Monday, May 2, 2011

I am me!

discovered this blog recently.

I love it!

So, I've decided today to join the campaign. :)

I am me.

1. I like my weird quirks - like setting my alarm for 6:53... instead of 7am.

2. I love the fact that I follow through with things that I say I'm going to do.

3. I love my strange obsession with Star Wars. My favorite game to play is, "Name that Star Wars Episode."

4. I love that my life is a musical. I'm really good at name that song artist (especially on 94.1 - The KODJ [pronounced: codge])

5. I like my ability to make friends easily.. and I like being friends with everyone.

6. I love my fashion sense. thanks, ms. fashionista {in training} aka sibling.. (today at work i wore red scrubs with my torquoise watch..)

7. I love how I am adventurous. i.e., hiking, scuba diving, slacklining, longboarding, camping, biking. I love trying out new adventures.

8. I secretly love my bod. I think it is soooo dead sexy.

9. I love my love for Doris Day films.

10. I love my laugh.

11. I love that I Am ME!

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  1. I joined this same campaign but my post was a few days ago. I love this Anna Mae :)