Wednesday, December 28, 2011

week 1!


You all are so wonderful! I have gotten a TON of letters and packages. The Birthday packages ROCKED! Erin, thank you for the "style guide". It will come in handy. I LOVED the foto album, and the earings!! Ooooooh, you guys know me well. vaNIElla squared cupcakes? I could not of asked for a better birthday! Also: I taught the Hermana's in my room the -- "Why were you born so beautiful, why were you born at all?" song. (they sang to me this morn :D)

So the first week at the MTC has been amazing! Remember how nervous I was to find out who my companion was? Well, after I went through the little line where they take your picture, and give you your name tags and such, I looked down at who my companion was, and seriously started flipping out! KAITLYN WATERS!!!! So awesome. I went to high school with her, and we both played the violin together in orchestra. We have so much fun together. We laugh a lot... probably too much :) My favorite was the other night when Hermana Baker (our coordinating sister) recieved a package from her family. It just had a list of things she can be thankful for and I was like.. "You know what I'm thankful for?? I'm thankful that I even have knees, so I can get on them to pray...... Some people don't have knees and have to get down on their nubbs to pray." Hahahaha, oh man. I think we are going to make a quote wall for our room.

There are 4 sisters in our Branch. Hermana Baker y Hermana Butt... yes, Butt. Then Me and Hermana Waters AKA Hermana Aguas. Hna. Baker y Butt are going to Chile and then Hermana Waters is going to Arizona. There is one Elder in our District also going to Dallas. Elder Henze. He is pretty hilarious. Our District Leader likes to be in charge..... We call him Zacharias. :) Then All of the other Elders in the District are very fun. All of the companionships work extremely well together. They all have strengths and weaknesses that help eachother out in different areas. My teacher went to Argentina on his mission, so insead of saying "Como se llama", he says "Como se SHama" which can get a little confusing at times, but He is awesome too. Hermano Parke is his nombre.

The YW in our ward sent me this cute paper tree and ornaments with little messages on all of them. It was fun to hang on the wall and decorate. And then Hermana Baker had some Christmas lights so we strung them on our little paper tree. So cute! Oh, and I cut out a few snowflakes to add to our decor as well.

So the food is very good. The wraps I probably eat every day. Key ingredients include (but are not limited to):


-cinamon almonds

-y sprouts

If you are really wondering about how it is, then you can read Jeramiah 4:19

Espanol is pretty neat. I am surprised of how much I already know. I know how to meet someone, how to pray, how to testify, and that is about it. I memorized "Our Purpose" en espanol, and the baptism prayer (habiciendo sido commicionado de Jesucristo....(having been commisioned of Jesus Christ)) Still have a LONG way to go though. Hermana Waters and I have an investigator named Fernando. He speaks ONLY espanol. It is interesting to see how teaching him works. I think I will be teaching more people of who I am, rather than what I know. I don't speak spanish, but He does.

Sunday's we have temple walks! It is the BEST! We would normally go to the temple for a session on P-day's, but the temple is closed for a couple of weeks for cleaning/christmas. Kind of bummed about that, but that is fine. This way I can just take a nap--because naps make the world go round. Love.

I am very excited for Christmas. I hear that the MOTAB choir is coming to sing to us a few times. That should be sweet. There is also rumor going around that on New Years Day the First Presidency is coming to celebrate the 50th birthday of the MTC. How flipping SWEEEET will that be?!?! I wil definitely let you know!

Okay, I am out of time. I love you all sOOoooooOOOOoooOOooo much!!! Hope you all have an amazing Christmas.

I am very grateful that I get to spend Christmas in the MTC and that all of my focus will be on what Christmas is truly about.

I was thinking about how I would feel if I was Mary, and if I was to hold the Savior in my arms. How I would feel. So don't forget to think about Him on Christmas. I love you all again. MUCHOS GRACIAS!!

Hermana Anna

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