Wednesday, December 7, 2011


things i won't miss while i am away:
-cleaning up after my family
-watching poopy movies
-crazy sleep patterns
-worrying about what to wear

things i am going to miss while on my mission:
-watching awesome movies (the hunger games)
-awesome friends
-coming home lazily
-reading all of your lovely thoughts
-going on hawt dates
-reading whatever i want
-listening to all of my music
-wearing upsexy clothing!!

things i will still be able to do on my mission:
-swoOOOOoon over beautiful men. my heart will just be locked is all.
-be my most spastic self
-to hum whitney houston/reo speedwagon/hall n oats/etc.
-get giddy
-tell awesomely stupid jokes
-be creative

things that i wish will go away, but will not:
-plucking my eye brows
-shaving my legs
-ugly days
-mean people

things that will NEVER leave me:
-The Gospel of Jesus Christ
-agency. my power to choose.
-the knowledge that i have

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