Monday, February 28, 2011

because i wore red lipstick

before church yesturday

i listened to this talk on my triple sweet scripture ap.

then i went to church. had the normal routine

- sacrament meeting

- sunday school

- and then of course there's relief society

guess what the lesson was on?

did you guess?

well, it was on the very talk that i randomly decided to listen to yesterday morning.

not sure yet why I needed to hear that. but apparently i did.

i wrote a list of 100 things i am grateful for in my 10 year journal, so no need to do that here, but i am grateful. for lots of things. and for conference talks- that give me little boosts of encouragement.

if you are ever feeling worthless, just go listen to a general authority speak. they'll make you feel a zillion times better (:

**note to self: wear more bright red lipstick- you'll get lots of compliments at church. Well, probably not only at church.**

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