Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Mamacita Day

96 years ago
My Grandmother, Anna Morrison Spencer, was born

She is such a wonderful lady.

This is why I love her:

  1. I love that everytime i introduce myself she says, "Oooh, You're a name sake huh?"
  2. I love when she gives me hugs and says, "my little anna.." a few minutes after she knows who I am.
  3. I love that whenever we have family gatherings, she stands up and announces how wonderful we all are, and thanks us all for coming, (even if the gathering is not for her)
  4. I love her song: "Sing Hell and Hallelujah, You had it comin' to ya.."
  5. I love when i bring friends along when I go visit her, she thinks they are also related (:
  6. I love when she calls my little brother Kevin, rather than Evan.

This is only a small segment of the list of reasons that I love her. I am so lucky to be named after such an elect lady.

Happy Birthday Mamacita!!

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