Monday, March 5, 2012

ASL es major

Dear Familia,
> Como estas!! (Tu form is strange...)
> Deeeeear mother, you did WHAT!?!?!?! Que en el MUNDO were you doing??
> I am sorry that you can't do anything with a broken elbow. You're in
> my prayers.
> Evz, You got asked to WHAT!?!?!?! Holy cow. My little brotha is
> growing up. Do you hold her hand? jajajaja, oh evz, you kill me.
> Errrn, Gracias por las fotos! Fotoz of the week is where its at! I
> will try and send one hoy, but who knows if this will work! Also, that
> is way way WAY cool with NFYC Brother and Sister Doman! I love them!
> Dad, How was seeing all of your family? I am SOOOoooOOOOOOOO thrilled
> about Teresa's son Billy!! He was at Dixie and got BAPTISED?! This
> makes me so happy! Seriously. Way to go member missionaries at Dixie
> State!
> The obra aqui is going well... mas o menos! None of our investigators
> showed up to church... JUST COME TO CHURCH! Blaaah! They will! But
> with time.
> This week a family in our ward were able to go to the Temple to be
> sealed for time and all eternity! Really awesome! We didn't go to the
> temple or anything, but they wanted us to go to their house for dinner
> last Thursday. We show up and the 2 missionaries that taught them
> (that had already gone home) were also there. It wasn't as strange for
> me because I didn't know them before, but Hermana Jones was pretty
> weirded out. And Elder Lancheros. They are all so awesome! La familia
> Castro! Its Hermano y Hermana Castro, and then their daughter Vianna
> (7 years). I just love this little girl! She always will find me and
> give me a giant hug! So cute. And she always remembers that I have
> estickers on me!
> Hermana Juana Mata is so funny. She is the recent convert that we
> teach how to read every week. She is so cute! She is this old lady
> from El Salvador, and doesn't have any teeth, so it is SO hard for me
> to understand what she says.. It's alright, because I still love her.
> And her two grand-daughters, Emily (3) and Elizabeth (5). These two
> little girls are the exact same size. So funny!! They always remember
> my estickers as well :D I was sitting next to Juana in Sacrament
> meeting, and her phone on full blast goes off.... And then at the end
> of Sacrament someone elses phone goes off. Just leave your phone at
> home for 3 hours! I promise you can live without it for 3 hours! Jaja,
> oh Juana. Hermana Monica Franco (also a recent convert)is feeding us
> on Miercoles..... I am a little scared as to what she is planning of
> feeding us. Jajaja. Bless her alma.
> La familia Gonzalez... Yeah I'm going to have to get back to you on
> them because we are super confused by them. They won't come to church,
> but then Sunday before church we went and stopped by one of her
> neighbors house, and Marta Gonzalez was outside and waved us down and
> was like "I really want to come to church, but we just have to be on
> the same page." But we are possitive that its the mother that is
> holding everyone back?? We have no idea.
> La familia Leos. Darn it. He is so awesome! Last week we went over to
> teach their family, and he had started reading el Libro de Mormon from
> the begining (like even the testimony's of the 3 witnesses), and he
> was seriously on fire, ready to get baptised and everything! Then we
> went back on Friday, and his "esposa" was like "SOMOS CATOLICA!"
> Yikes. They were arguing back and forth with Hermana Jones y Yo still
> there...Ricardo was like "No, I am not catholic!" She doesn't want to
> mix a religion in their household, which is understandable, but still.
> And then they didn't show up to church. We have little to no idea what
> we're going to do with them. I just pray, pray, and then pray some
> more for them.
> Cecilia Sanchez didn't show up to church either. Man oh man. Sorry
> this e-mail doesn't have that great of news about our investigators..
> jajaja,
> but I do NOT get discouraged! I just get more determined!
> A good thing that happened this week (besides the awesome familia
> Castro), is that we have some investigators - Rosa and Juan. Rosa is
> Juan's grandmother, and Rosa speaks Spanish. Juan is deaf, and can
> read lips a little bit, but knows American Sign Language. We were
> praying that we would find someone that would be able to help us out.
> And then at the Dinner for the familia Castro, we ran into one of the
> members named Hemma, that used to be in the ward, but now goes to the
> singles ward. Way cool member! She's a returned missionary and she is
> just awesome! She speaks Spanish, English, AND AMERICAN SIGN
> LANGUAGE!! I tell you. God hears and answers our prayers and I know
> that to be true con todo de mi corazon! Hemma is going to come with us
> to teach Juan so that she can they translate what we are saying from
> Spanish, to English, to ASL. So cool!
> Okay family, I hope all y'all are doing fine and dandy! If I were any
> more dandy, I'd be a lion! Love you all so much, and thank you all for
> everything you do!
> Con MUCHISIMO amor,
> Hermana Spencer