Saturday, August 11, 2012

Familia Espencer!

Familia Spencer!!
Evan, I don't think you would be too happy about this, but every single time, with out fail, we drive past the Tennis Courts in Garland--ALL of the hispanics use the courts to play futbol. It is super hilarious. I am going to get a drive-by action shot one of these days, because I just think it is hilarious.
Anyway.. This week was great! On Wednesday we went on exchanges with the sisters from the Garland 6th ward. I spent the day with Hermana Kimball (Her dad's first name is Spencer! She's related to Spencer W.!) And then Hermana Wall came to Rowlett with Hermana Jones. It was great because before Hermana Wall's mission she was studying ASL at UVU. This was so perfect for Juan! They are doing awesome! We taught them both the Word of Wisdom, and are right now working on living it. Also, there is a family in our ward, la familia Gonzalez (go figure) the mom works with the Jovencitas, and the dad works with the jovenes AND they have like 3 kids that are youth age. We took Hector and Marc Gonzalez with us to teach Juan, and it was perfect! They took him to a Ward Basketball activity (p.s. *funny side story* the other day we were at their house, and Juan leaves the room for a minute, and comes back with his Lakers Jersey on........ punk! jajajja. it was super funny!) And then Hector and Marc also took him to the youth dance! Now if we could only get them to come to church.
So with Hermana Kimball we mostly knocked. We had like 6 appointments set up, and 4 of them fell through. But I heard things with Rosa and Juan went super great. So I was happy!!
Then Thursday we had interviews with President Durrant. We have them every 3 months. They were great. He asked me if I wanted to have my interview in Spanish or English. ENGLISH! Eeejole. I still can not understand sometimes what people are saying to me. But yesterday Elder Green gave me some hope-- He said that your Spanish gets way better in your third transfer, and even better every time you change companions. So weird that this transfer is almost over. The time is so weird as a missionary! But yeah, pretty sure Hna. Jones will be leaving me, That I will stay aqui en Rowlett otra vez, and that Hna. Reina will be my companion. Who knows though--the 12 week training program will be up, and that would mean that I can train (this would never happen) but you never know with our unpredictable Mission Presidente.
We are teaching someone named Bridget Figuroa (20). She is SO awesome, and SO ready to get baptized. She lives in a members home, and she has the cutest little baby ever. She has a testimony of everything, comes to church every single week, we just are working right now trying to get her married so she can get baptized! She even said, "Wouldn't that be cool if I got married AND baptized on the same day?" umm... YEAH!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! She is so great! We loooove teaching her! Probably in May she'll get married/baptized!
Okay family, We are going bowling today! Weird. I will probably get at least 15 gutter balls.
FELIZ ANIVERSARIO A KURTICE Y KELLY! 29 de Abril, 1983. 29 Years. WOOOOOOOOW. Y'all have 1 more year before your trip to Hawaii! Buenos Suerte!
FELIZ CUMPLIANO A MI HERMANITA ERIN! 25 Years. You are so OLD (and wise)!
Peace and Blessins
con amor,
Hermana Spencer

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