Sunday, January 8, 2012

an email to sister

I pray everyday that you will find a hottie while i'm gone :) hahaha. So get cracking on that. I like that you all drove past and did a HOLLA out the window by the MTC, nice. Everytime I walk up to the temple I'm like... that would be so weird if my family drove by right now. So I'm glad I wasn't out and about. Usually I am in a classroom. Studying. Lots and LOTS of studying. Usually espanol phrases. I have rolls and rolls of flash cards for words. I now say JesucruistOOOO not JesucristU. haha. Nice. And also, have you heard anything from any of my friends that DON'T decide to write? Like has Dave been back around? Jo-Makin? Losers! ahahahaha..
Also for Christmas, I got a lovely package from Jake :) It was very thoughtful. He started this quote book for me. Its a white leather book with the salt lake temple stitched into the front. He wrote a letter on the first page. Then a Glossary of Topics. Then wrote down 60 quotes. Yes, 60! His hand must have been quite tired. But it was extremely thoughtful of him. Now to everyone I'm like, "what's your favorite quote?" And I add to it. Sweet no? Anyways thank you for all of the Christmas supplies. I got SOOOOOOO much food. You are all trying to fatten me up it seems! I put most of it in a box and took it to our classroom to share. There is no way I could have consumed all of it. Plus we get fed here at the MTC like nobody's bidnissss. Surprisingly though, have not gained anything yet! Hopefully I keep that up :)
Okay, This is all for you. The rest will be in the family e-mail because I only have 17 minutes to write that.
Peace OUT, Rah Rah!!

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  1. I love this! I need to write her and share my favorite quote :)