Wednesday, December 28, 2011

week dos!

Hola Familia!
Okee, I have about 16 minutes to write, so we will see how much I can get on this here e-mail.
I am in the process of developing some pictures.. I can't send pictures via e-mail unless I had a usb cord, which I do not. And the picture developer was broken for like a week... but just so you all know. SOME ARE COMING! :)
Okay so that is way great that you found a T.A. check! Hallelujah! (speaking of which, I got to hear the MOTAB sing that song on Christmas. It was a Christmas Miracle!)
I haven't even thought about my car! Yikes. Thank you Dad for turning it on every few days! Very kind of you.
Christmas evening we had another fireside and then watched Mr. Krugers Christmas. Oh, Mr. Kruger... and the little girl Clarissa... AWEEEeeeee. If you haven't seen it, watch it. Stat. Before December runs out!
So Brother Stephen Allen came and spoke to us Christmas evening. He told us a pretty funny story of a time that he was at a drinking fountain in a church and this young boy came up to the smaller drinking fountain. Just as he came to take a drink, Brother Allen let his fountain stop, which made the water pressure of the little boys more powerful therefore squirting him in the face. (We've all done it. jajaja). Then he was like.. don't worry this story has a moral! The moral was that he was pushing this young boys buttons. And that we can not let Satan push our buttons. It was an interesting fireside. Very relaxed. He had someone stand up and start reading Alma 26. I think if verse 27 it says: and when their hearts were depressed and they were about to turn back, they were then comforted. He talked about how we all get discouraged, and all feel like turning back at times, but as we press forward and lean on the Lord, that we will be comforted. He was like.. I need a volunteer. Right as he said that I looked up, and he was like: YOU! Sister, that just looked up. Come here! I was like... oh my gosh. He wants me to get up and talk to 2,100 missionaries.. *heart pounding out of chest* yikes. Then he was like.. you in the green sweater. Sigh of releif! I was wearing a read sweater! haha... but he had her row get up and share something that they have given up. One kid was like: my bed. pfffff. And was completely serious about it. Then the other lame one: I gave up my job at Chic Fillet. Serious?? jaja. That was funny.
Then at the end he talked about how he served his mission in Guatemala and how he would always watch the international flights leave, and him and his companion would put their hands over their hearts when they saw the american flags on the plane's wings. And how his companion would snicker at him and say, "Elder, when you are on your way home, we probably won't even use plane's any more." Anyways. After two years had gone by, and as he was in the plane he says he remembers looking down on the valley that he remembered looking up at the plane, and offered a prayer to Heavenly Father. He asked if his mission was acceptable to him. When he closed the prayer a very comforting feeling came to him and the thought -- You've served me well, Elder.
Then I thought of the song, "I wonder when He comes agian". The primary song. One of my favorites. The very last line in that song says, You've served me well my little child, come into my arms to stay.
A mission is a lot like our time here on earth. We leave our home, our parents, we go and teach, and learn, and grow, and my time is up..................................... boo.
Okay, Love you family!!!!!!!!!!
Te Amo, Hermana Anna

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