Tuesday, January 10, 2012

week 4 MTC

Hola Family!!!
What's shakin'? So I don't have any time to read your e-mails. You should dear elder me and then I can just read them before my 30 minutes start. Take advantage of those DEAR ELDERS while you can!
Alright so Dad, what the what?! You bought an annual pass?? haha that is hilarious. How was riding splash mountain... BY YOURSELF? I am sure that was fun. bahahaha. You kill me!
Mom, You asked me a whole slew of questions. So they will now be answered... except, I would think some of them are kind of self explanatory. Nevertheless, here it goes:
1. What time do you wake up?
..........6:30. hahahaha silly
2. How long do you wait for the shower?
Well I have figured out ways to not have to wait anymore, so it is super bien!
3. Where do you go?
I don't quite understand this question. I go to class, and the cafeteria, and the gym, and to the computer lab for TALL (Evan, TALL has a sweet noise when you exit it that sound like the halo theme.)
4. Favorite skirts/shirts/hairstyles in the MTC?
I like all of my clothes! Yay! p-day attire is super bien! I like wearing that comfy shirt sister keetch got me. It goes with everything. Hairstyles - I wear my hair in buns probably 70% of the time. Side buns, low buns, high buns, you name it. They're 10 times easier.. and quicker!!
5. Free time?
No such thing. Except for P-Day! Only can write letters on tuesdeees mama
6. MTC choir deets?
I joined it until the temple opened. But out time slot to go to the temple is during choir practice, and I would much rather spend it there. Provo Temple is so pretty!!!
7. What is usually for lunch (my bowels?!.. is that bad?!)
my bowels, my bowels... haha. I was just trying to be funny. Don't worry, I don't have any bowel problemos........ hahahaha awquie question.
8. Have you taken a "point to the map" picture yet?
Indeed, I have.
9. Do the elders Dominate?
YES! Holy smokes. 80% are Elders.
10. What time do you usually go to sleep?
in bed by 10:30. usually after about 10 minutes I am out like a light! (hermana butt likes to speak espanol in her sleep... haha it is hilarious!)
okay! so there you have it. Now the fun stuff!
My spanish is coming along. Still don't speak it very well, but I can get by. I have TERRIBLE grammar. In sacrament meeting a member of the branch presidency calls up 2 people out of the 45ish in our branch to give a 5 minute talk in spanish. Our entire sacrament meeting is in spanish. So this last sunday Brother Menlove stands up...
"we have a very great program for you today..." first we'd like to hear from............. Hermana SPENCER! baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It was scary. It was also 100% in espanol. I talked about el plan de salvacion. People said that they could understand me. But I could hardly understand myself :) Then in R.S. sister Doxey, from the General Releif Society Board (we have a speaker with ALL of the sisters in the mtc), she stands up and said, I attended a sacrament meeting this morning, and HERMANA SPENCER, where are YOU!!? She gave me a very nice compliment over the pulpit in front of all the sisters. That was extremely nice of her.
Dad, We learned a RAP to remember command forms! It goes like this:
Bring it to the "YO"
Drop the "O"
Add the ending opp-o!
ejemplo: tener - tengo - TENGA = command form! Boo Ya grandma!
Also, we were walking up to the temple the other day, and we met a Nativo elder from Mexico City, so we started talking to him in spanish. He is learning English and is going to Kentucky. Hilarious Elder. He was like -- teach me something cool to say...So we taught him, "Hello, I am Elder Swag. Where is the house of Colonel Saunders. I like cheeeekin", "Where's the colonel, I like my cheekin!" Also, "teach me how to doogie",Oh my, I was dying!! SO funny! He was the coolest. He taught us some nice espanol lingo as well -- Guapo, Cheedo, Suave... That was fun!
Okay and lastly I will leave you with a spanish joke:
Que hace un pez?
Como se llaman los hijos de un bombero latino?
Jose y Jos-B!
Okay family, I love you SOOO Much! You are the greatest!
Love, Hermana Anna

for those of us who don't speak spanish... 
the jokes are:

1.  What does a fish do?

2. What do you call a hispanic fireman?
Jose and Jos-B!  (hose A and hose B.)

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