Monday, March 21, 2011

best spring break EVER

He's home!

Friday Jammie kept me nice and occupied.

went to the Holy Cow Boutique

picked up my paycheck

ate some lunch

played mario


I talked to Jacob's friend, Greg, to see what was all going down.

He was coming down with a few of Jake's other friends from Logan.

So Greg said, "alright we're leaving right now, so we'll be there around 6, okay?"

very good.

6 comes around.. no call.
then 7.
8 o'clock.

by this time my patience button is about to pop!

i must have called Greg's phone at least seven times... Sorry Greg.

then, just as i was on melt-down verge..
i hear a few car doors outside of my house, and some boys talking outside.

my heart i felt like was about to leap out of my chest

it started pounding so hard!

i opened the door.

saw Greg.

saw Josh.

saw Mike.

turned my head around the corner

and saw him.





best moment ever!

I gave him the biggest hug in the world, and that moment was kind of a blurr.. I think I may have said something really lame like, "I could hug you all day." bahaha

and this is why i had the best spring break EVER!


  1. Hey anna it's greg, I've never read your blog before but randomly thought i would. I'm glad I did! That was funny, sorry about not answering, in my defense I didn't have my phone on me. No worries though, I had your back! Of course I was going to make sure to bring him over!!!

  2. Oh, Greg! Thank you for having my back. You were a true gem this weekend!

  3. I'm so happy for you ANN!!!!! Pictures soon please? :)