Tuesday, March 23, 2010

blessings to be accounted for

just so we're clear

this list isn't meant to sound prideful, boastful, or arrogant in any way. if you convey it that way, i am utterly sorry. i write this list because i am just happy and content with things that have gone on recently. i don't need to wait for something to change for me to be happy. afterall, men ARE that they might have joy.

i am proud of my great name and heritage
i am proud that my room is right now clean
i am proud of my new bangs i got yesterday (even though Evan thinks i look like a boy)
i am proud to be a SPENCER/Coleman/Yeager/Morrison/Benion etc.
i am proud that i live in Pleasant Grove
i am proud that i am a true blue Viking
i am proud that i am still going to school (even if i am a little unsure of what my major will be)
i am proud of myself for having the friends that i have.. who keep me in line (:
i am proud to be an American.. where at least i know i'm free
i am proud that i don't own any R rated movies
i am proud to say that i have never had any alcoholic beverage or puffed any form of tobacco in my lifetime
i am proud to have worked at Taco Amigo for 4 years now
i am proud of the brother for being the only freshman to make the high school tennis team
i am proud to say that i am a born-and-raised mormon

i know the smile is a little boyish but do i really have boy bangs?

and i am proud to say: that i am proud of this list (:

anna mae


  1. 1. Proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free?... way to quote the song sister....
    2. This smile is an "eww broccoli" smile... Sorry. But it is.

  2. thanks for the boost of self esteem sis. you're AWESOME!!