Sunday, September 2, 2012

DANG IT, SAMANTHA! Dang it, dang it, dang it!

Fam fam!!
What is happenin'!? I Love y'all so much! That is so funny that Dad was in Dallas today! He proably flew right over me this morning while we went running in the park. We seriously live like 10 minutes from the airport and I see a zillion planes every single day. And every time I see one, I think, "I bet that one is my Dad flyin' down to Mexico!" "So close but yet so far! Haha. That's just great! We also live about 6 minutes from 6 Flags. We can see those crazy coasters all the days. One day, we can go there! Hermana Dapper and I have plans to come back one day, and hit up 6 Flags! Haha.
So still no baby Hawkins?? I will be expecting some great pictures! GOT IT?!??!!!
And CONGRATULATIONS PRESSY POO! Morgan looks just like Candace only Blonde! Haha. I love it, they look super happy! :D
Erin, Work hard in school!
Mom, I loved your package!
Dad, Keep up those missionary efforts to your friend in Mexico! (I have a zillion frendz from Mexico!) hehehe
So this week we decided to stop by a menos activo familia-- La familia Vasquez. So we stopped by and weren't there for too long, about 30 minutes, but La Hermana told us that she has been talking a lot to her husband (who isn't a member) about the gospel, and He is super interested in being sealed in the temple to his family for time and all eternity! She told us that she wanted us to come by this week and have like a Noche de Hogar with their family! We are going to go teach the Plan of Salvation, but we are trying to think of a fun way to teach it so we can get on the good side of the Hermano. YAY! We are going there on Wednesdee, and are SO excited to go and teach them!
We've been using a phrase this week a lot, "Knock til you DROP!" It's great. Because we have been doing a lot of knocking! We found a trailer park that is CHUCK FULL of hispanics! So of course we decided to knock it! We knocked every single door and there wasn't really anyone that was super interested. Then the VERY LAST HOUSE that we knocked we found this way cute family-- La familia Benitez. SO CUTE! They are a young family with 2 kids and we are just so grateful that we were able to find them! We taught the restauration the first time, and then gave them a restauration dvd. Then we went back on Saturday and she said that she watched the dvd, and even TALKED ABOUT IT with her husband! They had a ton of really good questions and want to read the Book of Mormon! Hopefully we can start getting some more members to come out with us so that they can invite them to church though because we had 0 people show up at church yesturday :( It is such a bummer when no one comes! You feel like you've been working your tail off the whole week to try and get these people to come, but then Sunday comes and it rains. (people like to use anything as an excuse to not come to church). NOOOOO!!! NOT AGAIN! Next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Then we have still been teaching Carmen and Delia! They are progressing. Praying about the 29th of September for baptism. We are going to have a family night with them tonight and are Happy little CLAMS!
Then we have la familia Dominguez! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Oh my. We taught la Hermana yesturday the Plan of Salvation and she just started crying! She said that she loves it when we come, and that she can see that we have a different spirit about us. She was like, "You bring so much love in your hearts, and I feel so happy when you all are here!" YES!! So we taught the Plan of Salvation, and told her that we wanted to come back when her husband is there so that we can also teach him. We have only been able to meet him once, but hopefully this week we can get them on the same page and on board to come to church as well!!! Yayayay!
I LOVE this area so so much! Grand Prairie is so ghetto, but I LOVE it! Haha. The people, our ward, MY COMPANION!! Oh, I want to be companions with Hermana Dapper for the rest of my mission! (this would never happen, but I can dream!) We have so much fun together and neither of us speak like super great spanish, and so we get a really good balance in our lessons! LOVE IT! LOVE HER!
Hmm...que mas? Puedo campartir que lo que se con ustedes?? Y ustedes pueden usar Google Translater! jajajaja.
Primeramente, les quiero mucho! Ser una misionera es la mejor decision que he hecho en toda mi vida! Estoy tan agradecida estar aqui! No puedo imagionarme en llamamientos en el futuro, por ejemplo: una esposa, una madre, sin estar aqui como una misionera. Amo a mi Padre Celestial y el Plan que el me dio. Amo a Jesucristo. Estoy tan agradecida por el y por Su expiacion para que yo pueda arrepentirme cada dia y tratar de llegar a ser mas como el. Tambien, amo al Espiritu Santo! Yo puedo hacer una lista de muchas razones de porque amo a mi Padre Celestial y a Jesucristo, y nunca he hecho una lista de razones de por que amo al Espiritu Santo! Hay muchas razones! Uno es porque por medio de el he sentido la veracidad del Evangelio de Jesucristo, del Libro de Mormon y de la Bilblia por medio de el. Se que soy una hija de Dios y que el me ama y quiere que yo haga decisiones correctas para que yo pueda regresar y vivir con el un dia!
con mucho mucho mucho amor,
La Hermana eSpencer!


Hola Familia!
How is everyone doing this fine day? I can't believe that the summer is almost over. Craziness. It is finally starting to cool down a little bit. It's been about 92ish this past week. I can definitely start to smell fall in the air! The Library is super crowded today because everyone is registuring for school. I just met a man that really wants to go to church! Awesome! I love being a missionary! Yesturday we had Stake Conference and President Durrant, his wife, and then their recently returned home missionary son all spoke. It was super great. President Durrant shared a story about how he brought 2 pastelitos with him to the office one morning so that he could eat them for lunch. (cookies that his WIFE had made). Anyways, he said that he came into the office and had the pastelitos hidden in his suit coat... and then went into his office and put them into his drawer so that they were EXTRA hidden. Then he said that when lunch rolled around, the Assistents invited him to eat with them, and all President Durrant could do was think about those pastelitos!! He was distrought about what he should do. Option 1: give the two pastelitos to his Assistants, or Option 2: wait and eat them by himself... Then he ends the story and says, "And I'm not going to tell you what I chose to do!" Hahaha. Oh, President Durrant, I love you!
Then he went on and asked us what we would have done. Shared the pastelitos, or kept it all to ourselves. And compared this little story to sharing the gospel.
So this week was a really fun week! Sister Dapper and I are finding, finding, finding! It is fun. We meet some of the most interesting people every single day, and it's a good thing that I finding is probably my favorite thing ever! So this past week we had recieved a referral from the English Sisters that are here in Grand Prairie as well. We decided that one night we would go try and meet this referral who lived in an apartment complex. Well, we knocked on the door, and someone answered but it was the daughter of the referral, so we weren't able to teach her. So while walking back to our car I see someone standing out on her balcony holding her baby, and I just had the strongest impression to go and talk to this woman. So I walked over to her and started talking to her about how cute her baby was. The conversation went on and she then asked us who we worked for. I introduced ourselves and then asked if we could come into her house for a few minutes to share a message with her and her family. She agreed. We went in and started asking her about her religious background. She said that she grew up Catholic but that there is a lady that has been coming to visit her weekly from the Kingdoms Hall--Jehovah's Witness (aAaaaaahhh!!!) haha. Anyways, so we are there for about 5 minutes when her husband and their 2 sons got home! I invited them to join us, and he was like, "Well, I'll listen but I don't want to participate." So we taught her the restauration and focused a ton on the Book of Mormon. By the end of the lesson, the husband was sitting down listening intently to everything we were saying, and was like, "I WANT TO READ THAT BOOK!" We then asked if they came to know if this book was true if they would be baptized. They said they would, but that they first want to read it! PERFECT! We all knelt together at the end of the lesson and invited the Dad to pray, but was a little shy about it. So the wife said the closing prayer and it was so so so perfect. We then went back yesturday to go visit this family. The dad wasn't home :( but we were able to explain and read the introduccion with the Mom. Throughout the whole thing she was like, "Wait, this was written on GOLD plates?? That is soooo coool!" Yeah! It is SOO COOL! I was seriously getting so excited because she was SO excited about every part! When we got to the reference in the 2nd to last Paragraph in Moroni, She was like, "lets look up this scriptures!" So of course we look it up with her. She read it out loud and just started crying. The spirit was so strong, and I was so grateful for that moment that we were able to have with her. We closed the lesson kneeling agiain, and Blanca said seriously the most humble prayer that I have ever heard. It's moments like these that really help me to remember how much God loves each and every one of his children. This seriously was the highlight of the week, finding this familia maravillosa! La familia Dominguez: Felipe (Dad), Blanca (Mom), Bryan (8), Kevin (5, and deaf!), and Miguel (9 mo.) Next time we go visit them will be on Friday, and I sure hope that the whole family is there so we can try and set baptismal dates with the Mom, Dad, and Bryan. They are so prepared, and I actually think that the JW's, had a big part in helping preparing her! Way to go JW's! :)
Okay, well, that is all that I have time for for today!
con muchisimo amor,
Hermana eSpencer

Monday, August 13, 2012


Querida familia,
Hijole this week FLEW! Nuts. I've been a missionary today for 8 months! Can you believe that? I sure can't!
Friday we found ALL DAY LONG. We decided to invite every single person that we met to come to church. And out of the 100 people that we talked to---not one came to church, but that's just because satan's working with them! DON'T LISTEN TO SATAN! On a good note, Carmen came to church! Oh she is so cute. She talks super slow, and like Roz from Monster's Inc. I could just eat her up. She is deluting her coffee, and trying to stop drinking it. We had some Pero in our apartment (coffee substitute), that we decided we would give to her. We decorated a cute little jar and we are going to stop it by her this week and get some daily contact going! Also she is also praying about baptism! Saturday, we had a completely full day, we went by all of our appointments and every single one of them fell through.... NOOO. It was a long day. I was fightin' towards the end of it. At about 8:40pm and we decided that we would go stop by Carmen because she wasn't at our appointment the Wednesday before. All we did was share a scripture with her about how we are going to recieve answers to our prayers, and how sometimes we realize that God has already given us our answer when we are still trying to seek one. Hermana Dapper shared the scripture D&C 8:2-3 que dice, "Si, he aqui, hablare a tu mente y a tu corazon por medio del Espiritu Santo que vendra sobre ti y morara en tu corazon. Ahora, he aqui, este es el espiritu de revelacion; he aqui, es el espiritu mediante el cual Moises condujo a los hijos de Israel a traves del Mar Rojo sobre tierra seca." I shared with her an expierence that I had about recieveing an answer to my prayer about coming on a mission. I told her that before I even started praying about it, I already knew what my answer would be. I told her how much I loved her, and also shared with her how much our Father in Heaven loves her, and wants her to be happy. The spirit was so strong and we were all in tears by the end of that short 20 minutes. It's amazing how in a short 20 minutes your day can turn completely around. Then the next day she showed up at church! We were so happy to see her! She is almost there!!
Delia her sister wasn't at church, but she is still praying and reading the Book of Mormon every day. She is a cute little thing too! Both are about in the 60'sish. I look forward to our little appointments with them!
Marta y Erandi are just as sweet as could be. We taught them the Word of Wisdom, and are ready to start living the it! I love the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity! I just really love teaching those lessons... hahaha. Law of chastity to kids goes something like this: (Erandi is 8)
Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
between your head and shoulders: have good thoughts, watch good things, lisiten to good and uplifting things, and speak of good things.
between your shoulds and your knees: don't let anyone get close to you!
between your knees and your toes: and if they do, you KICK THEM! and run away!
p.s. I still will never name one of my daughter's Chastity! No te preocupes!
Well thats about all I have energy to type for this week! I love y'all so so so so so so so so much!
Thanks mom for the Package!
Jammie, you're such a cute preggy lady!
Sarah, I love you too!! (thanks for the letter, I will be writing you back)
Mom, Nicole and Bret...(they have the baby that is so cute and are in our ward) they wrote me! Can you tell them thank you so much and that i loved her cute decorated card?? It was so nice of them!!
Errn, ya sabes
Dad, Keep the Maya and Rudy stories comin'
Evz, i meet Mavz fans about daily. Maybe you should let me know whos on the Mavz right now! I can't remember. DURK Navinski?

Saturday, August 11, 2012


we all love Hermana Jones!!!

Tan line. hahah.

matchy matchy!


Haha, this Library Bidnizz... Bless it's alma.

A lot of the work we did this week was kind of sorting through some investigators that have been taught for FOREVER, and really aren't progressing because they either won't come to church, or won't read the Book of Mormon, etc. It's kind of stressing me out, but I learned at church yesturday that I just need to chill out! I really was stressin' out. This ward is GIANT, but there are a ton of members that are less active. We're trying to think of ideas to get the Ward involved in missionary work as well. The ward has a brand new Bishop, a brand new Ward Mission Leader, brand new Relief Society President, etc. so with some new blood circulating, maybe we can get things up and running! If you all have any ideas about things we could do, I am MORE than open to hear them. I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing, but somehow am functioning. Hahaha

We went and did Service for a less active family this week: La familia Yanez. We went and stained their wood fence. Hermana Yanez actually reminds me a lot of Grandpa Coleman! Haha. He was super funny. He was like offering us something to drink, and then was like: well all i've gots is alcohol! Hahahah. This family hasn't come to church in 25 years or so, and Hermana Dapper and Hermana Lopez were working with them to get them back. We are going to go over there tonight and have a Noche de Hogar. We're going to do like a Lehi's dream something or another. I'm excited! They are a super nice family! Probably will feed us some Cantelope or Sandilla. YES! I love summer for this reason.

It's kind of fun going back and reading the stories of all of these different people from the area book. We are looking through the area book to try and find some people that weren't interested a while ago, but perhaps would be now. We are going to try stopping by them, to see if maybe now they would be interested. There is a right time for everyone, right?

Okay, I love you all so so so much! I hope that Rachel's weddin' goes good! Errn, good luck on the flowers! I know you'll do great! I want to see pictures of her bouquet, okay?! Have the best week ever, and I will do the same! :D

WRITE ME! (so I can get a real library card) HA! Now you have to!

con mucho amor,
Hermana Spencer

Grand Prairie

Hola Familia eSpencer!!!

Oh, I love y'all so so much! I always look forward to hearing from y'all on Mondee.

So yeah, I'm in Grand Prairie. It is so so so so so great! I am loving it. I am loving Hermana Dapper, I am loving the Ward, our Bishop, everything. I am one happy camper that is for sure! The only thing that is a contention in our companionship between Hermana Dapper and I is that she is a LAKERS fan. Puke. But otherwise, we get along swimmingly! We both have the same first name--Anna. We both wear the same CTR ring, AND on the same finger, and also we both LOVE Disneyland. When she was in high school she would like go there every day after school. Jealous! Also *funny story time*: She received a package this last week from her mom, and she was pulling out some stuff, and she whipped out the announcement picture of Rachel Spencer and her Fiance. I was like, "Why do you have that picture??" She was really good friends with the guy that Rachel is marrying! Small, small world. So we have the picture up on our Refri :D Tell them both Congratulations from Hermana Dapper and I this Friday! Woop wooop! I will be knocking some doorz.

So Grand Prairie is quite grand! We have the cutest investigators!
Carmen and Delia:
Carmen seriously is the spitting image of Roz from Monsters Inc. Oh, and she even speaks slowly like Roz. She is so cute! In her 60's. They were really busy this past week, so we didn't get a chance to actually teach them a lesson, but we did get to pass by so I could meet them. Delia is her older sister, and is just the sweetest old thing. They became interested in the church because their mother, who was a faithful member, just passed away.

Then we have Marta y Erandi. Marta is in her 40's and Erandi is her 8 year old daughter! Oh, they are so cute too! We will call Marta, and she'll be like, "Erandi, REALLY wants me to tell you both HI from her!" She is the sweetest little thing! We had a Noche de Hogar with them in the apartments de Sion last night that went really well! We watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restauration, and then just like a short testimony meeting. The spirit was so strong! The Elders also brought algunos of their investigators as well.

My computer says I have 37 seconds left, and I will be back on later because I still need to write President Durrant, but as for now: here tis!

Love, Hermana Spencer

Cleofas y Delmy

Buenos Dias Familia eSpencer!
This week was a rollercoaster. Oh, but a good one! Like the one at Buffalo Bills!
So this week we had to say goodbye to la Hermana Reina. She now goes by Kathy. Weird. We were told by our assistants that we were to take her to the mission office on Friday morning to drop her off with her family. I went just fine, not thinking I would cry or anything. We were just sitting there with Sister Starns, Sister Williams, and Elder Williams (all of the office Senior missionaries) and then her family walks in! She gave her mom a big giant hug, and I say out loud, "Oh man! I am going to cry!"... So then I look back at Hermana Boyd and she is just BAWLING! Hahahaha. It was such a great moment of my life. So happy! So then we said our goodbyes, and helpped her with her luggage and what not, and then her mom decides to take us out to Lunch to Chilis! It was yumumumumum delicioso! I also asked the assistants about the whole car/bike situation. And they said we can have the car until someone else needs it, but to not get too attatched... whatever that means! But I am grateful that as of righ now I have a car! It is SO HOT down here. I am constantly sweaty. And don't worry mom, I am drinking a ton of water! :)
I was also able to head over to Rowlett on Saturday for the baptisms of Cleofas and Delmy. OOOoooh, it was so awesome! I was a little bit worried that Cleofas wouldn't get back up out of the water, but he did great! And on the first try! He was so excited that I could go! As was I. He saw me, said, Oooooh, mi angelito! Came up to me and gave me a giant hug............AHHHHHHHH. I hugged an old man as a missionary!  Here was my thought process: Oh shoot, this old man is going to hug me! *during the hug* Yep, this is definitely breaking the rules. Oh, mercy. Anyways, but besides that it was such a happy day! I was so happy to see all of them, and Hermana Jones!! OOOh, she goe home so soon! I told her that she is going to have to go pay a visit to y'all!
So I don't thik I have ever heard so many people ask me about the end of the world, and Mit Romney in one week. Really? Get out of here! Haha. We were talking to Ruben yesturday, and he was like, "Hey! I didn't know that that guy running for President is Mormon!" My response: Yep he sure is, but you don't have to vote for him just because of that! (not realizing that he can't vote) Ooooooh, noooo. Darn it.
So these were the highlights of the week! I will be on the lookout for your package madre! Muchisisisimas gracias!
Les quiero much, mucho, MUCHO!
Hermana Spencer

Me encanta ver el templo

Hola mi familia! Como estan? Bien? Espero que si.
OOOooooh, this week was so so so so so so so maravillosa! For lots of diferente reasons.
1. El Templo con la Familia Hernandez
So we may not have had a wedding with the Familia Enamorado... but we were able to go to the Temple Grounds with la familia Hernandez and feel the wonderful spirit there! There was a bride getting married and the day we went, Hermana Boyd, Reina, and I decided to wear the same skirt. Then the Bride saw us and wanted her picture with the missionaries of course! Hahaha. We look like her bridesmaids in the picture. Super great! Then we were able to take a tour with the Familia Hernandez around the temple. It was super awesome. At the end of the tour we had a mini-lesson with them with a mini-testimony meeting. I was in tears by the end of it. It was a super awesome experience! Ruben was like: "I don't want to have to wait a year! I want to go inside now!" haha. Patience Iago (sp...Aladdin? Jafar, and the bird?)
2. El Bautismo de Ruben Hernandez
Oh my goodness, I was so so so so stressed that we weren't going to start on time, that the font wasn't going to fill up before 6pm... that maybe Ruben wasn't going to show up to his baptism... Ahh, I had to go the bathroom at least 5 times in the 2 hours before the baptism. President Durrant had called us earlier in the week saying that we had to make sure that we started everything on time because he and his daughter were going on a Daddy/Daughter date, and that he would only be able to make it for the first 20 minutes. Everything wen't good though! And we even got a shout out from President Durrant in the weekly e-mail! It was a 35 minute service, he was able to stay for the whole thing, it was a very wonderful expierence. And Ruben looked SO HAPPY! He said he felt super calm after his baptism. I think the thing that I loved the most is that his recently-reactivated brother was the one who was able to baptize him! Then Lorena who was baptized in April (Ruben's Sister) even bore her testimony at the service! Yay Ruben!
3. La llamada de Rowlett
Also this week we recieved a call from Hermana Jones of Rowlett 3rd! They had gone to Pep Boys in our area earlier that day and they forgot the hubcap, so we had to go pick it up. She also informed me of not 1, not 2, but 3 people that we taught up in Rowlett will be getting baptized on the 21st! Oh I was jumping up and down, happy tears were streaming! I just seriously could not have been any happier. So I will be going back to Rowlett next week for the baptisms of Cleofus, Delmy, AND Celilia! Haha, I was showing pictures to Mis companieras of these people after I recieved the news, and Sister Boyd is like--Okay, don't be offended, but Cleofas kind of looks like Jaba the Hut! So TRUE! I taught Jaba the Hut in Rowlett! Oh, I am so excited to see all of them! They are so cute, and so ready to take this first step of baptism!
4. Intrevistas
This week we will be having interviews with President Durrant. He always asks us if we would rather do them in English or in Spanish.. And I'm thinkin' I'm going to tell him I would like to do it in Spanish! Ahh. Yay, I love interviews! I'm also excited to get some awesome training from Hermana Durrant as well.
5. Nuestro Barrio del Campo Norte 6
Please tell our Ward that I love them! Tell Sister Adamson thank you for sending me the monthly newsletter. It is always fun to read the updates of what's going on down in the North Field 6th. Tell Bishop Greg Hi, too! And Matt Christiansen to keep up his stalker skills in lds book stores! Hahaha! I liked that story!
Love you all so much! Keep sharing the gospel with everyone you know! You can do it in a natural and normal way! por ejemplo: Hey what'd you do this weekend? Oh hey, I went to CHURCH! Let me tell you about what I learned...Carry around pass-along cards, pray for missionary opportunities, and keep reading the Book of Mormon every single day! I love you all so much, and thank you so much for your prayers and your support in all things!
con muchisimo amor,
Hermana Spencer


Mi amarosa familia!!
What in the world happened? I can not believe that another Monday has come and gone. Seriously blows my mind. So I was able to call Rowlett North area because we had a referral, so I had a chance to call Hermana Jones to see in Cleofas would be getting baptized on the 7th of July. Turns out that he drank Cerveza.. Ugghh. That was super hard to hear. Poor Cleofas, he probably felt so bad. So Hermana Jones said hopefully on the 21st I should be heading back over to Rowlett to see his baptism. It is so weird moving areas because you still love the people from your last area so much and hope that the new people that come into your area will love them just as much as you did. Anyways, because of that we are working bien DURO here in Casa Linda!
The other day we decided that we should start riding the bikes a bit more. We only will have the car until the 19th when Sister Reina goes home, and then Hermana Boyd and I will be on our bikes. So we decided to ride them to an appointment--not smart because they live like as far away as you can get before leaving our area. So we start out, and I'm doin' pretty good. Then I can feel the sun beating down on me, and I start getting more tired, then we start going up a hill, and I am about to die... My legs are going to get SO BUFF. And I am going to get a SWEET TAN. (I have to look at the positives here).. jajaja. I prayed the whole way to their apartment--that I wouldn't get hit by a car, that I'd have la fuerza to get there. God definitely inswered my prayer because I made it there okay. :D Ohhhh las bicicletas.
So remember the Familia Enamorado?? Well we went to their house for an appointment and nobody was answering the door, after knocking like 8 times. So we Karen and she was in a giant panic saying that David got pulled over for speeding and didn't have any ID with him and so was put into to jail. If David hadn't gotten out of jail within 24 hours he would have been Deported to Hondurez. Crazy bidniss. So the Bishop from the Garland 6th ward (he is who referred this family to us) bailed him out. So no worries, he is still in big D!
As for Ruben, he had his baptismal interview this week! He is getting baptized on Saturday and we are so happy for him!!! He told us that he wants his picture taken by the picture in the church of Christ in the heavens with the angels and their trumpets. (y'all know the one)! We love Ruben so so much! President Durrant said that he would be coming to his baptism this weekend, so we need to make sure everything goes perfectly! AHHH! Makes me nervous that President Durrant will be there!! Can't be longer than 30 minutes, we have to have a nice lesson taught while Ruben is changing, Baaah. Scary! But I am so so so excited for him. Elder Wood said that in his interview he was like quoting the scriptures from Malacia about Diezmo, and was super excited to live la ley de Castidad. He rocks! I love him!!
The 4th was pretty uneventful! I didn't see one firework. Nor did I hear any. I think it's illeagal in the City? Quien sabe. It's all good, next year we'll party it up. All of the burrachos started getting drunk extra early, so that stunk (literally.. jaja) But sounds like all y'all ustedes had a good Fourth! No roof sitting this year? But glad that you could all still do some smore roasting. We have a fireplace in our appartment, so maybe one of these days we'll decide to roast something over our fire! (That might be a dumb do that we won't end up doing.)
Okay well, I love you all so so so much!!! We are going to be riding the DART train today into Downtown. We are going to go check out the Holocaust Museum as well as the giant X in the road where JFK died. It should be good! I'll be sure to take fotos!
La Hermana Spencer

ex-witch! eejole!

Hola Familia!!
OHH man, this week was so sweet! So we are teaching someone named Ruben Hernandez who is SO awesome! His whole family was baptized about 4 months ago, and at that baptism, President Durrant was there, went up to Ruben and asked him, "So when are you going to get baptized?" And after that wanted the missionaries to start teaching him. So he has been taught for about 3 months, and will be getting baptized on the 14th of July! YAY!!! But here is the cool story that I would like to share with you about Ruben:
On Tuesday we were planning on teaching him the Word of Wisdom as well as the Law of Chastity. Now so you can have an image of Ruben in your mind, Ruben is 27 years old, He has tatoos on his arms, and legs, and has a piercing in his tonge, and in his eyebrow. So the plan was to tell him to get rid of his piercings as well because his body is a temple. So we were talking, and all of us were not sure how we were going to bring it up, and then all of a sudden Ruben goes, "So I have a Question.... Do I need to get rid of my piercings?" I was so so so grateful for the spirit at that moment. We didn't know how to say it to him, and so the Spirit told him. We didn't have to say anything. I have such a strong testimony of the Spirit. That if its there, and if you're following the promptings of the it, all things will work out. So right then and there, Ruben took out both of his piercings, and we are really seeing miracles in him! HE ROCKS! I love Ruben.
We are also still teaching la familia Enamorado. Jaja, their last name kills me! They have plans to get married on the 14th of July as well. That will be a big day for us! They were found because they were interested in the English Classes in the Garland Building. They started going to the classes, and then asked if they could have missionaries come by. They are a super huge miracle as well, hope that everything works out with their dates as well.
We are also teaching an ex-witch..... Yep. You heard right. Named Iris. We went the first time to teach her with a member who brought her two kids with her, and when we got there she was like, "well I was planning on telling you all something, but I don't want to say it in front of the children." I was like Uuuughhhhhh...
IF THE KIDS CAN'T HEAR IT, THAN MY EARS CAN'T EITHER! Hahah. But she has a real desire to change and she even showed up at church yesturday!! That was a miracle! She was the last person on our list that we thought would actually come. Oh ye of little faith, Hermana Spencer!
Okay well as you can see we are seeing a lot of miracles in good old Casa Linda! I am so grateful to be here. With the zillions of hispanics as well! (I feel like i'm in mini Mexico!)
I love you so much family, and am so grateful for all that you're doing. For all of your prayers and for all of the awesome missionary work that you're doing where you are at! LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH!
con mucho mucho mucho amor,
La Hermana Spencer

Casa Linda aka Cute House

Hola Familia!
Casa Linda is CHUCK FULL of Hispanics! Mercy! It is fantastic. We have been knocking a ton this week in an apartment complex called El Capitan. (yo no soy madinero, soy capitan) jaja. OK. So you are probably going to want my address. We live in super nice apartments. I do not miss any of those cucarachas, that's for sure! We even have a washer and dryer in our apartment. Ahhh, the simple luxuries of missionary life!

We now go to the Lake Highlands Building for church. It's super bien! Yesturday in church President and Sister Durrant came and spoke. The ward that I am now serving in has a grand total of 7 MISSIONARIES! That is sooo many! But anyway, so every week Hermana Boyd plays the piano for sacrament meeting, and I am now in charge of leading the music *Durrante* la reunion sacramental. I love President Durrant. Can I just tell you that? He is so funny. I told him yesturday to start working on a new song, but perhaps have this one be in Spanish. Anyway-- yesturday he talked about how if they don't remember anything else about his talk, he wanted every member of the ward to remember his name. Devin Durrant. And if you add an E to the end of his name you have Durrante which in spanish means: During. He was like. I want you all to share the gospel..... Durrante la manana, durrante la tarde, durrante la noche, etc. So now every time I think of President Durrant, a few things come to mind:
  • Songs: I'm in Heaven, I'm in Heven, In the Texas Dallas Mission I'm in Heaven OR I feel so blessed, I feel so blessed, I feel so blessed because I have the best. I have the best, I have the best, I have the best and soooooo I feel so blessed.
  • Napolitan ice cream
  • Share the gospel DURRANTE all times. Or in the morning when you're putting on your DEODORANT..... remember to share the gospel that day. :)
  • Whenever he tells us how much he loves us, he makes us stand up, and stretch our our arms as wide as we can. Remember how President is like 6'7"? Pretty sure he has more love to give than all of us!
Also: I learned who his favorite missionary in the Entire mission was yesturday. Can you guess?? It was Hermana Durrant. Awwweee. They're so cute!
So the trio has been interesting, that is for sure. Hermana Reina is finishing up her mission in about 3 more weeks. She has to go home 2 weeks before the transfer which is why we are in a trio....but then the other day she was like, "I think I might extend my mission." Eeeejole. But I am learing lots of Spanish from this Nativa from Honduras. She was actually just born there and then is from Houston. Then there is Hermana Boyd who is super awesome! She is from Arcadia, California, like 30 minutes from LA. I feel like a chicken again with its head cut off. We have been running running running around all week long. We found 22 new investigators! That is super super crazy! We definitely can get a lot more work dun (I just typed that accidently, and I'm keepin' it! Hooked on fonix dun good 4 me.) Anyways, we are doin' great! (winnie)
We had a family give us a referral this week. We went over there and taught the restauration. They seem super solid, and my favorite part about them is their last name: Enamorado--significa: IN LOVE. We went back by for our apartment, and they weren't there, and also their phone has been disconnected. AHH! We are praying that we can find them again, because they were super awesome.
Changing areas is super strange because you are still preocupada from all of the people that you left in your last area. Only thing that you can do is pray and hope that all of these people that you love so much will be taken care of.
Okay, I love you all so so so much! ERIN- YOU ARE IN TROUBLE FOR NOT WRITING! I hope you noticed that all of those letters were bolded! :) But I do still love you.
Have the best week ever, and remember to share the gospel DURRANTE all times!
con muchisimo amor,
Hermana Spencer


Querida Familia,
I love you all so much! I failed to tell you just how much over our Mother's Day conversion, but I just wanted to really tell you all that I love you so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all are sacrificing a lot para mi, and I am tan agradacida por todo que hacen!
So we had Zone conference with a few zones this last week. With some of the English zones, and so it was in English. Weird. I am not used to anything in English anymore. I am scared for the day that I have to switch everything back to English--my scripture reading, my church attending, my music listening will never change back to english. I LOVE spanish music! We listen to this lady who sings like efy songs, only in Spanish. I am obsessed. Look her up--Maricella and I think the cd es MI AMOR. So flippin' good... tuuuuuu palabraaa! jajajaja. Anyways... sorry, I like to get off on random tangents. Zone conference was so fun! Hermana Jones did an AMAZING job with her training on planners, and I learned a lot of things. One of the things is what President Durrant does all day. Not kidding, the other day I was like-- "Hermana Jones! What do you think President Durrant does all day?" and then he finally told us! He says that at his desk he has a big window that he looks out. And out this window there is a BIG tree. And living in this big tree there are three squirrells (ardillas). These squirrels have names too-- Earl (the dad), Pearl (the mom), and Murl (babe). And he always tells them--"Don't go in the street!" And he doesn't like when his squirrells don't listen to him. Because he doesn't want them to get hurt. Moral of the story--He doesn't want us to get hurt, so we need to strive for the $5 job (look up the story, I don't have time to write it), and be as obedient as possible so we don't get hit by a car basically. *side note* These letters may make little to zero sense in your brians, but in my brain it makes perfect sense. Just take it for as it is!
This week the Elder y Hermana Bagley also had a baptism! We were able to bring Cleofas, Rosa, and Juan to the baptism so they can get a feel of what it will be like for them! Cleofas really loved it. We are making progress with all of these people. Rosa applied for a job that she would have to work every other sunday as opposed to every sunday, so she could at least come to church! Because once she gets a new job that she can come to church, she can be baptized. Cleofas is still as hilarious as ever! He is reading in the book of mormon and is in Alma! He's flying!!! We gave him the book 3 weeks ago! Then he told us his next goal is to read the whole Bible too. We are going to visit him tonight. I am excited! I love that funny old man!
As for investigators at church this week, we had stake conference where they split up our stake. We are now in the new Heath stake as opposed to the Richardson stake. Our stake covers clear up into Greenville! Crazyness. We had been visiting this less active, Hermana Socorro for about the whole time I have been here so far, and finally yesturday at Stake Conference she was at the church!! So exciting! I am counting her in my heart as an investigator at church! I love that she came, and that we are seeing some awesome progress in all of these people that we go see.

Okay, LOVE YOU!!!!!! Have a grand last week of school! Keep on working with all of your heart, might, mind, strength, and soul in all that you do, becuase I know of all of the SWEET rewards that come from hard work. Moses 1:39 - this is my WORK... to bring to pass the inmortality and eternal life of man. And this is my GLORY... to bring to pass the inmortallity and eternal life of man. I love y'all so much!

Tu Hija,
Hermana eSpencer
p.s. Here is a quote that I have been loving this whole week... can't remember who said it. It reminds me to just focus on each day at a time, and work, work, work with all that I've got!
"Life by the yard is hard; but by the inch it's a cinch."
p.p.s. MOM! Remember that picture of that squirrel that I took on top of Timp?? I want to give it to President. Wanna send it to me? Jajaja, love you!

Dia de las Madres!!

Dear Family,
You thought I was kidding when I only said 40 minutes, didn't you!! That 40 minutes went by SO FAST. Holy cow. It felt like I talked to you for about 5. Pero, de todos modos-- estoy MUY agradacida por el tiempo que tuve!
I completely forgot to tell you about Cleofas while I was on the phone! Woopsie.
Cleofas. Super funny. He talks and talks and talks, and so when we visited him on Friday we were like, "Cleofas! You have to listen to our lesson, and then you can talk all you want the next time we come!" He is reading the book of mormon (He's in Jacob!) And now we just need to get him to church so he can get baptised... As well as all of the rest of our investigators.
Cecilia, like I told you yesterday is just our Angel. She will always show up to church--even if her family doesn't want to go with her, and we can definitely see lots of progress in her. I think yesturday was a little hard for her because it was all about mothers. Her mom had passed away like 2 days before we found her. Such a good person though, we love her so much! She is getting baptised on either May 26th, or June 2nd. A lo mejor June 2nd, but still we are super excited for her! She was talking to one of her friends at work and was telling them all about "her church", and the friend was like--Those Mormons are crazy! What are you doing??! She totally was defending the church and was like, "No! The church doesn't worship Joseph Smith, he was only the fundamentador! And Everything that this church does is centered in Jesucristo!" I LOVE CECILIA!
We are hoping that la familia Gonzalez can come with us this Saturday with the Primary to visit the temple. Esta familia is muy famosa, but we think that this is truly going to help them out! It's hard becuse the mom is ALWAYS bringing up how she needs to get baptized. Xiomara has a strong testimony of everything! She made a goal to come to church every week for a whole month, but she can't go until her mom will take her! It's frusterating at times.
Hermana Jones and I like to quote Sister Voyles from the District 2 all the time, "Just COME to CHURCH!" (p.s. guarantee that after my mission Hermana Jones and I are going to have District parties! Complete with Elder Merano! jajaja. JK JK JK!, but on rough days we will come home sometimes and watch: German, The Law of Chastity!...WATCH IT! HILARIOUS!)
ANYWAY! Church is so so so important! If they don't come to church, there is no way they can make promises with our Father in Heaven. I can see how frustrated God is sometimes when He can see how close we are to making a good decision, but then for one excuse or another we don't follow through with it. I don't want to be like that. I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ, and that I can take every day brand new, and change what I either did, or didn't do, the day before.
Welp, it sounded like y'all are doing wonderful! So good to hear the voice of everyone. Especially EVAN! HOLY COW YOUR VOICE IS SO DEEP! WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST 5 MONTHS?!?!?!?!? Jajajajajajaja.
Hermana Spencer


HOLA mi Familia y mis amigos!
Como Estasssssss?? (Hermana Medrano-- Hermanasssssssssssss, o a veces, Elderessssssssssss)
The one week that we get to control what our investigators hear in Sacrament meeting, and had 9 people committed.... none show up. Nooo! The Elders did have a family though, so that was good! But yes, I have my first talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday in Spanish! Hijole! The people afterward said things like: "Your Spanish isn't that great, but I could definitely tell it was from your heard.".....Why thank you! hahaha. Oh Mercy. I was SO nervous too. Holy cow, I thought my heart was going to jump right out of my chest onto the pulpit. Sick image, but it is so the truth. And mi knees were shaking like a doll (it grabbed me and--shook me like a doll! monsters inc.),
Cecilia Sanchez rocks! We were there on Wednesday, and taught her the Word of Wisdom. OOOOo, I love her! She was like, Oh, I will for sure stop drinking my coffee! So then on Saturday we made her some paper flowers and put scriptures on the back of each one to help her out as well as some hot chocolate mix's! She sent us a text later that said, "Hermanas! Muchisimas gracias por los flores! Mis metas son bien, no estoy tomando cafe! Con amor, Hermana Cecilia!" SO CUTE! And awesome that she is doing so well with living the WofW. I love her.
Cleofas is doing well. He is such a funny old man. He loves to talk a lot. As do a lot of Hispanics.. but his stories, are hilarious! He has about a zillion animals. Not kidding. And one of his 15 gatos just had kittens. We taught him on Saturday about the Book of Mormon he said he is excited to read it to learn more about Jesus.
As for Juan, We taught him and Rosa the Plan of Salvation/The Gospel of Jesus Christ--relating it ALL to Basquetbol. Before the game, your coach is going to tell you what the plan of the game is, you go out onto the court, make a foul, the couch takes you out, you say "give me one more chance!", he puts you back in the game, then before the 1/2 time buzzer you make a basket (baptism), but you're not done there, you have to endure to the end of the game and keep playing your hardest. He loved it, understood it really well.. For him, we just need to relate everything to B-ball.. (Evz, you'd like Juan!)
He had some troubles this last week in his school, and the ending result is that he has to change schools, BUT he is excited to have new teachers, and new friends which are hopefully going to be a better influence for him, and one more thing:
HE PRAYED LAST NIGHT! It was super awesome! It was all in sign language, and you could really feel the spirit as he was praying! We are planning an FHE with La Familia Gonzalez-- we will see how things go from there!
I love the Ward I am serving in so much! I feel so blessed to have been able to start out my mission HERE! Rowlett tres! I hope I get to serve here all of my mission! (this would never happen... but still!)  and now a song brought to you by the one and only President Durrant:
I feel so blessed
I feel so blessed
I feel so blessed
Because I have the best
I have the best
I have the best
I have the best and soooooo
I feel so blessed
I feel SO blessed as well!
Love y'all SO MUCH!!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Spencer

Estoy Feliz como un Labriz

Hola Family of eSpencer's!
Okay a few things:
1) I feel muy muy muy MAL! LO SIENTO ERIN!! I am the worst Sister ever. I can not believe that I did not wish you a Happy Birthday ON YOUR BIRTHDAY--On a P-day when this was a very possible thing to do. SO SORRY! I STILL LOOOVE YOU!!!! We left the Library, and I was like... NOOoooOOOOOoooo I am the worst Sister ever! I really did remember you on your Birthday, and remembered that ahorita tiene 25 anos! Holy Guacamole!
2) Ryan Dumas is in my thoughts and in my prayers! I hope that he doesn't have to go home! Yikes. I'm glad the car accident I was in just before leaving was nothing bad.
3) As is Floyd LeCheminant. Bishop Greg wrote me a letter and told me all of the things going on in the ward, as well as the missionary work, and as well as all of the weird changes from Taco Amigo. I'm sad that Marge can't call those numbers anymore! She was so GOOD at it!! "Number Seventy-three!..........Seventy-Threeeeee You're order is ready!........................NUMBER SEVEN-----THREE!!" Oh I love you, Marge!
4) Mom, Please tell the ward members thank you for all of their prayers and fasting. I definitely joined in with the fast yesturday, and I can definitely feel the prayers of all of the ward members. Our teaching pool has doubled, our feeding pool as well (ward members), and we can definitely feel that the area of Rowlett 3 is about to see some awesome things happen! Love y'all so much!
5) I probably will be able to skype y'all! Booo Yah! And I'm still not sure what time. Just make sure you're home!! Jajaja. Just Kiddin' Mom. I will probably call just after church, or dinner, or depending on the night-- no se. Y quien sabe. No worries though mom, I WILL TALK TO YOU! :)
And dulce # 6) I AM STAYING IN ROWLETT 3 OTRA VES CON MI TRAINADORA -- HERMANA JONES!!!!!!! It's a good thing we love eachother. Jaja. 4.5 months living together. Nadie mas. jajaja. I'm so excited for this transfer!
Okay, So this past week, I was reading el Libro de Mormon. Holy Cow... I don't know if it's just because I am reading it in Spanish or what, but I swear I have never read 1/2 of the things I am finding in that book! SO COOL! Make sure that you're reading in it every day. Ok? But ANYWAYS.... I was reading in a verse about having la fe y el confianza (faith and trust) I love the world trust SO much better in Spanish-confianza. Because it is more like having the Confidence in our Savior that things will work out. And then having the faith in Him that you will always be true to what you know. Also the difference between the words testimony and conversion. Testimony--what you know to be true. Conversion--always living, no matter what, that which you know to be true. So Mom and Dad, I want to know how I can help these people, Investigators, Recent Converts, Less Actives, Ward Members, How I can help them to have a conversion vs. un testimonio. Mom, Like... what kept you strong all of your years of being a convert to the church to never waiver. You too, Dad! Ayudeme! :D Anyways... just something I've been thinking about as of late.
Tonight we are having a Noche de Hogar with la Familia Gonzalez (the members) and Rosa and Juan! Hermana Jones are in charge of the lesson. Yay!! I'm excited! My sign language skills...are pretty sad, but I do what I can! I make Juan teach me how to say things. Jaja, the other day he WHIPPED out his phone and showed me how someone had just beat the Jazz. NO! But secretly I am a little gratefuly that they aren't doing so great. Because I wouldn't want to watch games that they lose! No me gusta!
The only person at church yesturday was Cecilia Sanchez. Oh, I love her! She is so cute! We are trying to get the Elders in the Rowlett South area to go over to her house when her husband is home so they can teach her (es una regla que no podemos entrar en una casa sin una mujer) it's good, but they are never home at the same time! She was a little bummed out yesturday that her husband couldn't come to church with her. But she loves it! She's staying strong without her coffee, and she is always reading her Book of Mormon!
As is Cleofas! Oh my goodness! I love going and visiting him! He is the funniest 72 year old man there ever was! We gave him a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon, and when we had come back, he had read like 1/3 of the whole book! He loves it! ("except for the chapter 12" he says. jajaja) Too cute of an old man. The other day we asked him, "So how'd you like the reading Cleofas?" Well I liked it a lot! It was a whole lot better than Chapter 12!..." jajaja. He couldn't come to church yesturday because he was up in Plano, but we called him that morning and he told us that he had been reading "la doctrina" is what he calls it ALL MORNING! I bet he will have the whole book read by the time we go back to visit him on Wednesday. It's harder to go out to visit him more frequently because he lives clear out in Wylie! (Our area is huge)
Okay, well I am super excited to talk to y'all on SUNDAY! WOoop Woooop! That'll be fun! That is super funny mom that you have a whole list of questions, and it also doesn't surprise me at all. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
con mucho amor,
HermANNA Spencer
(I loved the pics of the week!)

Familia Espencer!

Familia Spencer!!
Evan, I don't think you would be too happy about this, but every single time, with out fail, we drive past the Tennis Courts in Garland--ALL of the hispanics use the courts to play futbol. It is super hilarious. I am going to get a drive-by action shot one of these days, because I just think it is hilarious.
Anyway.. This week was great! On Wednesday we went on exchanges with the sisters from the Garland 6th ward. I spent the day with Hermana Kimball (Her dad's first name is Spencer! She's related to Spencer W.!) And then Hermana Wall came to Rowlett with Hermana Jones. It was great because before Hermana Wall's mission she was studying ASL at UVU. This was so perfect for Juan! They are doing awesome! We taught them both the Word of Wisdom, and are right now working on living it. Also, there is a family in our ward, la familia Gonzalez (go figure) the mom works with the Jovencitas, and the dad works with the jovenes AND they have like 3 kids that are youth age. We took Hector and Marc Gonzalez with us to teach Juan, and it was perfect! They took him to a Ward Basketball activity (p.s. *funny side story* the other day we were at their house, and Juan leaves the room for a minute, and comes back with his Lakers Jersey on........ punk! jajajja. it was super funny!) And then Hector and Marc also took him to the youth dance! Now if we could only get them to come to church.
So with Hermana Kimball we mostly knocked. We had like 6 appointments set up, and 4 of them fell through. But I heard things with Rosa and Juan went super great. So I was happy!!
Then Thursday we had interviews with President Durrant. We have them every 3 months. They were great. He asked me if I wanted to have my interview in Spanish or English. ENGLISH! Eeejole. I still can not understand sometimes what people are saying to me. But yesterday Elder Green gave me some hope-- He said that your Spanish gets way better in your third transfer, and even better every time you change companions. So weird that this transfer is almost over. The time is so weird as a missionary! But yeah, pretty sure Hna. Jones will be leaving me, That I will stay aqui en Rowlett otra vez, and that Hna. Reina will be my companion. Who knows though--the 12 week training program will be up, and that would mean that I can train (this would never happen) but you never know with our unpredictable Mission Presidente.
We are teaching someone named Bridget Figuroa (20). She is SO awesome, and SO ready to get baptized. She lives in a members home, and she has the cutest little baby ever. She has a testimony of everything, comes to church every single week, we just are working right now trying to get her married so she can get baptized! She even said, "Wouldn't that be cool if I got married AND baptized on the same day?" umm... YEAH!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! She is so great! We loooove teaching her! Probably in May she'll get married/baptized!
Okay family, We are going bowling today! Weird. I will probably get at least 15 gutter balls.
FELIZ ANIVERSARIO A KURTICE Y KELLY! 29 de Abril, 1983. 29 Years. WOOOOOOOOW. Y'all have 1 more year before your trip to Hawaii! Buenos Suerte!
FELIZ CUMPLIANO A MI HERMANITA ERIN! 25 Years. You are so OLD (and wise)!
Peace and Blessins
con amor,
Hermana Spencer

Tienes papeles?

Hola Familia eSpencer! Como estan?
Okay, Texas weather is LOCO! Seriously it rains a ton here. I love it! The other day after church, the first counselor in the bishopric, Hermano Gonzalez (there are like a zillion Gonzalez's) was like, "Hermana's! Tienen papeles??....." Uhhh....como, por los Estados Unidos??"...? "Si....?" "Porque hoy estan mojadas!" jajajaja, It was super funny. If you don't understand -- ask Dad to translate, or there is always google translator! 
(*this joke would not be funny had a Nativo not said it*) ;)
Secondly, Jammie, FELIZIDADES!!! A mini Chris on his way!!!!!! :D :D
Thirdly, Frandace! FELIZIDADES con tu hija!!! Elsie Renee! I love that name!
Fourthly, Heavier Homely - Welcome back to the United States! annndd...write me?? No tengo su dirreccion.
So this week was super great! We only had a few dogs chase after us, and only were late to a couple appointments becuase of crazy-people-door-contacts-that-won't-let-us-leave. But seriously, this week was great!
We taught Rosa y Juan. Juan is doing pretty good. I was trying to communicate with him in ASL, and we think that he might be in a gang now, and may be into drugs... So baptism will be pushed back. Eeejole. Juan. But then last night we also went and visited him, and He said that he has been praying, and that he doesn't want to do bad things anymore! This is good! We are going on exchanged this Wednesday because Hna Wall (came in the trans. after me) was studying ASL before her mission! So Hna. Jones will have to tell me how Wednesday goes because I will be in Garland 6 for the day con Hna. Kimball. So Rosa we decided we would cut her cesped for her. So we went, pulled weeds, etc. and then she was like, You have to come back tomorrow for lunch so I can feed you! So we went back, and she had killed an entire cow and had it on the table for us. There was SO MUCH CARNE! So we ate, and ate, and ate some more. Wow. I was SUPERbien despues. And still am. I don't think I ever want carne slada any more. Good thing she let us take some of it home becuase there is no way that we could have eaten all of it.
Delmy is doing awesome. She is the best investigator ever! We were reading with her the Introduction to el Libro de Mormon, and she was like... OOOoooo. Entonces, Necesito leer, meditar, y orar! We were like.. That is EXACTLY what you need to do! She is so awesome! We love teaching her. Too bad we can only get out to Wylie once a week! And too bad it rained yesterday, She said that she doesn't drive in the rain--so wasn't able to come to church.
BUT-we did have Cecilia Sanchez and her Husband at church! Cecilia is awesome too! We just barely also teaching her husband, and he seems to like it. In the TDM though they have to come to church 3 times for all 3 hours before bautismo, and after Sacrament meeting yesterday, the husband didn't really want to stay for the rest of church. Which is okay-we had just taught him the restauration the day antes. Poco a poco!
Okay well, I hope y'all are doing awesome! I love you all and pray for you everyday.
con mucho amor,
Hermana Spencer

Monday, April 16, 2012


Buenos Dias Familia eSpencer!!

No one can say Spencer. They always put an E in front of my name. I love it.
Como estan? I hope Dad's Birthday was fun! What did y'all do? 53
years, Dad. WOW! You're getting up therr! I get nervous when he goes
to Mexico because everyone from there tells me all of the craziness
that happens. He's in my prayers!

So as I am sure that you know that we had some CRAZY weather this last
Tuesday. Hermana Jones and I were just out knocking those doors, and
we come to a door, and they are like... "uhhhh... You know that there
is a Tornado coming, right?" jaja. So we keep knocking. Then we get a
text from our Zone Leaders that says: Go Home Now--There is a Tornado
Warning. So we went back to our apartment and decided we would make
invitations to church because it was El Dia de Pascua! We stayed
inside for about 2 hours, and then when it calmed down a little bit
went back out to visit this old lady and her husband - The Garcias.

*side note* the Garcias are so funny! We always see them on the
streets looking through peoples trash..... But they aren't homeless!
They have a very nice little home! jaja. Very happy people, and I LOVE
Hermano Garcias laugh. It kills me! He wears bulldog be-dazzled
jackets, and he is like 85 years old! So great!!

 Anyways..When we went in, the rain had pretty much stopped, and then
when we left the Garcias - POURING rain again. It was bad. So we ran
to our car, which was just across the street, and by the time we got
there we were both drenched. Texas weather is so crazy. I love it, but
it's crazy! And please tell thank you to the following who asked if I
was alright, Yes, I am doing just fine and dandy, if I were any more
dandy, I would be a lion.... :Aunt Carla, Dawna E., Lila B., Lindsay
Clusby, and Sharon Flower Mound Cliff, and to everyone one else who I
know asked if I was alright. Muchisimos Gracias!!

This week was super good for us! We were knocking doors one day, on a
street called, Pleasant Valley. We knocked about 7 doors, all of which
were white, white, white! So we went back to the car to change our
location, and remembered that there is this tiny little trailer park
at the very tip top of our wards bounderies (Wylie, on a road called -
La Colina!! Definitely Hispanic!) And it was perfect becuase we were
having dinner out in Wylie that day as well. So we go up there, and
this little trailer park is completely surrounded by all of these
massive homes! So random, but we knocked only 5 doors when this lady
let us come in to her house. She is this sweet lady in her 60s from El
Salvador (We are teaching so many people from there right now! So
cool!) and her name is Delmy Rodriguez. But anyways, we started
talking to her and she was like, "Me encanta escuchar musica en
Ingleis!" Out of no where. jaja, "como...Diana Ross, y Michael
Jackson!" JAJA perfect! I like Michael Jackson too! She goes, "What is
that song? We are the World??" and of course I know exactly the song
is that she is thinking of! Michael Jackson songs I know like nobody's
bidniss! So I start singing the chorus.. We are the wooooorrrld, we
are the chiiiillllldreeeeen.. oh my it was so funny! Just imagine this
cute little old El Salvadorian singing a Michael Jackson song! Ooooh,
made my day! Not only that she loves MJ, but that we also taught the
restauration to her, and how we have the authority restored on the
earth--the same authority that Jesus Christ had when He was on the
earth--to perform Baptisms!
She invited herself to church! AND set a baptismal date with her. Oh
she is such a miracle. The Lord truly puts people who are ready to
hear the gospel in your path!

La familia Salazar came to church! Sunday's stress me out! Holy cow.
No me gusta! It was so awesome though. The only down side to this
family, is that they are moving this summer when their kids get out of
school back to Mexico. We don't know how we feel about them getting
baptized here because we still want them to be super stron when they
go back to Mexico. We are going to play it by ear a lilttle bit, but
as for now we are just going to get them super ready for baptism, and
then send the missionaries by their house in Mexico once they get down

Rosa and Juan are doing awesome. I am learning ASL as well! Juan is a
HUGE basquetbol fan, and his favorite team is the Lakers. Booooo. So I
always tease with him... What was that Juan? Your favorite team is the
Jazz?? Jaja, He's a good kid. Rosa is just as sweet as can be! They
both have baptismal dates which is awesome! We are super excited for
them - Cinco de Mayo!! What a great day to get baptised!

Easter was great! This week it was a really good opportunity to be
able to talk more with people about our Savior, and to testify to
people que El vive! Se que gracias a El, podemos regresar a Nuestro
Padre Celecial despues esta vida, y podemos vivir con El y nuestras
familias para siempre.

Okay family, Thank you for all that you do! I love you all so much,
and you are all in my spanish prayers (I tried praying out loud in
English the other day.... I could not for the life of me. Eeejole.)


Hermana eSpencer

1- some of the relief socity sisters from the ward for the anniversary
that we sang at
2- flowers that hermana gonzalez gave us. SHE IS SO CLOSE!
3- crazy rainny tornado day. the picture does not justify.

Conferencia General

Hola mi Familia!! Como estan?!

Okay, so Conference.


I don't think I had ever been so excited for Conferencia ever before
en mi vida. NUNCA! Holy smokes, I loved it so much. Every bit of it! I
want to know everyone's favorite talks and why! K? k.  Just like Elder
David Evans--- during his talk, I was like "I love this guy!" "Look at
him telling people to write the missionaries a letter, and not just an
e-mail! This is great!" bajaja. ;)

Truly though - it was perfect. I was able to watch 3 sessions in
English, and then Sunday Morning Session we watched in Spanish and so
didn't get a whole lot out of it. My sunday notes go as follows:
Deiter F. Uchtdorf: "STOP IT!"
Russell M. Nelson: "Soy una hija de Dios"
Ronal A. Rasband: El Plan de Salavacion?? (I hope so becuase we had
Cecilia Sanchez there with us, who brought her esposo AND her hija!
twas perfect!)
Julie B. Beck: Sociedad de Socorro? (I'm going to miss her!)
D. Todd Christofferson: Doctrina de Cristo?....I'm confused... don't
know what's going on......
**Cancion del Corro: Let us all speak kind words to eachother-
WINNIE!!! Love you!**
Thomas S. Monson: El Plan de Salvacion- 3 preguntas del alma--
something about Rio en Provz..?

The good news is: That I will be able to re-read ALL of the talks in
about a month! Yayayaayayya!

In between Conference Sessions on Saturday- we went and mowed a lawn
of one of our investigators- Rosa. She is so great. I love her! Such a
sweet old lady that just loves us. She was all ready to come to
conference on Sundee, but Juan wouldn't get out of bed.... It's okay.
Her desire is there!
Then Sunday in between sessions-- here in Texas, or at least for the
hispanic culture, everyone still goes to church to listen to
Conference! It's awesome! Especially because we had Cecilia there, and
so los miembros del barrio were able to help out with getting to know
her a little. Then we had coordination meeting with our Ward Mission
Leader- Hermano Medrano.

*side note: the photos I sent this week are of los hijos de Obispo
Alvarez. They were all matching and I loved it, so we HAD to get a
picture! The little one is Lauren. So cute!!*

As for my favorite talk in Conference...........?
I loved them ALL! Jeffery R. Holland's, Henry B. Eyring's, Robert D.
Hales, Neil L. Anderson!! AAAHHH! So good! My two favorite sessions
were Saturday Morning, and Sundee Afternoon, but I think the talk that
definitely helpped me out the most was the talk by O. Vincent Halleck.
About being able to see the vision that Christ has for us. Because a
lot of the time as a missionary, struggling along to try and learn
spanish, it gets hard at times. I loved that he quoted the scripture
that said, "I will not leave you comfortless!" And talked about how
the Holy Ghost is the comforter. There has not yet been one day on my
mission when I have not been able to feel the Spirit, and to feel the
love that God has not only for me, not only for you. I have felt the
Spirit every day, and es sierto.. He does NOT leave us comfortless.
I've been studying el Libro de Mormon, and el Nuevo Testamento. I love
reading the Bible! I love how L. Tom Perry said that BOTH books are
necesary! It is soo true! Neither book is complete without the other.
Both are clave for nuestro salvacion, y exaltacion. .... (Spanglish-
yo se. Sometimes it just comes out easier en espanol.) But ahhh, I
loved it. Go read: Mateo 11: 29-30

So after we watched all of conference we went over the casa de la
familia Gonzalez to see how they enjoyed the conferencia. All the the
fasting and praying truly paid off! They loved it! Hna. Marta said
that when she heard and saw the Profeta  speaking, that she knew that
it was a higher person that was speaking and not just him. Then her
son Giobanni said, "Yeah, she was even tearing up when she watched
him!" Wow. I love how the spirit works, and truly how amazing it is
that we DO have a living Profeta. The other day we were teaching
Griselda y Nicol (10) about our profet, and Nicol says, "Wow, that is
Amazing, I am litterally overwhelmed by how amazing that is!" (she
acts a lot older than 10 years old.. jaja, love her) But it truly is

I looove this gospel, and the obra misional, and CONFERENCIA GENERAL,
all of you! Thank you so much for all of your prayers, and cartas, and
packages mother! I can truly feel your prayers so thank you, thank
you, thank you! Que Bueno! You are all maravilloso!!

Con muchisisisisisimo amor,
Hermana Spencer

Favorite citas de Confrencia General:
"Don't delay, it's getting late." - Jeffery R. Holland
"None of us will ever be so lost that we can't come back through the
atonement." -M. Russell Ballard
"You can't be right by doing wrong, and you can't be wrong by doing
right!" - Thomas S. Monson (but in the talk by Ulisses Soaries?)

p.s. I forgot to tell you that Hermana Jones and I sang for our
Sociedad de Socorro Aniversidad. We sang - Hija de un Rey

Monday, March 5, 2012

ASL es major

Dear Familia,
> Como estas!! (Tu form is strange...)
> Deeeeear mother, you did WHAT!?!?!?! Que en el MUNDO were you doing??
> I am sorry that you can't do anything with a broken elbow. You're in
> my prayers.
> Evz, You got asked to WHAT!?!?!?! Holy cow. My little brotha is
> growing up. Do you hold her hand? jajajaja, oh evz, you kill me.
> Errrn, Gracias por las fotos! Fotoz of the week is where its at! I
> will try and send one hoy, but who knows if this will work! Also, that
> is way way WAY cool with NFYC Brother and Sister Doman! I love them!
> Dad, How was seeing all of your family? I am SOOOoooOOOOOOOO thrilled
> about Teresa's son Billy!! He was at Dixie and got BAPTISED?! This
> makes me so happy! Seriously. Way to go member missionaries at Dixie
> State!
> The obra aqui is going well... mas o menos! None of our investigators
> showed up to church... JUST COME TO CHURCH! Blaaah! They will! But
> with time.
> This week a family in our ward were able to go to the Temple to be
> sealed for time and all eternity! Really awesome! We didn't go to the
> temple or anything, but they wanted us to go to their house for dinner
> last Thursday. We show up and the 2 missionaries that taught them
> (that had already gone home) were also there. It wasn't as strange for
> me because I didn't know them before, but Hermana Jones was pretty
> weirded out. And Elder Lancheros. They are all so awesome! La familia
> Castro! Its Hermano y Hermana Castro, and then their daughter Vianna
> (7 years). I just love this little girl! She always will find me and
> give me a giant hug! So cute. And she always remembers that I have
> estickers on me!
> Hermana Juana Mata is so funny. She is the recent convert that we
> teach how to read every week. She is so cute! She is this old lady
> from El Salvador, and doesn't have any teeth, so it is SO hard for me
> to understand what she says.. It's alright, because I still love her.
> And her two grand-daughters, Emily (3) and Elizabeth (5). These two
> little girls are the exact same size. So funny!! They always remember
> my estickers as well :D I was sitting next to Juana in Sacrament
> meeting, and her phone on full blast goes off.... And then at the end
> of Sacrament someone elses phone goes off. Just leave your phone at
> home for 3 hours! I promise you can live without it for 3 hours! Jaja,
> oh Juana. Hermana Monica Franco (also a recent convert)is feeding us
> on Miercoles..... I am a little scared as to what she is planning of
> feeding us. Jajaja. Bless her alma.
> La familia Gonzalez... Yeah I'm going to have to get back to you on
> them because we are super confused by them. They won't come to church,
> but then Sunday before church we went and stopped by one of her
> neighbors house, and Marta Gonzalez was outside and waved us down and
> was like "I really want to come to church, but we just have to be on
> the same page." But we are possitive that its the mother that is
> holding everyone back?? We have no idea.
> La familia Leos. Darn it. He is so awesome! Last week we went over to
> teach their family, and he had started reading el Libro de Mormon from
> the begining (like even the testimony's of the 3 witnesses), and he
> was seriously on fire, ready to get baptised and everything! Then we
> went back on Friday, and his "esposa" was like "SOMOS CATOLICA!"
> Yikes. They were arguing back and forth with Hermana Jones y Yo still
> there...Ricardo was like "No, I am not catholic!" She doesn't want to
> mix a religion in their household, which is understandable, but still.
> And then they didn't show up to church. We have little to no idea what
> we're going to do with them. I just pray, pray, and then pray some
> more for them.
> Cecilia Sanchez didn't show up to church either. Man oh man. Sorry
> this e-mail doesn't have that great of news about our investigators..
> jajaja,
> but I do NOT get discouraged! I just get more determined!
> A good thing that happened this week (besides the awesome familia
> Castro), is that we have some investigators - Rosa and Juan. Rosa is
> Juan's grandmother, and Rosa speaks Spanish. Juan is deaf, and can
> read lips a little bit, but knows American Sign Language. We were
> praying that we would find someone that would be able to help us out.
> And then at the Dinner for the familia Castro, we ran into one of the
> members named Hemma, that used to be in the ward, but now goes to the
> singles ward. Way cool member! She's a returned missionary and she is
> just awesome! She speaks Spanish, English, AND AMERICAN SIGN
> LANGUAGE!! I tell you. God hears and answers our prayers and I know
> that to be true con todo de mi corazon! Hemma is going to come with us
> to teach Juan so that she can they translate what we are saying from
> Spanish, to English, to ASL. So cool!
> Okay family, I hope all y'all are doing fine and dandy! If I were any
> more dandy, I'd be a lion! Love you all so much, and thank you all for
> everything you do!
> Con MUCHISIMO amor,
> Hermana Spencer

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh, Samuel....

Hola Familia!

How is every lil thing? Texas is great. Its about 60 degrees here
every day. Me ENCANTA!!!! I am very sleep all of the time, but I love

Texas, and all of the people here are actually reminding me a ton of
when we lived in Florida. Its funny how these things can be brought
back to your rememberance! I love it. The food - I learned how to make
flutas, and very yummy salsa. And weird thing is, I've actually lost
weight...? I'm confused about that one.

This week was really good!! We were knocking doors one night and ran
into a family of four - The Castillo Family. They are awesome. They
have a lot of really good questions and boy oh boy, the Dad, Gerardo
knows his bible really well! He took the Book of Mormon very well
actually, a lot better than what I was thinking. What I like about the
Castillo family is that they let you talk. And when you testify to
them they say very supportive things about Christ's church. I know
that the Mom feels the spirit! You can just tell when you look in her
eyes! This family will probably take some time, but I just love them!

We also taught Jose and his wife Alejandra Castro. Now, Jose. He
believes that 9 years ago a witch cast a spell on him and that he has
been cursed by him ever since....... (at least that is what I
understood. this was all in spanish.) But we talked to him about
prayer, and repentance, and that he can become clean. He has a true
desire to be baptised. Also: I guess about 20 years ago he was taught
by missionaries!!! So cool!

Ricardo Leos and his "wife" we found out are not casado!!
NOOOooooOOOOooo!... It's okay. Ricardo likes it enough that I think
that he will want to still be married to his "esposa" and still be
baptised. They've lived together for 11 years- since they've had
Maria, their 11 year old daughter! Maria is so funny. Maria can speak
english, but I make her talk to me in Spanish. She loves church, and
is really excited to be baptised!

La familia Gonzalez. The Noche de Hogar fell through last minute. That
was sad. I really think that is what they need, but they just are
afraid to act. Then they didn't come to church again, so I'm not
really sure what will happen. They are the best family ever. I just
wish that they would come to church! Rubi the 7 year old daughter is
the greatest example. Hermana Jones and I made these paper flowers for
Marta (the mother) because her sister had just passed away. On each of
the flowers we wrote scriptures of comfort. Both in the Book of
Mormon, and the Bible. Anyways, Rubi and Marta were reading some of
the scriptures, and Rubi was like, "one more, mama!" They are such a
sweet family, and I have no doubt in my mind that someday they will be
baptised. Just am not sure when that day will be.

Elder Duncan from the seventy came and spoke wilth us for a Mission
Conference! It was soo good! Wow. I learned so much from him. He
started the meeting asking us to ask ourselves what we would like to
learn from the spirit today. My two questions were:
- How can I be a more faithful and a more diligent missionary?
- What is is that I need to teach my future children?
Do you know what he focused on during most of the meeting?
Love, and Charity.
This one subject answered both of my questions. I can be more faithful
and diligent by loving the people, and by having the same vision for
them that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for them. And I can
teach my future children to Love One Another, and Christ has loved
them - by giving them that same love. (sorry I realize the redundance
of that last sentence. Just take it for what it is.) I can see the
eternal worth of people, and it makes me so sad when I see the people
not doing these simple things like reading their scriptures, and going
to church. I can imagine that this is how Heavenly Father feels when
He sees one of his children make a small wrong decision. Or when he
can see how close we are to making the right decision, but then we
don't have the faith to act! I just want to show these people their
eternal worth, and just how much Heavenly Father loves them!

In the middle of the conference:

President durrant likes to make up songs.
The song has four verses, and the last verse is very much like the first three!!

I'm in Heaven,
I'm in Heaven,
In the Texas Dallas Mission
I'm in Heaven.

Then Sister Durrant stands up
"And my version of the song goes.... I'm in Heaven, 'cause I've got Devin"
bajajajajaja! Oh, President and Sister Durrant are so great!

okay funny story of the week:
Hermana Jessica Jones (from Idaho Falls, mom) and I were knocking, and
we talk to everyone that we see! So we see this kid who is about 15
years old. His name is Samuel. Looks about 5 feet tall, and had this
saweeet mexi-pre-teen-stache goin' on.
We gave him a pass along card - with the # he can call to get the
Finding Faith in Jesus Christ video on it. Anyways, as we shake his
hand goodbye he says in ENGLISH "you 2 are preeety...." and they
slyfully puts his arm on my shoulder like he was giving me an awkward
side hug.
jajajajaja, I can laugh about it now, but at that moment I was like --
Hermana Jones, please save me!!!
So great. I'm glad that I can get complements when I'm on a MISSION
and when I DON'T get ready for the day. So cool!

One more story:
I think that my favorite part of the week was in coordination meeting
actually, with the ward mission leader, Hermano Madrano. In our
district we have 2 Elders, Hna. Jones and I, and then a set of Senior
Missionaries. Hermano y Hermana Bagley (love them!) Anyways, Hermana
Bagley does not speak any spanish. So in coordination meeting Hermano
Madrano ended the meeting with his testimony in English. Holy cow! The
spirit just swept into the room. The all of us sisters in the room
were just crying our little eyes out! I know EXACTLY how it is trying
to testify to someone in a language that you've never learned before.
Anyways. I love the ward I am serving in - Rowlett 3rd! Best Bishop,
Best ward mission leader! Awesome!

Anyway family (and frenz), know how much I love you! I pray for you every day!

Te amo muchisisisisimo!
Hermana [e]Spencer

p.s. y'all should send me like a picture of the week or something! Just an idear

Rowlet Norte

Oh. My. Goooooodnesss!!! I love y'all so so so much! Texas is way different than what I was expecting, but is just way awesome! President Durrant is very persistant on wanting the Spanish Missionaries use their Spanish, so I do not teach anything in English. All Spanish! Woooot Woooot!!
So as you can see, my very first area is Rowlett Norte! We have the best bishop ever, and the people are SO loving!

Okay, So this week has been kind of crazy.
We got to Texas and the very first thing we did was went to the mission home, had a testimony meeting, and some food, and then some missionaries came and got us, and we went out and taught with them! It was way fun!!! I love tocando las puertas!!
Then that night I stayed with the English sisters that live with members and had some blue bell ice cream. I guess that stuff is famous here. Then Brother Hales gave us mini Preach My Gospels! In Spanish, and they are so cute!!!
The next morning we had this orientation meeting thing about a whole bunch of reglas... that was kind of long, but then at the end of the meeting all of the trainers showed up, and from the second that I saw Hermana Jones I just knew she was my nueva companiera! She is awesome!!! I love her so much. So glad that she can speak Spanish, because I do still struggle. We loaded everything up in el carro (no bikes for this transfer), and headed straight to our apartment. I really love our apartment, as fun as it is... las cucarachas like it as well! jaja! We also live next door to some burrachos, and pit bulls, and all sorts of fun people! I just love it. I seriously just soak it up.
So then we went to a few appointments, which went really well, and then went and did some door contacting. I guess about 90% of the people we teach, we find from door contacts. I always know which houses the hispanics live in. There are a few clues to look for, which include but are not limited to:
- zillions of frogs on the doorstep
- billions of cars in front of the house
- Christmas lights are still up, and are still lit
- sometimes a virgin mary outside the house (with Christmas lights around it as well)
Oh, I love it. The foooooooooood too!!! YUM! I get fed tamales, carne asada, and tortillas! So good.
A lot of the people that we teach are either from Mexico, or El Salvador. They are all really cool!
So we are teaching this family, the Gonzales family, and they are all so awesome! They have the cutest kids, and are just loving all that we teach them. (p.s. mom, thanks for all the stickers you've sent! I give them out to all the the kids, and they love it!) The only thing is that they don't like church - they said it was becuase we don't talk enough about Christ, but I think they just came on a bad Sunday that they talked about the importance of being on time to church... we taught them about how its the spirit that is the teacher and invited them to church again. And at the end of the apt, the daughter prayed that they would be able to go to church, but then they weren't there yesterday... Esta bien.  Hermana Alverez (the Bishops wife) went over there yesterday and invited them to Noche de hogar! I think this is just what they need, and so we are excited about tonight!!!
Church yesterday was kind of a doozy for me. I didin't understand anything of what was going on. Except for in releif society when they had me introduce myself... "Soy Hermana Spencer..... Soy de Utah..." jajaja. Oh, bless my alma. But I love releif society. Every sister greets eachother with a kiss. love it. We have to watch out for the Hermanos because sometimes, they'll getcha! The awesome part about church was that we had Ricardo Leos and his 11 year old daughter Maria show up at church! It was way sweet!! They both have baptism dates set, but we may have to move it back so we can teach them all that they need to be taught (we are really hoping that Ricardo and his wife/girlfriend are married!) I think they are, but we still havn't asked them...... should be interesting.
Okay, well family! I love y'all so much! I can really feel all of your prayers, and I pray for you each every day as well :) LOVE YOU!!
Hermana eSpencer (this is how they all pronounce mi nombre. jajaja)