Saturday, August 11, 2012


Mi amarosa familia!!
What in the world happened? I can not believe that another Monday has come and gone. Seriously blows my mind. So I was able to call Rowlett North area because we had a referral, so I had a chance to call Hermana Jones to see in Cleofas would be getting baptized on the 7th of July. Turns out that he drank Cerveza.. Ugghh. That was super hard to hear. Poor Cleofas, he probably felt so bad. So Hermana Jones said hopefully on the 21st I should be heading back over to Rowlett to see his baptism. It is so weird moving areas because you still love the people from your last area so much and hope that the new people that come into your area will love them just as much as you did. Anyways, because of that we are working bien DURO here in Casa Linda!
The other day we decided that we should start riding the bikes a bit more. We only will have the car until the 19th when Sister Reina goes home, and then Hermana Boyd and I will be on our bikes. So we decided to ride them to an appointment--not smart because they live like as far away as you can get before leaving our area. So we start out, and I'm doin' pretty good. Then I can feel the sun beating down on me, and I start getting more tired, then we start going up a hill, and I am about to die... My legs are going to get SO BUFF. And I am going to get a SWEET TAN. (I have to look at the positives here).. jajaja. I prayed the whole way to their apartment--that I wouldn't get hit by a car, that I'd have la fuerza to get there. God definitely inswered my prayer because I made it there okay. :D Ohhhh las bicicletas.
So remember the Familia Enamorado?? Well we went to their house for an appointment and nobody was answering the door, after knocking like 8 times. So we Karen and she was in a giant panic saying that David got pulled over for speeding and didn't have any ID with him and so was put into to jail. If David hadn't gotten out of jail within 24 hours he would have been Deported to Hondurez. Crazy bidniss. So the Bishop from the Garland 6th ward (he is who referred this family to us) bailed him out. So no worries, he is still in big D!
As for Ruben, he had his baptismal interview this week! He is getting baptized on Saturday and we are so happy for him!!! He told us that he wants his picture taken by the picture in the church of Christ in the heavens with the angels and their trumpets. (y'all know the one)! We love Ruben so so much! President Durrant said that he would be coming to his baptism this weekend, so we need to make sure everything goes perfectly! AHHH! Makes me nervous that President Durrant will be there!! Can't be longer than 30 minutes, we have to have a nice lesson taught while Ruben is changing, Baaah. Scary! But I am so so so excited for him. Elder Wood said that in his interview he was like quoting the scriptures from Malacia about Diezmo, and was super excited to live la ley de Castidad. He rocks! I love him!!
The 4th was pretty uneventful! I didn't see one firework. Nor did I hear any. I think it's illeagal in the City? Quien sabe. It's all good, next year we'll party it up. All of the burrachos started getting drunk extra early, so that stunk (literally.. jaja) But sounds like all y'all ustedes had a good Fourth! No roof sitting this year? But glad that you could all still do some smore roasting. We have a fireplace in our appartment, so maybe one of these days we'll decide to roast something over our fire! (That might be a dumb do that we won't end up doing.)
Okay well, I love you all so so so much!!! We are going to be riding the DART train today into Downtown. We are going to go check out the Holocaust Museum as well as the giant X in the road where JFK died. It should be good! I'll be sure to take fotos!
La Hermana Spencer

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