Thursday, February 25, 2010

meet my dog[s]

The black one is Maya, and

Rudy is the cute one

(i try not to play favorites)

Yesterday, while switching channels between commercial breaks of the Olymics, we came across a tv show on Alaskan dog sled racing..

Rudy's ears perked up and she watched intently as the dogs raced along the icy banks of Alaska.

Once we switched back to the olymics, she didn't switch back to sleeping on moms bed.

She instead sat and watched the olymics with us for a good 15 minutes. So cute!
anna mae

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Home Teachers

Sunday: The day was wonderful. I had a carefree sunny happy cute day!
I woke up
brushed my hair
had delicious heart shaped pancakes
took a nice hot shower
got ready for church
went to church
went to the enrichment meeting directly after church
and then came:
The Home Teachers
Erin left for New York on Saturday.. so it was just me. Me and the home teachers. Awesome. I tried to cancel and just say we should try and find a day that they could teach Erin and I.. but I was unsuccessful.
It went surprisingly better than expected. They kept all of the focus on me (which made me a little uncomfortable, but it was nice of them), and then shared with me this loverly thought.
I like the part on Partriarchal Blessings. I know that if I am true, faithful, humble and prayerful then the things in my blessing will happen, but sometimes I think that they happen beacuase I am trying to form my life according to my blessing. A personal Liahona: to chart my course and lead my way.
Once we said our goodbye's, I went to my room, and thought about this in furthur depth. I got out my Patriarchal Blessing to see if anything would jump out. Now, nothing really jumped out to me reading it this time than any other time, but I felt very much comforted.
My home teachers had no idea that I had been stressing about which direction I should take my life. About what my major I should choose, or of what occupation I should hold. This just helped me to open my eyes to see that Heavenly Father is there at all times. He knows my thoughts. He knows my needs. He knows when I need home teachers to come over (whether or not they are teaching both of the Spencer girls, or just one.)
and that just goes to show that He does loves me.
anna mae

Monday, February 22, 2010

22 things that make me smile

1. letters
2. diet dr. pepper
3. naps (they make the world go round)
4. any and all movies with doris day
5. grandma yeager's no bake cookies
6. when olio is in a recipe
7. trying on wedding rings
8. my 10 year journal
9. midnight bbq's
10. my hometeachers
11. flowers sprouting
12. salt lake city
13. anna mae vintage pearl necklace
14. engagement/wedding photos
16. heart shaped pancakes
18. old and pregnant people that do their exercise at 10 am in the mall
19. kisses
20. making silly shadow puppets
21. flying children
22. silly painted finger nails
have a cute day! (: