Friday, December 2, 2011

Yesterday was my last day at the office.

I was fine all day.

until Dr. C gave me a card.

it read:

Thanks for being such a wonderful employee and a better person.
Please keep working hard for the BEST employer, with the BEST job description.

and then I lost it.

the whole way home,
i sobbed.

You grow to love the people you work with.
They become your second family.
And I LOVE my second family. I sure will miss them.

I report to the mtc in exactly 11 days.
so crazy to me.

Its a strange feeling. a nervous/excited/anxious feeling.
but I can't wait!

My good friend, kara, just wrote me a letter. She makes me laugh. She said to think of being in the mtc as being at Hogwarts. She knows me well... comparing things pertaining to church to HP! Love her (she is on her mission in Houston... poor soul.(; )

Dallas is better

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