Sunday, September 26, 2010

there were never such devoted sisters

Awe.. So cuuuute (:

Pro's of having Erin Marie Spencer as a seester:

  1. she has cute shoes/clothes in which i usually claim as my own.. (sorry erin. it's habitual)
  2. she listen's to GOOD music: Eternal Flame by the Bangles, lots of Motown, Michael Jackson, etc.
  3. she'll draw free tats on my wrists during sacrament meeting of ewok's and r2d2's.. and then call them Shawty's!
  4. she is thoughful, and buys me things (except for gap jeans when they're 50% off and I am unable to get there because of work.)
  5. she's fashionable. I call her my manager over fashion. she tells me when i dress like poo.
  6. we play jedi mind tricks on eachother. it is seriously, crazy!

Only uno con:

  1. She won't watch Star Wars episodes wif me.. or play Star Wars lego wif me.
It's okay though, She's still the best sister in the whole wide world (:


  1. I like listen to good music too,especially 80's love mention to Michael Jackson,he always in my heart.

    anyway,how are you?
    i like your blog.
    i thought both of you are lovely girl.

  2. she should tattoo pictures of fetuses, fetusi, multiple fetus.