Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hello!!! How is everyone doing?!?!?! Yesterday was a holiday so i don't have your dear elders yet to respond..... SO you'll just get to hear all about every thing without any responses! p.s. i hope you got my memory card. i still haven't heard anything.
First off, EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHN!! HAPPY FLIPPIN' GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on making it to 17 years of age.
Okay so the week was pretty amazing. As always here in the MTC. We had some awesome things happen! Mom, Thank you mucho for the chips n salsa to celebrate 1/2 way in the mct! We had a serious espanol fiesta! And an espanol fiesta it was. it truly was (titanic reference). We decided yesterday that our district was going to only speak spanish, no matter how bad we are. At first our d-leader was like.... english fast. Then thought about it, 'NO, It's an ESPANOL FIeSTA!" very optomistic that Elder Connors. and this keyboard is weird so i am sorry for the mispellings and such. Mostly that was directed towards erin :). P.s. Erin, you looked nice on your date wearing MY scarf..................jajaja. esta bien.
Also with our espanol fiesta hna. baker decided it would be really awesome if she pulled a napoleon dynomite move with her bottle of diet coke. she had a full mouth and then EXPLODED everywhere! it was flippin HILARious! AND hna waters captured this fine event on film. it is so funny! man. If you pause it at the right moment, you can see mine and hna water's disgusted faces with diet coke spewing EVERYWHERE!
Every martes we have a devotional. GUESS WHO CAME THIS WEEK!!! Elder Russell M. Nelson. He gave a very powerful talk. i really enjoyed it. It was about the scattering and gathering of Isreal. So good!
He talked about how we are "swift messengers" -- I'll give more deets and scripture references in my written letter. Deal? deal.
Then on domingo, i was asked to be the new coordinating sister. Mostly what we do is go to branch meetings sunday mornings, and then i leave mi companiera on wednesday's and thursday's (which is SO weird) and go with the zone leaders to welcome new districts into our zone. We show them how comp invintory's go and what not. It is way fun, because i get to hear all of the testimonies of the new elders that come in. SO COOL! I love it!
I bought a TEXAS shirt WOooOOOOOoO!!!! it says Howdy y'all on it.
what else.... ummm the elders had a freaking HILARIOUS perros calientes eating contest. It was gross! Elder Conners: 4 down, Elder Henze: 5 and going strong, Elder Lebaron: barerly getting 3 down.... he was like plugging his nose. It was so gross. And i was in the splash zone.... Good thing nothing happened. At least not while i was around. SO GROSS!
On a more spiritual note, both of our investigators committed to baptism this week!! It was really a cool experience! We picked up 2 more investigators this week, which i love. You know what else I love? Teaching the volunteer members according to their own needs in the TRC. You can have some really spiritual experiences while teaching. Not only for the people you're teaching, but for you and your companion as well. oh, i love my comp!
Okay, well I love you all very much! Hope you have a great week! Evzster... eat some cake for me! I'll be sure to sing happy birthday for you today in the shower -- speaking of which, there are two sisters who decide to grace us with thier oprah (yes, oprah) sounding voices in the shower to hymns. It is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but serio? jaja. hna. agua's and i are in there belting t-swift..... jaja. anyway.
Love, Anna

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  1. Anna, we love your blog. You are so funny, and yet serious at the same time. We pray for you, and know you will be a very good mssionary.
    We finish our assignment in March and leave the 4th of April.

    Love you,

    Berkley and Birgitta