Thursday, September 9, 2010

Match made in Heaven

2 days ago I went to the clothing store called


They're closing you see, and they were having a 20% off closing sale.

I was looking for one denim skirt in particular that I had been keeping my eye on.

see visual:

My hopes were crushed, when the only sizes available were either




nothing in between :(

After being discouraged I decided to go to the Deseret Industries to shop for some Overalls (remember my halloween costume?)

Then I thought, why not check out their denim skirts and see if there is anything worth trying on.

So as I sifted through the D.I. racks, I pulled out this lovely denim skirt.

cute wash.


what brand?


double check

what size?

please oh, please oh, pleeeeease!

My size?????

This could not be real.

It was seriously a Match made in Heaven.

I Looooooove this denim skirt more than any old Shade skirt.


I paid only $6 for it.

Rather than $24!

I am such a good bargain shopper


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