Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dia de las Madres!!

Dear Family,
You thought I was kidding when I only said 40 minutes, didn't you!! That 40 minutes went by SO FAST. Holy cow. It felt like I talked to you for about 5. Pero, de todos modos-- estoy MUY agradacida por el tiempo que tuve!
I completely forgot to tell you about Cleofas while I was on the phone! Woopsie.
Cleofas. Super funny. He talks and talks and talks, and so when we visited him on Friday we were like, "Cleofas! You have to listen to our lesson, and then you can talk all you want the next time we come!" He is reading the book of mormon (He's in Jacob!) And now we just need to get him to church so he can get baptised... As well as all of the rest of our investigators.
Cecilia, like I told you yesterday is just our Angel. She will always show up to church--even if her family doesn't want to go with her, and we can definitely see lots of progress in her. I think yesturday was a little hard for her because it was all about mothers. Her mom had passed away like 2 days before we found her. Such a good person though, we love her so much! She is getting baptised on either May 26th, or June 2nd. A lo mejor June 2nd, but still we are super excited for her! She was talking to one of her friends at work and was telling them all about "her church", and the friend was like--Those Mormons are crazy! What are you doing??! She totally was defending the church and was like, "No! The church doesn't worship Joseph Smith, he was only the fundamentador! And Everything that this church does is centered in Jesucristo!" I LOVE CECILIA!
We are hoping that la familia Gonzalez can come with us this Saturday with the Primary to visit the temple. Esta familia is muy famosa, but we think that this is truly going to help them out! It's hard becuse the mom is ALWAYS bringing up how she needs to get baptized. Xiomara has a strong testimony of everything! She made a goal to come to church every week for a whole month, but she can't go until her mom will take her! It's frusterating at times.
Hermana Jones and I like to quote Sister Voyles from the District 2 all the time, "Just COME to CHURCH!" (p.s. guarantee that after my mission Hermana Jones and I are going to have District parties! Complete with Elder Merano! jajaja. JK JK JK!, but on rough days we will come home sometimes and watch: German, The Law of Chastity!...WATCH IT! HILARIOUS!)
ANYWAY! Church is so so so important! If they don't come to church, there is no way they can make promises with our Father in Heaven. I can see how frustrated God is sometimes when He can see how close we are to making a good decision, but then for one excuse or another we don't follow through with it. I don't want to be like that. I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ, and that I can take every day brand new, and change what I either did, or didn't do, the day before.
Welp, it sounded like y'all are doing wonderful! So good to hear the voice of everyone. Especially EVAN! HOLY COW YOUR VOICE IS SO DEEP! WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST 5 MONTHS?!?!?!?!? Jajajajajajaja.
Hermana Spencer

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