Thursday, October 29, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

is this.
(minus the henry circle charm.)

Dear Santa:

It's me, Anna.

I have been a very good girl this year.

If you could just send me this one vintage pearl neclace.. I'll let my friends/family take care of the rest.

Thanks Santa!

You're the GREATEST!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Becoming Like Him

Today is DAY 1.
From now until Christmas, each week I am going to be working on 1 Christlike attribute that will help me to become more like Him.
You're welcome to join the fun!
Here's the Schedule:
  1. Oct 26 - Nov 1 ... Faith in Jesus Christ
  2. Nov 2 - Nov 8 ... Hope
  3. Nov 9 - Nov 15 ...Charity and Love
  4. Nov 16 - Nov 22 ... Virtue
  5. Nov 23 - Nov 29 ... Knowledge
  6. Nov 30 - Dec 6 ... Patience
  7. Dec 7 - Dec 13 ... Humility
  8. Dec 14 - *Dec 20*(my birthday) ... Diligence
  9. Dec 21 - Dec 27 ... Obedience

At the end of each week I will be writing down what I've learned.

I am really excited for this!

"...what manner of men ought ye be? Verily I say unto you even as I am." 3 Nephi 27:27

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I am now a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant.
Passed my test.. now it's time to PARTY!!
in........................... Dizzy Lan (:
also: Erin thinks I do my smilies backwords.
she goes: :)
i go: (:
What a crazy fiend.
but i heart her.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My fam is going to..
yeeaahh dizzy lan!
It is just the happiest place on earth. I've been there far too many times to count, and it never gets old. I just love it. I want to someday go on my honeymoon there. That would be the greatest. If my husband decides to propose to me at disneyland, he wont have to worry about what my answer will be. Especially if its right in front of the castle, during the fireworks.

ahh.. i can't WAIT!!

also: it's going to be decked out in it's Halloween decor (:

I was in Disneyworld last year during Halloween time, and I just loved it.