Tuesday, January 24, 2012

snowball baseball

Hey there y'all! How is everyone doing?!?
So mom, in your letter you said that I have 3 more weeks of the MTC???? That is ridiculous. I feel like I am never going to leave the MTC. But I am. Strange. Spanish is getting easier, but hopefully these next three weeks will just click with the language and I'll be able to speak more fluently... Mi companiera y you creemos en SPANGLISH! jajajajaja
Evan's Birthday sounded fun! Los Hermanos eh?? Evz, do you know what that means? Hopefully. Diablo Verde drink? That thing is the best. With the key ingredient - avacado! Also Evan, I have one thing to say to you: Go JAZZ! 2nd?? That is pretty sweet!
The district gets to be Missionary Hosts this week for new missionaries coming in. I am pretty excited. I loved the host that took me to my room and what not. She was a gem. I did see Ryan Christensen, Erin, and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for Ryan Dumas this week. He's going to love it! Especially TUESDAY!!!!!!! I am pumped for a week from today. First Presidency??? Oh yes.
We had Steven B. Allen come and talk to us who is the director of Mr. Krugers Christmas. This man is so funny! He brought all of these Mormon Messages from like the 70's. Oh my goodness, I was laughing so hard! You should Youtube them if you can. I only remember some of the titles, but maybe if you search for these more will come up. You will love them. Trust me! "Sharing is the icing on the cake", "Story Time", and "Portraits". Hilariouuuuuuus. Misericodia! Anyway, I hope you enjoy those as much as I did.
Also, this may sound strange, but I have been thinking a lot about BABIES this week.............. not exactly sure why :D :D :D :D :D :D I'm not sure if that's allowed to say via family e-mail, pero :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
ANYWAYS, on Sunday President Claybaugh's Grandkids came to our sacrament and they got up there in front of all of us missionaries and sang us a primary song. Oh, they are stinkin' cute! I love little kids. But yeah, I was just thinking about what simple truths are taught to us in primary. When I was in primary I think my favorite part was singing time. Some of the songs I've been thinking about with SO much truth in them: I am a child of God, I love to see the temple I'm going there someday to feel the holy spirit to listen and to pray, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, I'm trying to be like Jesus, Scripture Power keeps me safe from sin, and then of course there's the favorite in the Spencer household -- Love is spoken here. I see my mother kneeling with her family each day, I hear the words she whispers as she bows her head to pray.. I just love that. I remember mom, you would always sing that song to me at night before I'd go to sleep. Not only did it help me build a testimony as a little girl, but I definitely want to do that with my future kids someday. (mine is a home, where every OWW, is blessed by the STRAIN of PRE-SCHOOL FIND ME!) bajajajajajajajajajajajaja! So cool. Every decision that you make in your life you also make for your future children. Isn't that soo true? I pray for my future husband, and future kids every day! It's amazing how much love you can have for some people with out even meeting them yet. That's also how I feel about the investigators I will meet in Texas. I pray for them every single day, and I love them sooo much!
Oh ya, also on Sunday we couldn't go to on our temple walk because it was too icy, so our district took a walk around the MTC, found some wood in this construction area, and played snowball baseball. you should try it sometime. We had a blast! Yes, I was playing in a skirt!
Another cool experiencia, I was able to be an investigator this week in a demonstration we were doing. Anyways, I just really think it's cool that you may be thinking you're just pretending and that this isn't how things are really going to be once we get out into el campo. Hermana Mullen (our teacher) was teaching me and she said something SO simple to "Laura", but oh my gosh, I felt so strongly the Love that God has not only for me, but for each of his children. I seriously do not think I have every felt so strongly before exactly who I was. I really love being here in the MTC. I have already learned so much. Sometimes the days seem really long, but these are 2 months that I will never have again. EVER!
Okay familia, know that I love you and pray for you every day! You are all awesome! Also: tell mi perritas Hi!
Love, HermANNA
p.s. mom, I do NOT need any more letter supplies. I think you're trying to tell me something by sending me LOADS of envelopes/stamps/stationary. I do not need anymore. Or anything else for that matter. Trust me, I will let you know if there is something I really can not live with out, but I am doing just fine, okay? No hangers (please), no more bangs, no more candy (PLEASE, no more), but it is very thoughtful. xoxXOXOXOXxoXOoXo

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