Saturday, August 11, 2012


HOLA mi Familia y mis amigos!
Como Estasssssss?? (Hermana Medrano-- Hermanasssssssssssss, o a veces, Elderessssssssssss)
The one week that we get to control what our investigators hear in Sacrament meeting, and had 9 people committed.... none show up. Nooo! The Elders did have a family though, so that was good! But yes, I have my first talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday in Spanish! Hijole! The people afterward said things like: "Your Spanish isn't that great, but I could definitely tell it was from your heard.".....Why thank you! hahaha. Oh Mercy. I was SO nervous too. Holy cow, I thought my heart was going to jump right out of my chest onto the pulpit. Sick image, but it is so the truth. And mi knees were shaking like a doll (it grabbed me and--shook me like a doll! monsters inc.),
Cecilia Sanchez rocks! We were there on Wednesday, and taught her the Word of Wisdom. OOOOo, I love her! She was like, Oh, I will for sure stop drinking my coffee! So then on Saturday we made her some paper flowers and put scriptures on the back of each one to help her out as well as some hot chocolate mix's! She sent us a text later that said, "Hermanas! Muchisimas gracias por los flores! Mis metas son bien, no estoy tomando cafe! Con amor, Hermana Cecilia!" SO CUTE! And awesome that she is doing so well with living the WofW. I love her.
Cleofas is doing well. He is such a funny old man. He loves to talk a lot. As do a lot of Hispanics.. but his stories, are hilarious! He has about a zillion animals. Not kidding. And one of his 15 gatos just had kittens. We taught him on Saturday about the Book of Mormon he said he is excited to read it to learn more about Jesus.
As for Juan, We taught him and Rosa the Plan of Salvation/The Gospel of Jesus Christ--relating it ALL to Basquetbol. Before the game, your coach is going to tell you what the plan of the game is, you go out onto the court, make a foul, the couch takes you out, you say "give me one more chance!", he puts you back in the game, then before the 1/2 time buzzer you make a basket (baptism), but you're not done there, you have to endure to the end of the game and keep playing your hardest. He loved it, understood it really well.. For him, we just need to relate everything to B-ball.. (Evz, you'd like Juan!)
He had some troubles this last week in his school, and the ending result is that he has to change schools, BUT he is excited to have new teachers, and new friends which are hopefully going to be a better influence for him, and one more thing:
HE PRAYED LAST NIGHT! It was super awesome! It was all in sign language, and you could really feel the spirit as he was praying! We are planning an FHE with La Familia Gonzalez-- we will see how things go from there!
I love the Ward I am serving in so much! I feel so blessed to have been able to start out my mission HERE! Rowlett tres! I hope I get to serve here all of my mission! (this would never happen... but still!)  and now a song brought to you by the one and only President Durrant:
I feel so blessed
I feel so blessed
I feel so blessed
Because I have the best
I have the best
I have the best
I have the best and soooooo
I feel so blessed
I feel SO blessed as well!
Love y'all SO MUCH!!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Spencer

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