Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Neti Pot

someone once told me
that clearing your sinuses with a neti pot will:

a) clear your nasal cavity.
b) help with complection and dark circles under eyes.
c) be a relaxing and pleasant experience with health benefits.

Now, I'm always up for relaxing and pleasant experiences!.. especially when health benefits will be provided!!

so naturally...

I decided to try it out.

it hurt.

and it may or may not of been because i neglected the neti pot instructions.

which were:

1. Lean forward to avoid swollowing salty water
2. Continue to breathe through your mouth to avoid that water-up-your-nose-while-swimming feeling.

I swollowed loads of salty water.

and I most definitely had that water-up-your-nose-while-swimming feeling.


overall, i liked the neti pot.
even though during the process,
my eyes cried, and i couldn't breathe.

now, i'm feelin' great!
my nose is extremely clear.

Really. You should try it out!
yours truly,
anna mae

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