Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To eternity and BEYOND!

I do love my fam.

They're great.

I especially love ERIN... when she works an extra 1/2 hour for me, so I can go home early from working a 12 hour day.

or EVAN... when he does his extremely high girl scream (ask him to do it sometime. It's hilarious!)

or MAMA... when she sends me texts of things to look forward to for when I get off work.
today's text: I bought that DRAGON movie :)
me: cool mom!! You mean, How to train your Dragon?
mom: yep, that one.
me: You're the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!

(if you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you do.)

and then there's DAD.
Good ol' dad. He calls my cell phone and leaves meggages that go like this:
Hey Hun, It's KURT!.....your dad. heh..
Just wanted to tell you to have a great day! Love you!!!

haha. Thanks daddio (: Love you too.

The puppies are cute too.. Maya aka the T-REX
and then Rudy.. the PRINCESS. I will be sitting in my room doing my homework, and either one of them will come to my door and push it open with their snouts to come say hello. It is adorable.

I love my family. That is all.


  1. i love your family too! Nate and I were talking about how awesome you guys are! you are da best!

  2. chank you so much, anna. I lovre you too.