Sunday, April 17, 2011

ma Guurlz

We had the greatest girls night last night!

Jammie sure knows when it is due time for some girl time.

Here is what we did:

made homemade delicious BBQ Chicken Pizza's

Watched Chasing Liberty. (Mandy Moore - Her name is Anna in this film, and oh man.. the MAN in this movie is definitely satisfying eye candy!)

    Got out some saran wrap, smashed our faces against them, and took very hilarious photos.

I turned BLONDE as well.... (ha. no. This is just Jammie's Hair on My head)

    Drew faces on our chins while singing to awesome songs - "She's indecisive... She can't decide!"

    Put tin-foil GRILLZ in our mouths and made more music videos. Once Jammie puts them up, I'll definitely provide the link. Because they are fuuunny! (Songs including - Lemme see yo Grill, Billionaire, etc..)

I love ma Guurlz! You guys are too great!

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