Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in the MTC part I

Querido Familia!!!
You are all AMAZING!!! I have been a very spoiled missionary, that is for sure. So, it is Christmas here at the MTC, and they told us to come e-mail family. So lucky you, you get to have 2 E-MAILS this week!!! YAYAYAY!
So last night was Christmas Eve. We went about our normal day until the evening. We had a Christmas Fireside and had a live nativity while reading Luke 2. That was awesome. It included lovely musical numbers, and then one of the MTC presidents grand daughters played Silent Night on her violin. It was beautiful. I could have listened to her all night long. **side note** hna. Agua's and I rented out a violin yesterday after eating a quick lunch. It was SO fun! Too bad the MTC only has 1 violin, otherwise we would probably come up with some sort of duet to do... but oh well :) Still fun to get out the violin.
Afer the Fireside we got a special treat and got to watch The Christmas Carol (not the Muppetts, but almost just as good!) Haha we were sitting around a few asian sisters, and then also some new Elders from Mexico. When Jacob Marley appered on the screen, all of the Asian Sisters were getting pretty scared and covering up their faces! Then the Elders from Mexico were taunting it on by getting close to their ears and saying.. OOOOooooOOOoooooo! hahahahahaha, Hna Aguas and I laughed pretty hard over that.
Another funny story:
So we are all pretty new with the whole espanol thing. But one elder in my district seems to struggle with it more. Anywyas, he was giving a closing prayer yesterday and this is how it went:
Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for this.
Thank you for that.
Feliz Navidad
Bless his good Christian soul. I think he meant to say bless us to have a good Christmas, but instead just wished God a Merry Christmas. Which I guess He deserves to have a Merry Christmas too. :) hahahah, that was awesome.
This morning we woke up, I waited in line for a shower.. Then we came in our room and Hna. Baker sang us a Christmas song that her family sings every Christmas. Pretty funny song. Then we all opened up PRESENTS!! Oh, it was a fun morning.
Then we went to our Chritmas Sacrament Devotional. Guess who spoke?!?! I totally called it.
Oh man, it was AMAZING! I was surprised as how funny he was. In the middle of his talk he quoted cookie monster - complete with the impersonation of him.....
shoot. looks like i'm getting kicked off for a minute. I'll send more of what he spoke about soon............

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