Saturday, August 11, 2012

Casa Linda aka Cute House

Hola Familia!
Casa Linda is CHUCK FULL of Hispanics! Mercy! It is fantastic. We have been knocking a ton this week in an apartment complex called El Capitan. (yo no soy madinero, soy capitan) jaja. OK. So you are probably going to want my address. We live in super nice apartments. I do not miss any of those cucarachas, that's for sure! We even have a washer and dryer in our apartment. Ahhh, the simple luxuries of missionary life!

We now go to the Lake Highlands Building for church. It's super bien! Yesturday in church President and Sister Durrant came and spoke. The ward that I am now serving in has a grand total of 7 MISSIONARIES! That is sooo many! But anyway, so every week Hermana Boyd plays the piano for sacrament meeting, and I am now in charge of leading the music *Durrante* la reunion sacramental. I love President Durrant. Can I just tell you that? He is so funny. I told him yesturday to start working on a new song, but perhaps have this one be in Spanish. Anyway-- yesturday he talked about how if they don't remember anything else about his talk, he wanted every member of the ward to remember his name. Devin Durrant. And if you add an E to the end of his name you have Durrante which in spanish means: During. He was like. I want you all to share the gospel..... Durrante la manana, durrante la tarde, durrante la noche, etc. So now every time I think of President Durrant, a few things come to mind:
  • Songs: I'm in Heaven, I'm in Heven, In the Texas Dallas Mission I'm in Heaven OR I feel so blessed, I feel so blessed, I feel so blessed because I have the best. I have the best, I have the best, I have the best and soooooo I feel so blessed.
  • Napolitan ice cream
  • Share the gospel DURRANTE all times. Or in the morning when you're putting on your DEODORANT..... remember to share the gospel that day. :)
  • Whenever he tells us how much he loves us, he makes us stand up, and stretch our our arms as wide as we can. Remember how President is like 6'7"? Pretty sure he has more love to give than all of us!
Also: I learned who his favorite missionary in the Entire mission was yesturday. Can you guess?? It was Hermana Durrant. Awwweee. They're so cute!
So the trio has been interesting, that is for sure. Hermana Reina is finishing up her mission in about 3 more weeks. She has to go home 2 weeks before the transfer which is why we are in a trio....but then the other day she was like, "I think I might extend my mission." Eeeejole. But I am learing lots of Spanish from this Nativa from Honduras. She was actually just born there and then is from Houston. Then there is Hermana Boyd who is super awesome! She is from Arcadia, California, like 30 minutes from LA. I feel like a chicken again with its head cut off. We have been running running running around all week long. We found 22 new investigators! That is super super crazy! We definitely can get a lot more work dun (I just typed that accidently, and I'm keepin' it! Hooked on fonix dun good 4 me.) Anyways, we are doin' great! (winnie)
We had a family give us a referral this week. We went over there and taught the restauration. They seem super solid, and my favorite part about them is their last name: Enamorado--significa: IN LOVE. We went back by for our apartment, and they weren't there, and also their phone has been disconnected. AHH! We are praying that we can find them again, because they were super awesome.
Changing areas is super strange because you are still preocupada from all of the people that you left in your last area. Only thing that you can do is pray and hope that all of these people that you love so much will be taken care of.
Okay, I love you all so so so much! ERIN- YOU ARE IN TROUBLE FOR NOT WRITING! I hope you noticed that all of those letters were bolded! :) But I do still love you.
Have the best week ever, and remember to share the gospel DURRANTE all times!
con muchisimo amor,
Hermana Spencer

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