Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today was sooo lovely and warm.
according to it was 68 degrees.

this makes me happy.

We have pretty Red and Yellow Tulips blooming in the flower bed leading up to our front door.
Which reminds me..Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Points annual Tulip Festival.

I love Tulips.

I love flowers.

They are appealing to my eyes.

but, do you know who else likes flowers?

Stupid bees, and bugs, and probably spiders too.

I know that they will be back.

to haunt me.


I hate the invasion of bugs into my personal space.

ESPECIALLY when I go to pick up hair from my shower drain, and it turns out to be a LIVING SPIDER!! Eugh. They give me the heebie jeebies just thinking of them.

on a happier note,

In ONE week, I will be math class free for the rest. of. my. life.
this is SUCH a good feeling.

now, go enjoy the sunshine!

{maybe i should plan a longboard trip down the Provo Canyon! Who's in?!}



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