Saturday, August 11, 2012


Haha, this Library Bidnizz... Bless it's alma.

A lot of the work we did this week was kind of sorting through some investigators that have been taught for FOREVER, and really aren't progressing because they either won't come to church, or won't read the Book of Mormon, etc. It's kind of stressing me out, but I learned at church yesturday that I just need to chill out! I really was stressin' out. This ward is GIANT, but there are a ton of members that are less active. We're trying to think of ideas to get the Ward involved in missionary work as well. The ward has a brand new Bishop, a brand new Ward Mission Leader, brand new Relief Society President, etc. so with some new blood circulating, maybe we can get things up and running! If you all have any ideas about things we could do, I am MORE than open to hear them. I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing, but somehow am functioning. Hahaha

We went and did Service for a less active family this week: La familia Yanez. We went and stained their wood fence. Hermana Yanez actually reminds me a lot of Grandpa Coleman! Haha. He was super funny. He was like offering us something to drink, and then was like: well all i've gots is alcohol! Hahahah. This family hasn't come to church in 25 years or so, and Hermana Dapper and Hermana Lopez were working with them to get them back. We are going to go over there tonight and have a Noche de Hogar. We're going to do like a Lehi's dream something or another. I'm excited! They are a super nice family! Probably will feed us some Cantelope or Sandilla. YES! I love summer for this reason.

It's kind of fun going back and reading the stories of all of these different people from the area book. We are looking through the area book to try and find some people that weren't interested a while ago, but perhaps would be now. We are going to try stopping by them, to see if maybe now they would be interested. There is a right time for everyone, right?

Okay, I love you all so so so much! I hope that Rachel's weddin' goes good! Errn, good luck on the flowers! I know you'll do great! I want to see pictures of her bouquet, okay?! Have the best week ever, and I will do the same! :D

WRITE ME! (so I can get a real library card) HA! Now you have to!

con mucho amor,
Hermana Spencer

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