Saturday, August 11, 2012

ex-witch! eejole!

Hola Familia!!
OHH man, this week was so sweet! So we are teaching someone named Ruben Hernandez who is SO awesome! His whole family was baptized about 4 months ago, and at that baptism, President Durrant was there, went up to Ruben and asked him, "So when are you going to get baptized?" And after that wanted the missionaries to start teaching him. So he has been taught for about 3 months, and will be getting baptized on the 14th of July! YAY!!! But here is the cool story that I would like to share with you about Ruben:
On Tuesday we were planning on teaching him the Word of Wisdom as well as the Law of Chastity. Now so you can have an image of Ruben in your mind, Ruben is 27 years old, He has tatoos on his arms, and legs, and has a piercing in his tonge, and in his eyebrow. So the plan was to tell him to get rid of his piercings as well because his body is a temple. So we were talking, and all of us were not sure how we were going to bring it up, and then all of a sudden Ruben goes, "So I have a Question.... Do I need to get rid of my piercings?" I was so so so grateful for the spirit at that moment. We didn't know how to say it to him, and so the Spirit told him. We didn't have to say anything. I have such a strong testimony of the Spirit. That if its there, and if you're following the promptings of the it, all things will work out. So right then and there, Ruben took out both of his piercings, and we are really seeing miracles in him! HE ROCKS! I love Ruben.
We are also still teaching la familia Enamorado. Jaja, their last name kills me! They have plans to get married on the 14th of July as well. That will be a big day for us! They were found because they were interested in the English Classes in the Garland Building. They started going to the classes, and then asked if they could have missionaries come by. They are a super huge miracle as well, hope that everything works out with their dates as well.
We are also teaching an ex-witch..... Yep. You heard right. Named Iris. We went the first time to teach her with a member who brought her two kids with her, and when we got there she was like, "well I was planning on telling you all something, but I don't want to say it in front of the children." I was like Uuuughhhhhh...
IF THE KIDS CAN'T HEAR IT, THAN MY EARS CAN'T EITHER! Hahah. But she has a real desire to change and she even showed up at church yesturday!! That was a miracle! She was the last person on our list that we thought would actually come. Oh ye of little faith, Hermana Spencer!
Okay well as you can see we are seeing a lot of miracles in good old Casa Linda! I am so grateful to be here. With the zillions of hispanics as well! (I feel like i'm in mini Mexico!)
I love you so much family, and am so grateful for all that you're doing. For all of your prayers and for all of the awesome missionary work that you're doing where you are at! LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH!
con mucho mucho mucho amor,
La Hermana Spencer

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