Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grand Prairie

Hola Familia eSpencer!!!

Oh, I love y'all so so much! I always look forward to hearing from y'all on Mondee.

So yeah, I'm in Grand Prairie. It is so so so so so great! I am loving it. I am loving Hermana Dapper, I am loving the Ward, our Bishop, everything. I am one happy camper that is for sure! The only thing that is a contention in our companionship between Hermana Dapper and I is that she is a LAKERS fan. Puke. But otherwise, we get along swimmingly! We both have the same first name--Anna. We both wear the same CTR ring, AND on the same finger, and also we both LOVE Disneyland. When she was in high school she would like go there every day after school. Jealous! Also *funny story time*: She received a package this last week from her mom, and she was pulling out some stuff, and she whipped out the announcement picture of Rachel Spencer and her Fiance. I was like, "Why do you have that picture??" She was really good friends with the guy that Rachel is marrying! Small, small world. So we have the picture up on our Refri :D Tell them both Congratulations from Hermana Dapper and I this Friday! Woop wooop! I will be knocking some doorz.

So Grand Prairie is quite grand! We have the cutest investigators!
Carmen and Delia:
Carmen seriously is the spitting image of Roz from Monsters Inc. Oh, and she even speaks slowly like Roz. She is so cute! In her 60's. They were really busy this past week, so we didn't get a chance to actually teach them a lesson, but we did get to pass by so I could meet them. Delia is her older sister, and is just the sweetest old thing. They became interested in the church because their mother, who was a faithful member, just passed away.

Then we have Marta y Erandi. Marta is in her 40's and Erandi is her 8 year old daughter! Oh, they are so cute too! We will call Marta, and she'll be like, "Erandi, REALLY wants me to tell you both HI from her!" She is the sweetest little thing! We had a Noche de Hogar with them in the apartments de Sion last night that went really well! We watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restauration, and then just like a short testimony meeting. The spirit was so strong! The Elders also brought algunos of their investigators as well.

My computer says I have 37 seconds left, and I will be back on later because I still need to write President Durrant, but as for now: here tis!

Love, Hermana Spencer

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