Saturday, August 11, 2012

Me encanta ver el templo

Hola mi familia! Como estan? Bien? Espero que si.
OOOooooh, this week was so so so so so so so maravillosa! For lots of diferente reasons.
1. El Templo con la Familia Hernandez
So we may not have had a wedding with the Familia Enamorado... but we were able to go to the Temple Grounds with la familia Hernandez and feel the wonderful spirit there! There was a bride getting married and the day we went, Hermana Boyd, Reina, and I decided to wear the same skirt. Then the Bride saw us and wanted her picture with the missionaries of course! Hahaha. We look like her bridesmaids in the picture. Super great! Then we were able to take a tour with the Familia Hernandez around the temple. It was super awesome. At the end of the tour we had a mini-lesson with them with a mini-testimony meeting. I was in tears by the end of it. It was a super awesome experience! Ruben was like: "I don't want to have to wait a year! I want to go inside now!" haha. Patience Iago (sp...Aladdin? Jafar, and the bird?)
2. El Bautismo de Ruben Hernandez
Oh my goodness, I was so so so so stressed that we weren't going to start on time, that the font wasn't going to fill up before 6pm... that maybe Ruben wasn't going to show up to his baptism... Ahh, I had to go the bathroom at least 5 times in the 2 hours before the baptism. President Durrant had called us earlier in the week saying that we had to make sure that we started everything on time because he and his daughter were going on a Daddy/Daughter date, and that he would only be able to make it for the first 20 minutes. Everything wen't good though! And we even got a shout out from President Durrant in the weekly e-mail! It was a 35 minute service, he was able to stay for the whole thing, it was a very wonderful expierence. And Ruben looked SO HAPPY! He said he felt super calm after his baptism. I think the thing that I loved the most is that his recently-reactivated brother was the one who was able to baptize him! Then Lorena who was baptized in April (Ruben's Sister) even bore her testimony at the service! Yay Ruben!
3. La llamada de Rowlett
Also this week we recieved a call from Hermana Jones of Rowlett 3rd! They had gone to Pep Boys in our area earlier that day and they forgot the hubcap, so we had to go pick it up. She also informed me of not 1, not 2, but 3 people that we taught up in Rowlett will be getting baptized on the 21st! Oh I was jumping up and down, happy tears were streaming! I just seriously could not have been any happier. So I will be going back to Rowlett next week for the baptisms of Cleofus, Delmy, AND Celilia! Haha, I was showing pictures to Mis companieras of these people after I recieved the news, and Sister Boyd is like--Okay, don't be offended, but Cleofas kind of looks like Jaba the Hut! So TRUE! I taught Jaba the Hut in Rowlett! Oh, I am so excited to see all of them! They are so cute, and so ready to take this first step of baptism!
4. Intrevistas
This week we will be having interviews with President Durrant. He always asks us if we would rather do them in English or in Spanish.. And I'm thinkin' I'm going to tell him I would like to do it in Spanish! Ahh. Yay, I love interviews! I'm also excited to get some awesome training from Hermana Durrant as well.
5. Nuestro Barrio del Campo Norte 6
Please tell our Ward that I love them! Tell Sister Adamson thank you for sending me the monthly newsletter. It is always fun to read the updates of what's going on down in the North Field 6th. Tell Bishop Greg Hi, too! And Matt Christiansen to keep up his stalker skills in lds book stores! Hahaha! I liked that story!
Love you all so much! Keep sharing the gospel with everyone you know! You can do it in a natural and normal way! por ejemplo: Hey what'd you do this weekend? Oh hey, I went to CHURCH! Let me tell you about what I learned...Carry around pass-along cards, pray for missionary opportunities, and keep reading the Book of Mormon every single day! I love you all so much, and thank you so much for your prayers and your support in all things!
con muchisimo amor,
Hermana Spencer

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