Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in the MTC part II

Silly Elders...haha
okay SO Elder Bednar. OOOooooh, it was a great talk.
He based his talk around Mosiah 3:19
about putting off the natural man.
When the natural man turns in, and thinks about only himself, then that is when Christ turns out.
He talked about how our testimonies are not enough, but that we need to be converted unto the Lord. To be converted unto him means to be consistant in doing of what I know to be right.
I wish I could type more on his talk. Every five seconds the computer is freezing, so I'll have to write out in more detail and then put a STAMP on it, and SNAIL mail it to you.
I love you all so much! Hop you had a very Merry Christmas!!!
Love, Hermana Anna

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