Monday, April 19, 2010

Ever seen this picture in the line of Soarin' Over California in
Disney's California Adventure's?

His name is Charles (Chuck) E. Yeager

And I am most definitely related to him.

He is my...

Great. (Phylis Ann Yeager)
Great. (Anthony Ignatius Yeager)
Grandpa's. (William Adam Yeager)
Brother's. (brother Yeager [: )
Son. (Chuck Yeager)

a little distant, but I still think it is awesome!

I was thinking about this ride today because I think it is due time to take another trip to Disneyland.

I havn't been since OCTOBER.

that is long for me.

Just thought i'd let all of you know how famous and cool I am [:


anna mae


  1. You spelled Grandma's name wrong.. it's Phyllis. with two L's.

  2. why thank you. i'm not changing it.