Sunday, September 2, 2012

DANG IT, SAMANTHA! Dang it, dang it, dang it!

Fam fam!!
What is happenin'!? I Love y'all so much! That is so funny that Dad was in Dallas today! He proably flew right over me this morning while we went running in the park. We seriously live like 10 minutes from the airport and I see a zillion planes every single day. And every time I see one, I think, "I bet that one is my Dad flyin' down to Mexico!" "So close but yet so far! Haha. That's just great! We also live about 6 minutes from 6 Flags. We can see those crazy coasters all the days. One day, we can go there! Hermana Dapper and I have plans to come back one day, and hit up 6 Flags! Haha.
So still no baby Hawkins?? I will be expecting some great pictures! GOT IT?!??!!!
And CONGRATULATIONS PRESSY POO! Morgan looks just like Candace only Blonde! Haha. I love it, they look super happy! :D
Erin, Work hard in school!
Mom, I loved your package!
Dad, Keep up those missionary efforts to your friend in Mexico! (I have a zillion frendz from Mexico!) hehehe
So this week we decided to stop by a menos activo familia-- La familia Vasquez. So we stopped by and weren't there for too long, about 30 minutes, but La Hermana told us that she has been talking a lot to her husband (who isn't a member) about the gospel, and He is super interested in being sealed in the temple to his family for time and all eternity! She told us that she wanted us to come by this week and have like a Noche de Hogar with their family! We are going to go teach the Plan of Salvation, but we are trying to think of a fun way to teach it so we can get on the good side of the Hermano. YAY! We are going there on Wednesdee, and are SO excited to go and teach them!
We've been using a phrase this week a lot, "Knock til you DROP!" It's great. Because we have been doing a lot of knocking! We found a trailer park that is CHUCK FULL of hispanics! So of course we decided to knock it! We knocked every single door and there wasn't really anyone that was super interested. Then the VERY LAST HOUSE that we knocked we found this way cute family-- La familia Benitez. SO CUTE! They are a young family with 2 kids and we are just so grateful that we were able to find them! We taught the restauration the first time, and then gave them a restauration dvd. Then we went back on Saturday and she said that she watched the dvd, and even TALKED ABOUT IT with her husband! They had a ton of really good questions and want to read the Book of Mormon! Hopefully we can start getting some more members to come out with us so that they can invite them to church though because we had 0 people show up at church yesturday :( It is such a bummer when no one comes! You feel like you've been working your tail off the whole week to try and get these people to come, but then Sunday comes and it rains. (people like to use anything as an excuse to not come to church). NOOOOO!!! NOT AGAIN! Next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Then we have still been teaching Carmen and Delia! They are progressing. Praying about the 29th of September for baptism. We are going to have a family night with them tonight and are Happy little CLAMS!
Then we have la familia Dominguez! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Oh my. We taught la Hermana yesturday the Plan of Salvation and she just started crying! She said that she loves it when we come, and that she can see that we have a different spirit about us. She was like, "You bring so much love in your hearts, and I feel so happy when you all are here!" YES!! So we taught the Plan of Salvation, and told her that we wanted to come back when her husband is there so that we can also teach him. We have only been able to meet him once, but hopefully this week we can get them on the same page and on board to come to church as well!!! Yayayay!
I LOVE this area so so much! Grand Prairie is so ghetto, but I LOVE it! Haha. The people, our ward, MY COMPANION!! Oh, I want to be companions with Hermana Dapper for the rest of my mission! (this would never happen, but I can dream!) We have so much fun together and neither of us speak like super great spanish, and so we get a really good balance in our lessons! LOVE IT! LOVE HER!
Hmm...que mas? Puedo campartir que lo que se con ustedes?? Y ustedes pueden usar Google Translater! jajajaja.
Primeramente, les quiero mucho! Ser una misionera es la mejor decision que he hecho en toda mi vida! Estoy tan agradecida estar aqui! No puedo imagionarme en llamamientos en el futuro, por ejemplo: una esposa, una madre, sin estar aqui como una misionera. Amo a mi Padre Celestial y el Plan que el me dio. Amo a Jesucristo. Estoy tan agradecida por el y por Su expiacion para que yo pueda arrepentirme cada dia y tratar de llegar a ser mas como el. Tambien, amo al Espiritu Santo! Yo puedo hacer una lista de muchas razones de porque amo a mi Padre Celestial y a Jesucristo, y nunca he hecho una lista de razones de por que amo al Espiritu Santo! Hay muchas razones! Uno es porque por medio de el he sentido la veracidad del Evangelio de Jesucristo, del Libro de Mormon y de la Bilblia por medio de el. Se que soy una hija de Dios y que el me ama y quiere que yo haga decisiones correctas para que yo pueda regresar y vivir con el un dia!
con mucho mucho mucho amor,
La Hermana eSpencer!

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