Friday, March 4, 2011

the wise old man

Gary Keetch.

He is a very smart old man.
He owns Taco Amigo (my place of employment)
and he is my Stake Patriarch.

A few weeks ago I sat on the front row at Stake Conference. Papa Keetch was sitting on the stand and noticed me sitting next to my friend, JCM squared.

So naturally, he went into work the next morning and asked Lindsey who I was sitting next to.

Lindsey just smiled and said, "Well, I am pretty sure she is just friends with him. Anna has been writing this missionary that comes home in a few weeks."

Now here's where the story takes place:

Ysterday morning I come into work and Gary starts asking me all sorts of questions about this said "missionary". I answered them and kept going about my chores.

I had made a list of a few things I needed to get done.I walked back up front to check something off of my list, when I notice that Gary had added something to the bottom of my list.

I eventually checked that last one off.


  1. hahaha oh boy gotta love the TA family. Anna I can't believe jake comes home so soon!

  2. Dear Anna: I just discovered this post, and I am dying! Oh Gary... that is fabulous!!!