Thursday, February 10, 2011

valentines day. what do you love?

i love valentines day. for lots of reasons.

one is that i just love, love.

it's so cute. everyone deserves love, don't you think?

well, for this post, i thought i'd make a short list of things that i love.

i love my mumsie and popsicle.
they do so much for me. they support me in any decision i make, and are just down right awesome.

i love my sister, erin.
she is neat. i love that i can just look at her and know exactly what she is thinking. it is great.

i love my brother, evan isaac coleman spencer.
he is so quirky. i love him because i have to-- he's my brother for goodness sake!

i love my puppies.
because when i walk in the door from a long day of work, they come to greet me. it is nice to have someone so excited to see you as you walk through the door. [i want future husband to have this quality.]

i love my friends.
they are so good to me. i do not deserve the friends that i have. seriously, awesome.

i love raspberry-oreo shakes.
seriously, they taste like cheesecake. so delish. please try one stat.

i love my life.
so grateful to be me- anna mae spencer. and live in the time that i live in- 2011. just so happy to be alive.

i love being a girl.
ya know doing girl stuff- shopping, make-up, manicures, fun hair styles.. boy's can't be cool like this.

i love my church.
i am mormon. i love it. it makes me so happy every single day! i don't think this list would be very long if i was not a memeber of my church.

and last, but not least, i love you.

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