Monday, February 27, 2012

Rowlet Norte

Oh. My. Goooooodnesss!!! I love y'all so so so much! Texas is way different than what I was expecting, but is just way awesome! President Durrant is very persistant on wanting the Spanish Missionaries use their Spanish, so I do not teach anything in English. All Spanish! Woooot Woooot!!
So as you can see, my very first area is Rowlett Norte! We have the best bishop ever, and the people are SO loving!

Okay, So this week has been kind of crazy.
We got to Texas and the very first thing we did was went to the mission home, had a testimony meeting, and some food, and then some missionaries came and got us, and we went out and taught with them! It was way fun!!! I love tocando las puertas!!
Then that night I stayed with the English sisters that live with members and had some blue bell ice cream. I guess that stuff is famous here. Then Brother Hales gave us mini Preach My Gospels! In Spanish, and they are so cute!!!
The next morning we had this orientation meeting thing about a whole bunch of reglas... that was kind of long, but then at the end of the meeting all of the trainers showed up, and from the second that I saw Hermana Jones I just knew she was my nueva companiera! She is awesome!!! I love her so much. So glad that she can speak Spanish, because I do still struggle. We loaded everything up in el carro (no bikes for this transfer), and headed straight to our apartment. I really love our apartment, as fun as it is... las cucarachas like it as well! jaja! We also live next door to some burrachos, and pit bulls, and all sorts of fun people! I just love it. I seriously just soak it up.
So then we went to a few appointments, which went really well, and then went and did some door contacting. I guess about 90% of the people we teach, we find from door contacts. I always know which houses the hispanics live in. There are a few clues to look for, which include but are not limited to:
- zillions of frogs on the doorstep
- billions of cars in front of the house
- Christmas lights are still up, and are still lit
- sometimes a virgin mary outside the house (with Christmas lights around it as well)
Oh, I love it. The foooooooooood too!!! YUM! I get fed tamales, carne asada, and tortillas! So good.
A lot of the people that we teach are either from Mexico, or El Salvador. They are all really cool!
So we are teaching this family, the Gonzales family, and they are all so awesome! They have the cutest kids, and are just loving all that we teach them. (p.s. mom, thanks for all the stickers you've sent! I give them out to all the the kids, and they love it!) The only thing is that they don't like church - they said it was becuase we don't talk enough about Christ, but I think they just came on a bad Sunday that they talked about the importance of being on time to church... we taught them about how its the spirit that is the teacher and invited them to church again. And at the end of the apt, the daughter prayed that they would be able to go to church, but then they weren't there yesterday... Esta bien.  Hermana Alverez (the Bishops wife) went over there yesterday and invited them to Noche de hogar! I think this is just what they need, and so we are excited about tonight!!!
Church yesterday was kind of a doozy for me. I didin't understand anything of what was going on. Except for in releif society when they had me introduce myself... "Soy Hermana Spencer..... Soy de Utah..." jajaja. Oh, bless my alma. But I love releif society. Every sister greets eachother with a kiss. love it. We have to watch out for the Hermanos because sometimes, they'll getcha! The awesome part about church was that we had Ricardo Leos and his 11 year old daughter Maria show up at church! It was way sweet!! They both have baptism dates set, but we may have to move it back so we can teach them all that they need to be taught (we are really hoping that Ricardo and his wife/girlfriend are married!) I think they are, but we still havn't asked them...... should be interesting.
Okay, well family! I love y'all so much! I can really feel all of your prayers, and I pray for you each every day as well :) LOVE YOU!!
Hermana eSpencer (this is how they all pronounce mi nombre. jajaja)

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