Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Santa,

I just really wanted to thank you for making an exception to come early to my house this year!
I think you know how much I love the Christmas Season --  and I feel like it is getting surpassed with all of this missionary preparation stuff. It's kind of crazy at my house, so sorry if we aren't more on top of things with leaving out milk and cookies and such, but I sure will try!
Things that I might a appreciate (are not limited to, but include):

- cute hair accessories (I probably won't want to mess with my hair in Texas)
- maybe some tights (I'll be in the mtc during the freezing winter months)
- I could always use another skirt!

There. Now you have some ideas, Santa! LOVE YOU!

p.s. Yes, I did notice that my song didn't upload. poopy.

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