Saturday, August 11, 2012

Estoy Feliz como un Labriz

Hola Family of eSpencer's!
Okay a few things:
1) I feel muy muy muy MAL! LO SIENTO ERIN!! I am the worst Sister ever. I can not believe that I did not wish you a Happy Birthday ON YOUR BIRTHDAY--On a P-day when this was a very possible thing to do. SO SORRY! I STILL LOOOVE YOU!!!! We left the Library, and I was like... NOOoooOOOOOoooo I am the worst Sister ever! I really did remember you on your Birthday, and remembered that ahorita tiene 25 anos! Holy Guacamole!
2) Ryan Dumas is in my thoughts and in my prayers! I hope that he doesn't have to go home! Yikes. I'm glad the car accident I was in just before leaving was nothing bad.
3) As is Floyd LeCheminant. Bishop Greg wrote me a letter and told me all of the things going on in the ward, as well as the missionary work, and as well as all of the weird changes from Taco Amigo. I'm sad that Marge can't call those numbers anymore! She was so GOOD at it!! "Number Seventy-three!..........Seventy-Threeeeee You're order is ready!........................NUMBER SEVEN-----THREE!!" Oh I love you, Marge!
4) Mom, Please tell the ward members thank you for all of their prayers and fasting. I definitely joined in with the fast yesturday, and I can definitely feel the prayers of all of the ward members. Our teaching pool has doubled, our feeding pool as well (ward members), and we can definitely feel that the area of Rowlett 3 is about to see some awesome things happen! Love y'all so much!
5) I probably will be able to skype y'all! Booo Yah! And I'm still not sure what time. Just make sure you're home!! Jajaja. Just Kiddin' Mom. I will probably call just after church, or dinner, or depending on the night-- no se. Y quien sabe. No worries though mom, I WILL TALK TO YOU! :)
And dulce # 6) I AM STAYING IN ROWLETT 3 OTRA VES CON MI TRAINADORA -- HERMANA JONES!!!!!!! It's a good thing we love eachother. Jaja. 4.5 months living together. Nadie mas. jajaja. I'm so excited for this transfer!
Okay, So this past week, I was reading el Libro de Mormon. Holy Cow... I don't know if it's just because I am reading it in Spanish or what, but I swear I have never read 1/2 of the things I am finding in that book! SO COOL! Make sure that you're reading in it every day. Ok? But ANYWAYS.... I was reading in a verse about having la fe y el confianza (faith and trust) I love the world trust SO much better in Spanish-confianza. Because it is more like having the Confidence in our Savior that things will work out. And then having the faith in Him that you will always be true to what you know. Also the difference between the words testimony and conversion. Testimony--what you know to be true. Conversion--always living, no matter what, that which you know to be true. So Mom and Dad, I want to know how I can help these people, Investigators, Recent Converts, Less Actives, Ward Members, How I can help them to have a conversion vs. un testimonio. Mom, Like... what kept you strong all of your years of being a convert to the church to never waiver. You too, Dad! Ayudeme! :D Anyways... just something I've been thinking about as of late.
Tonight we are having a Noche de Hogar with la Familia Gonzalez (the members) and Rosa and Juan! Hermana Jones are in charge of the lesson. Yay!! I'm excited! My sign language skills...are pretty sad, but I do what I can! I make Juan teach me how to say things. Jaja, the other day he WHIPPED out his phone and showed me how someone had just beat the Jazz. NO! But secretly I am a little gratefuly that they aren't doing so great. Because I wouldn't want to watch games that they lose! No me gusta!
The only person at church yesturday was Cecilia Sanchez. Oh, I love her! She is so cute! We are trying to get the Elders in the Rowlett South area to go over to her house when her husband is home so they can teach her (es una regla que no podemos entrar en una casa sin una mujer) it's good, but they are never home at the same time! She was a little bummed out yesturday that her husband couldn't come to church with her. But she loves it! She's staying strong without her coffee, and she is always reading her Book of Mormon!
As is Cleofas! Oh my goodness! I love going and visiting him! He is the funniest 72 year old man there ever was! We gave him a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon, and when we had come back, he had read like 1/3 of the whole book! He loves it! ("except for the chapter 12" he says. jajaja) Too cute of an old man. The other day we asked him, "So how'd you like the reading Cleofas?" Well I liked it a lot! It was a whole lot better than Chapter 12!..." jajaja. He couldn't come to church yesturday because he was up in Plano, but we called him that morning and he told us that he had been reading "la doctrina" is what he calls it ALL MORNING! I bet he will have the whole book read by the time we go back to visit him on Wednesday. It's harder to go out to visit him more frequently because he lives clear out in Wylie! (Our area is huge)
Okay, well I am super excited to talk to y'all on SUNDAY! WOoop Woooop! That'll be fun! That is super funny mom that you have a whole list of questions, and it also doesn't surprise me at all. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
con mucho amor,
HermANNA Spencer
(I loved the pics of the week!)

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