Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hola Familia!
How is everyone doing this fine day? I can't believe that the summer is almost over. Craziness. It is finally starting to cool down a little bit. It's been about 92ish this past week. I can definitely start to smell fall in the air! The Library is super crowded today because everyone is registuring for school. I just met a man that really wants to go to church! Awesome! I love being a missionary! Yesturday we had Stake Conference and President Durrant, his wife, and then their recently returned home missionary son all spoke. It was super great. President Durrant shared a story about how he brought 2 pastelitos with him to the office one morning so that he could eat them for lunch. (cookies that his WIFE had made). Anyways, he said that he came into the office and had the pastelitos hidden in his suit coat... and then went into his office and put them into his drawer so that they were EXTRA hidden. Then he said that when lunch rolled around, the Assistents invited him to eat with them, and all President Durrant could do was think about those pastelitos!! He was distrought about what he should do. Option 1: give the two pastelitos to his Assistants, or Option 2: wait and eat them by himself... Then he ends the story and says, "And I'm not going to tell you what I chose to do!" Hahaha. Oh, President Durrant, I love you!
Then he went on and asked us what we would have done. Shared the pastelitos, or kept it all to ourselves. And compared this little story to sharing the gospel.
So this week was a really fun week! Sister Dapper and I are finding, finding, finding! It is fun. We meet some of the most interesting people every single day, and it's a good thing that I finding is probably my favorite thing ever! So this past week we had recieved a referral from the English Sisters that are here in Grand Prairie as well. We decided that one night we would go try and meet this referral who lived in an apartment complex. Well, we knocked on the door, and someone answered but it was the daughter of the referral, so we weren't able to teach her. So while walking back to our car I see someone standing out on her balcony holding her baby, and I just had the strongest impression to go and talk to this woman. So I walked over to her and started talking to her about how cute her baby was. The conversation went on and she then asked us who we worked for. I introduced ourselves and then asked if we could come into her house for a few minutes to share a message with her and her family. She agreed. We went in and started asking her about her religious background. She said that she grew up Catholic but that there is a lady that has been coming to visit her weekly from the Kingdoms Hall--Jehovah's Witness (aAaaaaahhh!!!) haha. Anyways, so we are there for about 5 minutes when her husband and their 2 sons got home! I invited them to join us, and he was like, "Well, I'll listen but I don't want to participate." So we taught her the restauration and focused a ton on the Book of Mormon. By the end of the lesson, the husband was sitting down listening intently to everything we were saying, and was like, "I WANT TO READ THAT BOOK!" We then asked if they came to know if this book was true if they would be baptized. They said they would, but that they first want to read it! PERFECT! We all knelt together at the end of the lesson and invited the Dad to pray, but was a little shy about it. So the wife said the closing prayer and it was so so so perfect. We then went back yesturday to go visit this family. The dad wasn't home :( but we were able to explain and read the introduccion with the Mom. Throughout the whole thing she was like, "Wait, this was written on GOLD plates?? That is soooo coool!" Yeah! It is SOO COOL! I was seriously getting so excited because she was SO excited about every part! When we got to the reference in the 2nd to last Paragraph in Moroni, She was like, "lets look up this scriptures!" So of course we look it up with her. She read it out loud and just started crying. The spirit was so strong, and I was so grateful for that moment that we were able to have with her. We closed the lesson kneeling agiain, and Blanca said seriously the most humble prayer that I have ever heard. It's moments like these that really help me to remember how much God loves each and every one of his children. This seriously was the highlight of the week, finding this familia maravillosa! La familia Dominguez: Felipe (Dad), Blanca (Mom), Bryan (8), Kevin (5, and deaf!), and Miguel (9 mo.) Next time we go visit them will be on Friday, and I sure hope that the whole family is there so we can try and set baptismal dates with the Mom, Dad, and Bryan. They are so prepared, and I actually think that the JW's, had a big part in helping preparing her! Way to go JW's! :)
Okay, well, that is all that I have time for for today!
con muchisimo amor,
Hermana eSpencer

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