Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top 7 Greatest Anna Costumes

7. Jasmine (Kindergarten)

Best Friend, Kimberly was the same thing.. only I was jealous of her Return of Jafar outfit.

6. Swatted Fly (5th grade. Age 10)

Please. Do not ask.

5. Pumpkin (almost 2?)

I have 12 chins, and 2 teeth
4. Dinosaur (2nd grade. Age 7)

I also wore this Dinosaur outfit for our Dinosaur Rock 'n' Roll dance at Hot Shots.
3. Dance and Twirl Barbie (1st grade. Age 6)

and Erin as an Ugly Green Witch.. aka Elphaba and Galinda
2. Box of Popcorn (4th grade. Age 9)

Check out my creeper of a Father. HAhahahahah (:
I am not sure what he and erin are. Biker Babes?
and #1. Turnip (6th grade. Age 11)

see the resemblance?

... me too


  1. HAHAHA Anna I love these!! The pumpkin picture made me laugh so hard...you've had some pretty creative costumes in your day! :D Whatcha gonna be this year?

  2. BAHAHAHAH anna you are awesome.
    TURNIP?!? i am stil laughing