Thursday, April 21, 2011

top 10 worst movies of all time

10. Halloween Town 2 Kalabar's Revenge

9. The Neverending Story

This movie's title should tell you much about this film. It's NEVER ENDING!

8. Land Before Time II - VIII

Except for I do like the part in Part V: The Mysterious Island, when Chomper sings the "Big Water" song. That song will forever be burned into my brain. So Catchy!

7. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Interesting Idea. Way too long to hold my attention. I can't handle a baby-grandpa. It messes with my brain, and that is why I don't like it.

6. The Poltergeist...

"This house is Cleeear."

5. Zenon: The Zequel


I'm sure (if you grew up on the Disney Channel) that you will remember this direct quote. This movie actually ties for the other "DCOM", Quints.

4. Grown Ups

Saw this last summer at a Drive-In. All I remember is the crude humor, and the overdone jokes. Not funny at all.

3. Fragile

Remember the Mechanical Woman? Yikes.

2. The Box

never ever ever ever even think about watching this.
not on netflix.
not on youtube.
not through blockbuster.
not in any other way shape or form.

Just saw this one tonight. Hense this list..

I would rather watch The Box 12 zillion times before ever watching this movie again. Easily the WORST movie ever made. I would have called it Red Riding HO! (In fact, that is what my ticket stub said - don't worry, I only paid $3 to see it.)






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  1. Hahaha I am totally with you on the "Big Water" song! Classic. Thanks for warning me about all these terrible movies! I'm loving that your ticket actually said Little Red Riding Ho, by the way...too good. You're great, Anna :)