Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ewin!!

today is my seesters birfhday.

23 years old, she is.

We basically were wombmates.. (2.5 years apart)

We can even read eachothers minds.

And we finish eachothers...

...Sandwiches :]

Which is how we will be celebrating.

eating sandwiches,

and getting pedi's,

and shoppin!


Happy Birthday sis!


anna mae

Monday, April 26, 2010

Finals are Final

Now that Finals are Final, I get to play!

I'll most likely...

hit up more premiere shows

do some hiking

make weird faces while I wait for fireworks

longboard on Long Beach
(in a dress)

...and ride this ride as much as possible!

Have a Lagoony Day!!



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Would you please call me Cordelia?

Does this not remind anyone of Anne of Green Gables?

this place is called...

the Avenue.

But there's no meaning in a name like that. They should call it
The White Way of Delight

That's its rightful name.

so beautiful.

I feel the need to watch Anne of Green Gables now.

I love it.

her bosom friends.
puffed sleeves
Ooooh, and we cannot forget Gilbert Blythe. [:

it is so great.

A timeless classic, if you will.
and you will.

Go watch.
And Enjoy.

with love,

anna mae

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dear spring,

I had forgotten how much I love you.

you are very very good to me.

I will try not to forget how good you are to me next year.

I think the world of you for taking over the retarded March utah weather.
(sunshine one day, and the next day it snows)

Your tree blossoms are looking magnificent.
When the sun warms your pretty popcorn blossoms, the most lovely smell fills my senses.

And I love it.

thanks for being so beautiful.


anna mae

picture taken at our garden walk

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ever seen this picture in the line of Soarin' Over California in
Disney's California Adventure's?

His name is Charles (Chuck) E. Yeager

And I am most definitely related to him.

He is my...

Great. (Phylis Ann Yeager)
Great. (Anthony Ignatius Yeager)
Grandpa's. (William Adam Yeager)
Brother's. (brother Yeager [: )
Son. (Chuck Yeager)

a little distant, but I still think it is awesome!

I was thinking about this ride today because I think it is due time to take another trip to Disneyland.

I havn't been since OCTOBER.

that is long for me.

Just thought i'd let all of you know how famous and cool I am [:


anna mae

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today was sooo lovely and warm.
according to it was 68 degrees.

this makes me happy.

We have pretty Red and Yellow Tulips blooming in the flower bed leading up to our front door.
Which reminds me..Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Points annual Tulip Festival.

I love Tulips.

I love flowers.

They are appealing to my eyes.

but, do you know who else likes flowers?

Stupid bees, and bugs, and probably spiders too.

I know that they will be back.

to haunt me.


I hate the invasion of bugs into my personal space.

ESPECIALLY when I go to pick up hair from my shower drain, and it turns out to be a LIVING SPIDER!! Eugh. They give me the heebie jeebies just thinking of them.

on a happier note,

In ONE week, I will be math class free for the rest. of. my. life.
this is SUCH a good feeling.

now, go enjoy the sunshine!

{maybe i should plan a longboard trip down the Provo Canyon! Who's in?!}



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Neti Pot

someone once told me
that clearing your sinuses with a neti pot will:

a) clear your nasal cavity.
b) help with complection and dark circles under eyes.
c) be a relaxing and pleasant experience with health benefits.

Now, I'm always up for relaxing and pleasant experiences!.. especially when health benefits will be provided!!

so naturally...

I decided to try it out.

it hurt.

and it may or may not of been because i neglected the neti pot instructions.

which were:

1. Lean forward to avoid swollowing salty water
2. Continue to breathe through your mouth to avoid that water-up-your-nose-while-swimming feeling.

I swollowed loads of salty water.

and I most definitely had that water-up-your-nose-while-swimming feeling.


overall, i liked the neti pot.
even though during the process,
my eyes cried, and i couldn't breathe.

now, i'm feelin' great!
my nose is extremely clear.

Really. You should try it out!
yours truly,
anna mae

Monday, April 12, 2010

st. jeorge

here are some pictures from my wonderful weekend trip:



didn't you know?? there are 10 pets rollerblading in washington city parks.

matching TOMS

the fun group of girls in front of the temple

seester and i

an epic picture

(i'm scheeeupid static cling)

everyone should go here.


anna mae

Sunday, April 11, 2010

just sayin

i just got home from the greatest girls trip ever!
we went to st. G
(pictures to come)

but now i am extremely tired.
and i look it.
darn it.

i hate when that happens.

and now, i need to write a paper.
i hate that i procrastinate until the last minute to do anything.
noo bueno.

but i like when i come home and have not only one,
but TWO
letters waiting for me on my bed.

i think that is pretty kewl.

that about sums things up.


anna mae

Thursday, April 8, 2010


dear olivia newton john,

i love you..

and this movie you're in called,

it will never get old.

not ever.

Suddenly, the wheels are in motion.. and Iiiii-hii-HIiii, i'm ready to sail any ocean. Suddenly, I don't need the answers.. cause Iiiii-hii-HIii, i'm ready to take all my chances with Yoooouuuu.


anna mae

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just Another Triple Awesome Tuesday.

So every day, I go straight from school to work.
So every day, I bring my work clothes with me to work, and just change there.
In the bathroom.

Today, as I was going into the bathroom to change into my [TACO] clothes.
right as i turn around to lock the door, my [TACO] shirt falls down.













so then I ran up to the counter, laughing so hard that I was crying.

told E and Lindsey FU....rr.

and they laugh cried with me.

my wet shirt hanging in the back.

good thing I had enough points saved up to get a new free shirt.


anna mae

Monday, April 5, 2010

LDS Superbowl Easter Sunday

The LDS Superbowl was on this weekend.

(aslo known as General Conference)

It was simply lovely.

I love Conference. I always feel completely edified, and motivated to do better.

I love my church.

I love it because it is true.

It has been restored by Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith translated the Book Of Mormon.

The Book Of Mormon is the most true book on this earth.

I love how I feel when I read this book. Because I know that is what I should be doing.

President Thomas Spencer Monson is a true Prophet of God.

Heavenly Father loves me. And You. Probably more than we can ever comprehend.

He loves us so much, that he sent his only son to die for us.

The Atonement is real.

I am so glad that I know all of these things.

I know them because the Holy Ghost has witnessed these truths to me too many times to count.

God continues to reveal truths even today through His living Prophet.

If you ask Heavenly Father in prayer, He can confirm the truth of this to you too.

Can't you see in his face, how much He loves you?


anna mae

Friday, April 2, 2010


could REAALLLLY go for some of these:

oh man, I am DEFINITELY making these for sunday morning sesh!!

happy friday!

anna mae

Thursday, April 1, 2010


things that i am currently wishing for:

-that the snow would stop! (It's APRIL for goodness sake.)

-that I could fly.. like Peter Pan

-that I could hear the missionary's voice :(

-that this semester was OVER already

-that the new season of the Bachelorette was starting this Monday..

-and that I had more self confidence.

now, don't get me wrong.

Life is still dang good, even with this wishlist of mine (:

I am listening to General Conference this weekend. I made sure I had work off, so I can hear all 4 sessions. Yippeee!!! And Don't forget about our annual girls night while the boys go to Preisthood sesh.. YES! It is going to be so lovely.
i love my church.

Have a wonderful Weekend!!


Anna Mae