Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cleofas y Delmy

Buenos Dias Familia eSpencer!
This week was a rollercoaster. Oh, but a good one! Like the one at Buffalo Bills!
So this week we had to say goodbye to la Hermana Reina. She now goes by Kathy. Weird. We were told by our assistants that we were to take her to the mission office on Friday morning to drop her off with her family. I went just fine, not thinking I would cry or anything. We were just sitting there with Sister Starns, Sister Williams, and Elder Williams (all of the office Senior missionaries) and then her family walks in! She gave her mom a big giant hug, and I say out loud, "Oh man! I am going to cry!"... So then I look back at Hermana Boyd and she is just BAWLING! Hahahaha. It was such a great moment of my life. So happy! So then we said our goodbyes, and helpped her with her luggage and what not, and then her mom decides to take us out to Lunch to Chilis! It was yumumumumum delicioso! I also asked the assistants about the whole car/bike situation. And they said we can have the car until someone else needs it, but to not get too attatched... whatever that means! But I am grateful that as of righ now I have a car! It is SO HOT down here. I am constantly sweaty. And don't worry mom, I am drinking a ton of water! :)
I was also able to head over to Rowlett on Saturday for the baptisms of Cleofas and Delmy. OOOoooh, it was so awesome! I was a little bit worried that Cleofas wouldn't get back up out of the water, but he did great! And on the first try! He was so excited that I could go! As was I. He saw me, said, Oooooh, mi angelito! Came up to me and gave me a giant hug............AHHHHHHHH. I hugged an old man as a missionary!  Here was my thought process: Oh shoot, this old man is going to hug me! *during the hug* Yep, this is definitely breaking the rules. Oh, mercy. Anyways, but besides that it was such a happy day! I was so happy to see all of them, and Hermana Jones!! OOOh, she goe home so soon! I told her that she is going to have to go pay a visit to y'all!
So I don't thik I have ever heard so many people ask me about the end of the world, and Mit Romney in one week. Really? Get out of here! Haha. We were talking to Ruben yesturday, and he was like, "Hey! I didn't know that that guy running for President is Mormon!" My response: Yep he sure is, but you don't have to vote for him just because of that! (not realizing that he can't vote) Ooooooh, noooo. Darn it.
So these were the highlights of the week! I will be on the lookout for your package madre! Muchisisisimas gracias!
Les quiero much, mucho, MUCHO!
Hermana Spencer

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