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Disney Dinner

Yesterday was good.

I loved every second of it!

Here's what it consisted:
  • Visiting Teaching
  • Choir Practice
  • Giving a talk on Honesty in Sacrament Meeting - I got through without crying!
  • Bishop standing up and saying extremely nice things about me :)... That's when I started crying.
  • Practicing Sister and I's rendition of He Sent His Son/I Stand All Amazed
  • Going to the Home Ward.
  • Watching Evan, Mom, and Dad give their talks on Family, and The Priesthood.
  • Singing in their Sacrament Meeting (erin and i had to stop singing at one point. neither of us could hold back the tears... I am sooooo my mothers daughter!)
  • Going to Mission Prep
  • Disney Dinner - Let me Explain.
My family LOVES the food at Disneyland. There are always a few things that we MUST purchase - food wise- whenever we go. So when I came up to my front door last night to come home. There was a sign on the door that read:

Here, you leave today, and enter into a world of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy!

First thoughts:
WTF is going on here.
This is pretty funny.

I walked in and my family was all sitting around our dining table ready to eat dinner with me!
We had Pesto Ravioli, Salad, and Sourdough bread from

and here,

Then for Dessert:

found here:

OOooooh yeah!

I loved it so much!

I am going to miss my family so much. They are so thoughtful.

Monday, November 7, 2011

da BOM

I love this book.
This book has changed my life.
The whole point of this book is to testify of Jesus Christ.

I read it daily, and because of that I have more knowledge of what my Savior has done for me.
He died for me. He made it possible for me to return to live with my Faher in Heaven again.

I love the Book of Mormon so much! And if you have not yet read it, I urge you to do so!
It is my favorite book. Ever!

"And if ye shall believe in Christ ye will believe in these words, for they are the words of Christ,... and they teach all men that they should do good." - 2 Nephi 33:10

p.s. check out my I'm a Mormon profile!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Return to Me

Two nights ago...

Erin and I watched this hen of a movie:


The BEST romantic comedy of ALL TIME!


For some reason the "Spanish" sub-titles were on.

I mentioned to Erin how I am starting to recognize a lot of these words in spanish.

Then Erin looks up at the screen (she was drawing something -- which is usually what she does during movie watchings.), and she says, "Anna. Those are FRENCH sub-titles!"

Yep, I'm going to do great in the MTC!

haha. Have a great day!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dallas! Jump On It!




Thursday, October 27, 2011


Okay, y'all!!!

I have received my mishun call!!!
I have been called to serve in the

Texas Dallas Mission

Spanish Speaking

Reporting to the MTC on December 14th!!!

only 7 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy right now! I know I am going to love this place so much more than I already do!
I'm sure it is going to blow my mind as to: how hard it will be, how fun it will be, how much I will love the people!!!

I just can't wait!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm gonna miss these peeps...



I love these people sooo mcuh!!!

p.s. I should be receiving my call in 4 days! STILL TAKING GUESSES!!!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Mission Papes


Yes, Right this second they are in Salt Lake City
being reviewed by The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

How awesome is that!?!

Oh man, I can't wait to figure out where I get to go spent the next 18 months.

I am taking guesses, so if you would...

please make a comment down thurrr

and let me know where you think.

And in return, I will place your guess on 'the map'.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

dear future husband,

i just have a few requests:

1. can we please snuggle All. The. Time.? because i am pro-cuddling.
2. would you please watch chick flicks with me? preferably ones with doris day? i really like her.
3. i think we should own road bikes. so we can go together. maybe tandem style (i like watching cute couples ride tandem together.)
4. i hope you don't mind warming up my feet -- which are cold 85% of the time. Your sister-in-law, Erin, will tell you how much fun it is when I slap my cold feet up against your legs... jus sayin'.
5. we should get season tickets to JAZZ games. okay?!?

i looooOOOOOooove you,


Cookie Time

This is from my most favorite movie of all time:

Troop Beverly Hills.

That's all :)

Monday, October 10, 2011


That's right.

Papa K, You did not misspell this word.
You knew exactly what you were doing when you wrote this on Taco Amigo's Marquis.

Well, I've decided to deactivate my Spacebook account.

I say... If you want to know about my life, then follow my blawg.
(which seester, Erin, will be updating during my leave of absense.)

**side note** Papers go up to slc this. week. 

anyways, it' not hard. Just click "follow"
And then it'll be just like adding me as a friend on Spacebook.
And you can be added to my list of
<<< right over therrr.


Friday, September 30, 2011

LDS Superbowl


I get to go!
So happy!
I'm get to go to the Saturday morning sesh up in SLC with my mumsie and popcicle.
So watch for me during those hymns!
(I don't think it will be very crowded.... hah)

Seriously, I get so flippin' excited for conference weekend.
It's another tradition, and we all know how much I just LOVE tradition.
Usually on sunday morning sesh.. Mom will make cinnemon rolls, and we will all lounge around in our jammies all day long. It is so much fun! YAY!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sundee Drive

Oh my goodness, I love this time of year!
Just everything about it!
  • general conference
  • fresh peach shakes
  • and then of course... there's The Alpine Loop!

It was absolutely gorgeous.
I have so much appreciation for this earth that we live on, and the small and simple pleasures of life.

Seriously, If you have never driven the Alpine Loop during the fall.. you need to. STAT! (before all the leaves fall)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Forget Me Not

I loved attending the General Relief Sociey Meeting with my mum and sister this past saturday.

It was just what I needed.

"Sisters, wherever you are, whatever the circumstances may be, you are not forgotten. No matter how dark your days may seem, no matter how insignificant you may feel, no matter how overshadowed you think you may be, your Heavenly Father has not forgotten you. In fact, He loves you, with an infinite love."

—President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

reaallly good news!

There is nothing that I want more in this life,

than to be a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. In wherever I take my life, and wherever my life takes me,
than to be a loving wife/mother in a Christ-centered home,
and to truly become a woman of God.

everyone, I have decided to serve a mission!

I am going to put my life on hold for 18 months to go help people to realize the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for them. Help them to realize their eternal worth.

Living the way that He wants me to live is what truly makes me happy in this lifetime.
I want others to feel the way that I do.

I will be submitting my papers in a couple of weeks, and I seriously could not be more happy!
It's all I can think about!!


P.S. This is the missionary photo my mother took of me to submit in my papers. Bahaha.... So darn happy to be going :D

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My little toesies are tickling ye..

Please. Go watch the new

I think it gets funnier the more I watch.

favorite lines:
  • My little toesies are tickling ye... tick tick tick tick
  • I have one question... So guess!
  • These are perfectly normal pancakes kiiiiids
  • I love you mommy, I love you mommy, I love you mommy
  • This is drosss. This is SO drossss
  • Shes doesn't give me peas all day yeeettt.
  • A-HO-DEE-HO!!
  • And guess what to have a sweet tooth means??? It doesn't mean you LIKE candy. It means that YOU WANT SOME!!!
  • I like... ten dollars.
  • Twinkle, twinkle wittow staaw.... Can you guess the name of the song?
  • Time is wunning out!
  •  I know it's green.. but what else. is about it?
  • What in the fweak just happened?
  • None of those things is what beetles eat... twy again.
hope you love as much as I do :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunshine Day

I think I'll go for a walk outside now
the summer sun's callin' my name
I just can't stay inside all day
I gotta get out get me some of those rays

everybody's smilin'

Sunshine Day!

everybody's laughin'

Sunshine Day!

everybody seems so happy today

It's a Sunshine Day!

On Mount Timpanogos that is..

Yes, I went and hiked Timp again.

I'm definitely feelin' it today.
the blisters.
the sore Left Hip
the sore Right Knee
even my arms are sore... wtf!

So when I got to the top to take a breather I made friends with a chipmunk.

Mr. Squirrely

I named him Squirrely.
Too bad he wasn't a Squirrel....

Anywho. I had a lovely day.
It was a good way to end such a crap-toast week.

I needed it, that's for sure.
To clear my head.

It was refreshing.

If you've never gone before, you really need to put it on your Bucket List!

Friday, September 2, 2011

200th post.

For this post -- the 200th -- I am going to make a list. Yep, a list....

of 200 things that I am grateful for/things that make me happy/things that I love

yes, 200.

here it goes.

oh, p.s. there may be a few surprises in list...... just sayin'

  1. Jesus Christ
  2. Heavenly Father
  3. Atonement
  4. Book of Mormon
  5. Bible
  6. repentance
  7. prayer
  8. school
  9. work
  10. books
  11. movies
  12. pictures
  13. Erin
  14. Evan
  15. Rudy
  16. Maya
  17. Mom
  18. Dad
  19. extended family
  20. Holy Ghost
  21. Home Teachers
  22. letters
  23. internet
  24. car
  25. bed
  26. home
  27. food
  28. soap
  29. clean water
  30. nail polish
  31. make-up
  32. space heaters
  33. socks
  34. blankets
  35. jammies.
  36. Sarah's
  37. Frends in general
  38. missionaries
  39. shoes
  40. clothes
  41. Hymns + All Church Songs
  42. music
  43. money
  44. neat APS -- like my nature sounds app
  45. ipod
  46. sunshine
  47. flowers
  48. snow
  49. ice - (T.A.)
  50. hollidays
  51. birthdays
  52. candy - mostly chocolate
  53. womanhood
  54. fur
  55. stores
  56. eyesight
  57. good health
  58. blogs
  59. Prophets
  60. Apostles
  61. General Conference
  62. babies
  63. church
  64. crafts
  65. temples
  66. visiting teachers
  67. vaccum cleaner
  68. windex
  69. can openers
  70. Preisthood
  71. Eternal Families
  72. cultures
  73. languages
  74. deodorant/perfume/cologne
  75. Diet Dr. Pepper
  76. boys
  77. nice people
  78. smiles
  79. water
  80. earth
  81. moon
  82. star gazing
  83. Disneyland
  84. clouds
  85. my new 32DD Bra
  86. zumba
  87. bodies
  88. trials
  89. musicals
  90. calendars
  91. fall leaves
  92. my sister's creative brain
  93. my humps
  94. trees
  95. happy valley
  96. Lagoon
  97. Trident: Original
  98. Freedom
  100. Utah Valley Rheumatology
  101. PB & Banana on toast
  102. flushing toilets
  103. concerts
  104. celine dion
  105. my memory foam mattress
  106. The Disney Store
  107. Harry Potter
  108. Lindsey Furr Clasby
  109. Megan Hoyt
  110. ps
  111. hot sauce
  112. bandaids
  113. candles
  114. Lindsey Jones for introducing me to pinterest
  115. Star Wars
  116. LOTR Risk
  117. seasons
  118. rainshine
  119. Christmas
  120. back scratchers
  121. lined paper
  122. flowers
  123. couches
  124. sledding
  125. snow
  126. Bing Crosby
  127. White Christmas
  128. cameras
  129. Disney World
  130. vacations
  131. planes
  132. trains
  133. cups
  134. flour
  135. sugar
  136. vanilla
  137. all ingredients containing chocolate chip cookies
  138. chicken devan
  139. dvd's
  140. seashells.. cause D shells are too big (but not DD shells)
  141. Oregon
  142.  pictures
  143. Gilmore Girls
  144. health
  145. medical breakthroughs
  146. electricity
  147. computer
  148. phones
  149. entertainment
  150. good law
  151. curling iron
  152. blow dryer
  153. light bulbs
  154. Horchata
  155. Snoasis
  156. CTR rings
  157. Peaches
  158. Keetches Peaches.
  159. Keetches Fresh Peach Shakes
  160. Peach Tarts from Kneaders
  161. Popcorn Chicken - Sonic
  162. scarves
  163. pea coats
  164. high heels
  165. bright RED lipstick
  166. Santa Claus
  167. bubble gum
  168. Scouching
  169. making out!
  170. making crafts
  171. making snowmen
  172. making bread
  173. jam
  174. peanut butter - CRUNCHY
  175. drug reps - who bring me free lunch every day.
  176. Design Star
  177. Take the Money and Run
  178. The Biggest Loser
  179. eye lashes
  180. the ocean
  181. sleeping in hammocks
  182. Thomas S. Monson
  183. Gordon B. Hinckley
  184. Weddings
  185. jumping in fall leaves
  186. driving the alpine loop during Autumn
  187. carving pumpkins
  188. Holiday Decor
  189. Mrs. Fields Cookies
  190. The Little Couple
  191. children telling you stories
  192. boating
  193. riding my bicycle and ringing my bell

Sunday, August 28, 2011

decisions, decisions..

I am terrible at making them.

It takes me seriously 12 years to figure out what I'm going to eat for lunch one day..

Just think--if I can't even figure out what I'm going to eat, then how am I supposed to figure out

where I'm going to school in the spring.

or who i'm going to date, or even MARRY!

Gosh, I get anxioty thinking of all of this.

but you know what I do know?

That the Lord thy God is with me withersoever thou goest.

so it'll all be okay :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Calling all Engaged Folks

I know that there are a gazillion of you out there!

My sister's new Floral Business is boomin'!

Check out her blawg by clicking on her button

<<<<<<<<<<<< right over therrr!

go. now.
She'll do your flowers.
and you will L.O.V.E. them.

I sometimes just sit and stare at her working on her flowers. May sound creep-toast, but its mesmerizing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tree Pillow

Oh, ya know...

I just go around sometimes and get little crafty bugs in me.

This time I sewed a Tree Pillow


I really am in love with it!

Next project will be:

I like trees, okay!?

Friday, August 12, 2011

I just finished my very last school assignment for Summer School... because summer-smarter-than-others ;)



For now anyways.

I am so excited for fall! A few stores have already started putting out their Halloween stuff. I love Halloween. Remember last year when I decorated my porch? Yep, I plan on doing that again-- only this year I made sure dad planted pumpkins in his garden.. Just to ensure that we have plenty to go around!!

Costume this year - a surprise!

P.S. Congratulations to my new MARRIED frenz, Mr. and Mrs. Otterstrom!!

Oh, they are cuuute!

I am so happy for them!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Star Gazing

One of my most favorite summer activites:

Sar and I
I just can't get enough!

and everytime I do, I feel like I'm on the Lion King:

Sigh... I can't believe Summer is almst over.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sundee Tunes

There's just a couple of songs that I am just in love with as of late.

I thought I'd share:
  • The Flying Song by Colin Hay - From Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain (watched this last night... definitely brough me back to my childhood.)
  • Something Stupid by Frank and Nancy Sinatra

Completely random array of songs.. I know.

but I still love them ALL.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In Harmony

Variety adds spice to life, so we can celebrate...

And sometimes when sister and I are bored,

we'll sing -- In Harmony.

To a Lennon Sisters Melody ;)

Hope you enjoy this!

Monday, August 1, 2011


I seriously can not get enough of this place!

Locaton: Alpine, Utah near The Alpine Art Center

Please, If you are going there to try it, promise me you will call me to come with you!!

Sean, Tanner-man, and Evz
I have been there 5 times in the past 2 weeks.

yep, you heard right.

They have sooo many flavors!

My favorite thus far is:

Horchata - Glacier Style!

Evan - the brother was so excited that I made him go with me!

oh, please bless someone wants to go tonight!


I found this real neat sign on my way there last time.
There wasn't a totter in sight!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Alabama, Arkensas. I do love my Ma and Pa...

Not the way that I do love


Last night for the TCS we saw

Love, love them!

I have probably too much fun at these concerts.

between random peoples
sweat getting all over you,
crowd surfing, and
getting contact high..

Life doesn't get much better than this!

p.s. just jayin' your kay about that last reason :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Post-Pioneer-Day Post

This Holiday is better than the 4th in my opinion.

at least it will be this year!

(my 4th was kinda crappy)

Day Plans:
  • pick up Sarah
  • Hit up Will's Pit-Stop to get me some DVC (diet vanilla coke... SO delicious)
  • go to Park City with Sar-Bear (Outlet Shopping!)
  • come home and nap
  • leave to go to Spanish Fork with Jamm
  • dance to some live music
  • watch the fireworks
  • come home and watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Oh, I love this day!


it's a paid holiday, which makes it that much greater!

p.s. This is my friend, Jared, whom I miss so very dearly. Please keep his Dad tucked in your prayers. He just found out he has stomach cancer. If you could do that, it would be much appreciated.
Love you, Jerrry!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spencerz on a Sundee

We are a happy Fam-i-ly!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yep, I'm fasting from Facebook.

Deal wit it!

Off to go help Jammie with some packing!


anna mae

Thursday, July 14, 2011

For neither can live while the other survives...

only 13 more hours.


rolla-rolla is even excited!

oh gosh.

I need to remember to bring some tissues!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

flat tire

All I was doing was running errands with the mother.

we walk out of Costco

and find this:

How crappy is that!

Luckily, Dad had just gotten home from Mexico the night before, and was able to come to our rescue.

Thanks Dad!!

Now I've been singing:
 R-E-S-C-U-E.. Rescue Aid Society

from the Rescuers.


Will not leave my brain.