Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chocolate Leg

Oh, Mi FAMILIA!!!!
What's happenin' family?? Here is a strange tid bit of information: I only have one more p-day in the CCM. So weird! I am so ready to hit el campo though! I am getting better at speaking spanish. We have espanol fiestas all the days. I love spanish -- even though I still am far from speaking like Padre. Mom, I'll probably be sending some stuff home to make my bag lighter for the week after, just so you are aware.
So how is everyone doing? You can tell the Dumas family that I saw Elder Dumas in the cafeteria! That was fun. He seemed very happy to be here, so tell Ann to not worry her pretty little head. We get to host again this upcoming week! Hosting is so much fun. I just try and be like my host. I loved her. She made me feel very welcomed :)
So here is a little shout out to BABY HAWKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't sure in the last e-mail if Jammie has been telling people or what was going on, so if you had no idea what I was talking about, lo siento. I am so excited for them though! Oh. my. goodness. I sent Jammie with some pictures that are pretty funny, so you'll have to ask her to bring those over to upload to our computer. I hope you all enjoy looking at them as much as mi companiera y Yo enjoyed taking them. jajaja. You're welcome!
So this week was really good! We got a new district which was really fun to welcome them with the Branch Presidency. The Zone Leaders made up this really funny ejemplo about how to not do a comp. invintory. Elder Turley: I really hate it when you wake up in the middle of the night and put your socks on your head and start doing this weird dance..... jaja, I have no idea where that came from. Oh, we have the best branch though! Bless that elder's alma (soul). I really like welcoming the new districts in. I get to hear President Claybaugh talk to them, and hear his testimony. Its a really great reminder and kind of recharges my battery in a way?
Also: the Hermanitas sang in church on Sunday. It was scary! I think that is one of my biggest fears: singing in front of people. I didn't take my eye's off of that hymn book. It's one thing when you're singing in english, but Spanish? I was pretty nerviosa. Esta Bien, the elders said it sounded good, so I'll trust them. Oh, It was Grande res tu?? aka How Great Thou Art. Love that himno.
Oh my, Thank you for sending the package. That picture of Elder Hayward sits right next to your picture! Love that man. How are the Jazz doing by the way? Evz, I need some updates! The muddy buddies are DEVINE! I'm trying to make them last as long as possible, but Hermana Butt is a bit of a garbage disposal :) jaja. She eats everything in sight, yet is still the size of one of my legs. Love her.
Speaking of legs, funny story: actually two funny stories:
story #1: We got our package from Aunt Vicky, (p.s. mom you were right, "you may call me aunt vicky" is from the parent trap)
Anyways, she sent us some chocolate. Someone got some chocolate on the outside of the bag and I was putting them up, trying to tidy up our room a bit before gym. So we go to gym, I'm doing my thing. Finish my little workout, and then I'm over stretching with Hermana Waters, and Hermana Water's goes - "What the HECK is that on your leg??" Oh my goodness, I had this MASSIVE glob of chocolate on my LEG! I have no idea how it got there. But I was like.... That looks like something that goes in the toilet. Gross. Jaja, I hope nobody really thought that. That was pretty embarassing.
story #2: I was in the classroom, while the Trio was teaching their progressing investigator. In the classroom was only the Sisters (THANK GOODNESS). But I was at the board standing there trying to memorize D&C 4 in Spanish, and I walk back to my seat and then I feel something drop around my ankles. Yep, Don't worry, my skirt fell completely off. Good thing I was wearing a slip that day, and its a BLESSED good thing that there were only sisters in that classroom at the time. Oh. My. Gosh. It's one of the skirts that didn't have a little latchy thing at the top of the zipper. So I made one. With a safety pin. MERCY! That was embarassing too. Why do I always have embarassing things happen to me??!
We are all praying that it IS the prophet coming tonight. We still don't know. All we know is that there are 200 extra guests coming to el CCM, and that we have to get in our seats early so we don't have to sit in the overflow. We made that a district goal this week: NO OVERFLOW SEAT! I might go camp out right after sending this e-mail. Serio!
Okay, my time is just about up. I love it here in the MTC and am so glad I am here!!Thank you all for everything you do! I love you all so much!!!!!
Have an awesome week!
Love, HermANNA
p.s. Erin, if you see Emily Price from the Dr.'s office tell her I love her! A patient of Dr. Call's that works at the Provo temple gave me a hug from Emily. She's so cute! I gave her one right back and told her to tell the whole office that I love them! It is a very sweet tender mercy to get to see her every P-day. She was my favorite of all the patients :)
p.s.s. Ask Nate Hainsworth if he got the note that I wrote on his classroom chalkboard. I hope it was the right classroom. (8M rm. 115???)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

snowball baseball

Hey there y'all! How is everyone doing?!?
So mom, in your letter you said that I have 3 more weeks of the MTC???? That is ridiculous. I feel like I am never going to leave the MTC. But I am. Strange. Spanish is getting easier, but hopefully these next three weeks will just click with the language and I'll be able to speak more fluently... Mi companiera y you creemos en SPANGLISH! jajajajaja
Evan's Birthday sounded fun! Los Hermanos eh?? Evz, do you know what that means? Hopefully. Diablo Verde drink? That thing is the best. With the key ingredient - avacado! Also Evan, I have one thing to say to you: Go JAZZ! 2nd?? That is pretty sweet!
The district gets to be Missionary Hosts this week for new missionaries coming in. I am pretty excited. I loved the host that took me to my room and what not. She was a gem. I did see Ryan Christensen, Erin, and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for Ryan Dumas this week. He's going to love it! Especially TUESDAY!!!!!!! I am pumped for a week from today. First Presidency??? Oh yes.
We had Steven B. Allen come and talk to us who is the director of Mr. Krugers Christmas. This man is so funny! He brought all of these Mormon Messages from like the 70's. Oh my goodness, I was laughing so hard! You should Youtube them if you can. I only remember some of the titles, but maybe if you search for these more will come up. You will love them. Trust me! "Sharing is the icing on the cake", "Story Time", and "Portraits". Hilariouuuuuuus. Misericodia! Anyway, I hope you enjoy those as much as I did.
Also, this may sound strange, but I have been thinking a lot about BABIES this week.............. not exactly sure why :D :D :D :D :D :D I'm not sure if that's allowed to say via family e-mail, pero :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
ANYWAYS, on Sunday President Claybaugh's Grandkids came to our sacrament and they got up there in front of all of us missionaries and sang us a primary song. Oh, they are stinkin' cute! I love little kids. But yeah, I was just thinking about what simple truths are taught to us in primary. When I was in primary I think my favorite part was singing time. Some of the songs I've been thinking about with SO much truth in them: I am a child of God, I love to see the temple I'm going there someday to feel the holy spirit to listen and to pray, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, I'm trying to be like Jesus, Scripture Power keeps me safe from sin, and then of course there's the favorite in the Spencer household -- Love is spoken here. I see my mother kneeling with her family each day, I hear the words she whispers as she bows her head to pray.. I just love that. I remember mom, you would always sing that song to me at night before I'd go to sleep. Not only did it help me build a testimony as a little girl, but I definitely want to do that with my future kids someday. (mine is a home, where every OWW, is blessed by the STRAIN of PRE-SCHOOL FIND ME!) bajajajajajajajajajajajaja! So cool. Every decision that you make in your life you also make for your future children. Isn't that soo true? I pray for my future husband, and future kids every day! It's amazing how much love you can have for some people with out even meeting them yet. That's also how I feel about the investigators I will meet in Texas. I pray for them every single day, and I love them sooo much!
Oh ya, also on Sunday we couldn't go to on our temple walk because it was too icy, so our district took a walk around the MTC, found some wood in this construction area, and played snowball baseball. you should try it sometime. We had a blast! Yes, I was playing in a skirt!
Another cool experiencia, I was able to be an investigator this week in a demonstration we were doing. Anyways, I just really think it's cool that you may be thinking you're just pretending and that this isn't how things are really going to be once we get out into el campo. Hermana Mullen (our teacher) was teaching me and she said something SO simple to "Laura", but oh my gosh, I felt so strongly the Love that God has not only for me, but for each of his children. I seriously do not think I have every felt so strongly before exactly who I was. I really love being here in the MTC. I have already learned so much. Sometimes the days seem really long, but these are 2 months that I will never have again. EVER!
Okay familia, know that I love you and pray for you every day! You are all awesome! Also: tell mi perritas Hi!
Love, HermANNA
p.s. mom, I do NOT need any more letter supplies. I think you're trying to tell me something by sending me LOADS of envelopes/stamps/stationary. I do not need anymore. Or anything else for that matter. Trust me, I will let you know if there is something I really can not live with out, but I am doing just fine, okay? No hangers (please), no more bangs, no more candy (PLEASE, no more), but it is very thoughtful. xoxXOXOXOXxoXOoXo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hello!!! How is everyone doing?!?!?! Yesterday was a holiday so i don't have your dear elders yet to respond..... SO you'll just get to hear all about every thing without any responses! p.s. i hope you got my memory card. i still haven't heard anything.
First off, EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHN!! HAPPY FLIPPIN' GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on making it to 17 years of age.
Okay so the week was pretty amazing. As always here in the MTC. We had some awesome things happen! Mom, Thank you mucho for the chips n salsa to celebrate 1/2 way in the mct! We had a serious espanol fiesta! And an espanol fiesta it was. it truly was (titanic reference). We decided yesterday that our district was going to only speak spanish, no matter how bad we are. At first our d-leader was like.... english fast. Then thought about it, 'NO, It's an ESPANOL FIeSTA!" very optomistic that Elder Connors. and this keyboard is weird so i am sorry for the mispellings and such. Mostly that was directed towards erin :). P.s. Erin, you looked nice on your date wearing MY scarf..................jajaja. esta bien.
Also with our espanol fiesta hna. baker decided it would be really awesome if she pulled a napoleon dynomite move with her bottle of diet coke. she had a full mouth and then EXPLODED everywhere! it was flippin HILARious! AND hna waters captured this fine event on film. it is so funny! man. If you pause it at the right moment, you can see mine and hna water's disgusted faces with diet coke spewing EVERYWHERE!
Every martes we have a devotional. GUESS WHO CAME THIS WEEK!!! Elder Russell M. Nelson. He gave a very powerful talk. i really enjoyed it. It was about the scattering and gathering of Isreal. So good!
He talked about how we are "swift messengers" -- I'll give more deets and scripture references in my written letter. Deal? deal.
Then on domingo, i was asked to be the new coordinating sister. Mostly what we do is go to branch meetings sunday mornings, and then i leave mi companiera on wednesday's and thursday's (which is SO weird) and go with the zone leaders to welcome new districts into our zone. We show them how comp invintory's go and what not. It is way fun, because i get to hear all of the testimonies of the new elders that come in. SO COOL! I love it!
I bought a TEXAS shirt WOooOOOOOoO!!!! it says Howdy y'all on it.
what else.... ummm the elders had a freaking HILARIOUS perros calientes eating contest. It was gross! Elder Conners: 4 down, Elder Henze: 5 and going strong, Elder Lebaron: barerly getting 3 down.... he was like plugging his nose. It was so gross. And i was in the splash zone.... Good thing nothing happened. At least not while i was around. SO GROSS!
On a more spiritual note, both of our investigators committed to baptism this week!! It was really a cool experience! We picked up 2 more investigators this week, which i love. You know what else I love? Teaching the volunteer members according to their own needs in the TRC. You can have some really spiritual experiences while teaching. Not only for the people you're teaching, but for you and your companion as well. oh, i love my comp!
Okay, well I love you all very much! Hope you have a great week! Evzster... eat some cake for me! I'll be sure to sing happy birthday for you today in the shower -- speaking of which, there are two sisters who decide to grace us with thier oprah (yes, oprah) sounding voices in the shower to hymns. It is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but serio? jaja. hna. agua's and i are in there belting t-swift..... jaja. anyway.
Love, Anna

Saturday, January 14, 2012

grr blogger is not cooperating... Dos mas fotos y un VIDEO

mtc fotos!! part uno

Hermana Waters (Aguas) y Hermana Spencer

Christmas Tree sent by the AMAZING YW in our ward!

instant BFFs

Hna Baker, Hna Spencer, Hna Waters, y Hna Butt.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

week 4 MTC

Hola Family!!!
What's shakin'? So I don't have any time to read your e-mails. You should dear elder me and then I can just read them before my 30 minutes start. Take advantage of those DEAR ELDERS while you can!
Alright so Dad, what the what?! You bought an annual pass?? haha that is hilarious. How was riding splash mountain... BY YOURSELF? I am sure that was fun. bahahaha. You kill me!
Mom, You asked me a whole slew of questions. So they will now be answered... except, I would think some of them are kind of self explanatory. Nevertheless, here it goes:
1. What time do you wake up?
..........6:30. hahahaha silly
2. How long do you wait for the shower?
Well I have figured out ways to not have to wait anymore, so it is super bien!
3. Where do you go?
I don't quite understand this question. I go to class, and the cafeteria, and the gym, and to the computer lab for TALL (Evan, TALL has a sweet noise when you exit it that sound like the halo theme.)
4. Favorite skirts/shirts/hairstyles in the MTC?
I like all of my clothes! Yay! p-day attire is super bien! I like wearing that comfy shirt sister keetch got me. It goes with everything. Hairstyles - I wear my hair in buns probably 70% of the time. Side buns, low buns, high buns, you name it. They're 10 times easier.. and quicker!!
5. Free time?
No such thing. Except for P-Day! Only can write letters on tuesdeees mama
6. MTC choir deets?
I joined it until the temple opened. But out time slot to go to the temple is during choir practice, and I would much rather spend it there. Provo Temple is so pretty!!!
7. What is usually for lunch (my bowels?!.. is that bad?!)
my bowels, my bowels... haha. I was just trying to be funny. Don't worry, I don't have any bowel problemos........ hahahaha awquie question.
8. Have you taken a "point to the map" picture yet?
Indeed, I have.
9. Do the elders Dominate?
YES! Holy smokes. 80% are Elders.
10. What time do you usually go to sleep?
in bed by 10:30. usually after about 10 minutes I am out like a light! (hermana butt likes to speak espanol in her sleep... haha it is hilarious!)
okay! so there you have it. Now the fun stuff!
My spanish is coming along. Still don't speak it very well, but I can get by. I have TERRIBLE grammar. In sacrament meeting a member of the branch presidency calls up 2 people out of the 45ish in our branch to give a 5 minute talk in spanish. Our entire sacrament meeting is in spanish. So this last sunday Brother Menlove stands up...
"we have a very great program for you today..." first we'd like to hear from............. Hermana SPENCER! baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It was scary. It was also 100% in espanol. I talked about el plan de salvacion. People said that they could understand me. But I could hardly understand myself :) Then in R.S. sister Doxey, from the General Releif Society Board (we have a speaker with ALL of the sisters in the mtc), she stands up and said, I attended a sacrament meeting this morning, and HERMANA SPENCER, where are YOU!!? She gave me a very nice compliment over the pulpit in front of all the sisters. That was extremely nice of her.
Dad, We learned a RAP to remember command forms! It goes like this:
Bring it to the "YO"
Drop the "O"
Add the ending opp-o!
ejemplo: tener - tengo - TENGA = command form! Boo Ya grandma!
Also, we were walking up to the temple the other day, and we met a Nativo elder from Mexico City, so we started talking to him in spanish. He is learning English and is going to Kentucky. Hilarious Elder. He was like -- teach me something cool to say...So we taught him, "Hello, I am Elder Swag. Where is the house of Colonel Saunders. I like cheeeekin", "Where's the colonel, I like my cheekin!" Also, "teach me how to doogie",Oh my, I was dying!! SO funny! He was the coolest. He taught us some nice espanol lingo as well -- Guapo, Cheedo, Suave... That was fun!
Okay and lastly I will leave you with a spanish joke:
Que hace un pez?
Como se llaman los hijos de un bombero latino?
Jose y Jos-B!
Okay family, I love you SOOO Much! You are the greatest!
Love, Hermana Anna

for those of us who don't speak spanish... 
the jokes are:

1.  What does a fish do?

2. What do you call a hispanic fireman?
Jose and Jos-B!  (hose A and hose B.)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

an email to sister

I pray everyday that you will find a hottie while i'm gone :) hahaha. So get cracking on that. I like that you all drove past and did a HOLLA out the window by the MTC, nice. Everytime I walk up to the temple I'm like... that would be so weird if my family drove by right now. So I'm glad I wasn't out and about. Usually I am in a classroom. Studying. Lots and LOTS of studying. Usually espanol phrases. I have rolls and rolls of flash cards for words. I now say JesucruistOOOO not JesucristU. haha. Nice. And also, have you heard anything from any of my friends that DON'T decide to write? Like has Dave been back around? Jo-Makin? Losers! ahahahaha..
Also for Christmas, I got a lovely package from Jake :) It was very thoughtful. He started this quote book for me. Its a white leather book with the salt lake temple stitched into the front. He wrote a letter on the first page. Then a Glossary of Topics. Then wrote down 60 quotes. Yes, 60! His hand must have been quite tired. But it was extremely thoughtful of him. Now to everyone I'm like, "what's your favorite quote?" And I add to it. Sweet no? Anyways thank you for all of the Christmas supplies. I got SOOOOOOO much food. You are all trying to fatten me up it seems! I put most of it in a box and took it to our classroom to share. There is no way I could have consumed all of it. Plus we get fed here at the MTC like nobody's bidnissss. Surprisingly though, have not gained anything yet! Hopefully I keep that up :)
Okay, This is all for you. The rest will be in the family e-mail because I only have 17 minutes to write that.
Peace OUT, Rah Rah!!