Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tienes papeles?

Hola Familia eSpencer! Como estan?
Okay, Texas weather is LOCO! Seriously it rains a ton here. I love it! The other day after church, the first counselor in the bishopric, Hermano Gonzalez (there are like a zillion Gonzalez's) was like, "Hermana's! Tienen papeles??....." Uhhh....como, por los Estados Unidos??"...? "Si....?" "Porque hoy estan mojadas!" jajajaja, It was super funny. If you don't understand -- ask Dad to translate, or there is always google translator! 
(*this joke would not be funny had a Nativo not said it*) ;)
Secondly, Jammie, FELIZIDADES!!! A mini Chris on his way!!!!!! :D :D
Thirdly, Frandace! FELIZIDADES con tu hija!!! Elsie Renee! I love that name!
Fourthly, Heavier Homely - Welcome back to the United States! annndd...write me?? No tengo su dirreccion.
So this week was super great! We only had a few dogs chase after us, and only were late to a couple appointments becuase of crazy-people-door-contacts-that-won't-let-us-leave. But seriously, this week was great!
We taught Rosa y Juan. Juan is doing pretty good. I was trying to communicate with him in ASL, and we think that he might be in a gang now, and may be into drugs... So baptism will be pushed back. Eeejole. Juan. But then last night we also went and visited him, and He said that he has been praying, and that he doesn't want to do bad things anymore! This is good! We are going on exchanged this Wednesday because Hna Wall (came in the trans. after me) was studying ASL before her mission! So Hna. Jones will have to tell me how Wednesday goes because I will be in Garland 6 for the day con Hna. Kimball. So Rosa we decided we would cut her cesped for her. So we went, pulled weeds, etc. and then she was like, You have to come back tomorrow for lunch so I can feed you! So we went back, and she had killed an entire cow and had it on the table for us. There was SO MUCH CARNE! So we ate, and ate, and ate some more. Wow. I was SUPERbien despues. And still am. I don't think I ever want carne slada any more. Good thing she let us take some of it home becuase there is no way that we could have eaten all of it.
Delmy is doing awesome. She is the best investigator ever! We were reading with her the Introduction to el Libro de Mormon, and she was like... OOOoooo. Entonces, Necesito leer, meditar, y orar! We were like.. That is EXACTLY what you need to do! She is so awesome! We love teaching her. Too bad we can only get out to Wylie once a week! And too bad it rained yesterday, She said that she doesn't drive in the rain--so wasn't able to come to church.
BUT-we did have Cecilia Sanchez and her Husband at church! Cecilia is awesome too! We just barely also teaching her husband, and he seems to like it. In the TDM though they have to come to church 3 times for all 3 hours before bautismo, and after Sacrament meeting yesterday, the husband didn't really want to stay for the rest of church. Which is okay-we had just taught him the restauration the day antes. Poco a poco!
Okay well, I hope y'all are doing awesome! I love you all and pray for you everyday.
con mucho amor,
Hermana Spencer

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