Saturday, August 11, 2012


Querida Familia,
I love you all so much! I failed to tell you just how much over our Mother's Day conversion, but I just wanted to really tell you all that I love you so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all are sacrificing a lot para mi, and I am tan agradacida por todo que hacen!
So we had Zone conference with a few zones this last week. With some of the English zones, and so it was in English. Weird. I am not used to anything in English anymore. I am scared for the day that I have to switch everything back to English--my scripture reading, my church attending, my music listening will never change back to english. I LOVE spanish music! We listen to this lady who sings like efy songs, only in Spanish. I am obsessed. Look her up--Maricella and I think the cd es MI AMOR. So flippin' good... tuuuuuu palabraaa! jajajaja. Anyways... sorry, I like to get off on random tangents. Zone conference was so fun! Hermana Jones did an AMAZING job with her training on planners, and I learned a lot of things. One of the things is what President Durrant does all day. Not kidding, the other day I was like-- "Hermana Jones! What do you think President Durrant does all day?" and then he finally told us! He says that at his desk he has a big window that he looks out. And out this window there is a BIG tree. And living in this big tree there are three squirrells (ardillas). These squirrels have names too-- Earl (the dad), Pearl (the mom), and Murl (babe). And he always tells them--"Don't go in the street!" And he doesn't like when his squirrells don't listen to him. Because he doesn't want them to get hurt. Moral of the story--He doesn't want us to get hurt, so we need to strive for the $5 job (look up the story, I don't have time to write it), and be as obedient as possible so we don't get hit by a car basically. *side note* These letters may make little to zero sense in your brians, but in my brain it makes perfect sense. Just take it for as it is!
This week the Elder y Hermana Bagley also had a baptism! We were able to bring Cleofas, Rosa, and Juan to the baptism so they can get a feel of what it will be like for them! Cleofas really loved it. We are making progress with all of these people. Rosa applied for a job that she would have to work every other sunday as opposed to every sunday, so she could at least come to church! Because once she gets a new job that she can come to church, she can be baptized. Cleofas is still as hilarious as ever! He is reading in the book of mormon and is in Alma! He's flying!!! We gave him the book 3 weeks ago! Then he told us his next goal is to read the whole Bible too. We are going to visit him tonight. I am excited! I love that funny old man!
As for investigators at church this week, we had stake conference where they split up our stake. We are now in the new Heath stake as opposed to the Richardson stake. Our stake covers clear up into Greenville! Crazyness. We had been visiting this less active, Hermana Socorro for about the whole time I have been here so far, and finally yesturday at Stake Conference she was at the church!! So exciting! I am counting her in my heart as an investigator at church! I love that she came, and that we are seeing some awesome progress in all of these people that we go see.

Okay, LOVE YOU!!!!!! Have a grand last week of school! Keep on working with all of your heart, might, mind, strength, and soul in all that you do, becuase I know of all of the SWEET rewards that come from hard work. Moses 1:39 - this is my WORK... to bring to pass the inmortality and eternal life of man. And this is my GLORY... to bring to pass the inmortallity and eternal life of man. I love y'all so much!

Tu Hija,
Hermana eSpencer
p.s. Here is a quote that I have been loving this whole week... can't remember who said it. It reminds me to just focus on each day at a time, and work, work, work with all that I've got!
"Life by the yard is hard; but by the inch it's a cinch."
p.p.s. MOM! Remember that picture of that squirrel that I took on top of Timp?? I want to give it to President. Wanna send it to me? Jajaja, love you!

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